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 Golden Salve For Our Family
by Donna L. Watkins

Our son, Benjamin, was 14 when he took [another] skateboard spill. He came flying down our street and took a spill in front of the new neighbors’ house. The daughter was outside and ran in for help since Benjamin seemed knocked out and bleeding pretty heavily from a deep cut on his forehead. The mother took a towel and got him up and walked him to our house. We were soon to find out that she was a nurse. She asked him if he’d ever had stitches because he was going to need them on this cut. His answer was, “No, ma’am, my Mom doesn’t do stitches, we use herb salve.” Well, for new neighbors, I bet that gave them something to discuss over dinner that night.

When she got him to the door he had blood from head to toe and the towel was covered with it too. I thanked her and took him inside to get the bleeding stopped with Capsicum and Goldenseal. My husband checked his eyes to see if there was a concussion [he had been a football trainer]. We made sure he could stand up okay and got him into the shower to get the blood off so we could see the damage.

After he was cleaned up we used Golden Salve on all the cuts and bandaged the area on his forehead. I had thrown the towel into the wash while he was showering and, of course, with Sunshine Concentrate, all the blood came out. I waited until 24 hours after the accident had occurred and sent Benjamin down with the clean towel and with his bandage removed and hair combed back!

After all, we had to redeem ourselves so these new neighbors wouldn’t think they moved in next to the Adams Family.

She couldn’t believe how much the wound had healed in only 24 hours (see photo to left). There was obvious tissue regeneration and the wound was already closing and healing.  A week later the wound had a thin scratch line of a scab. Golden Salve does a great job of healing and since it also has herbs with antibiotic properties, it keeps the wound from getting infected.

Golden Salve has provided much support for our family’s accidents and has been one of our favorite products. My husband cut his finger to the bone with a tree saw and after stopping the bleeding with Capsicum, we wrapped it up with a gob of Golden Salve and changed the dressing twice a day. It healed quickly and left a hairline scar. On another finger there’s a much bigger scar from some stitches he’d received as a child.

We’ve been grateful not to have to put our son through the trauma of stitches and an ER visit. However, we recommend you use wisdom in all of your health choices. You have to be prepared for these things and be diligent about watching for infection. We always keep Golden Salve in our Herbal Medicine Chest.

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