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Where Do I Begin with
Natural Health Solutions?
This series of classes teaches about the entire body, one system at a time. You’ll learn a lot about how the body functions and what health problems are related to which body system. You’ll also learn about natural health remedies for many health problems. You can study the entire body, or you can choose topics that particularly interest you.

Intestinal System – The intestinal system is like a city’s waste disposal plant. While the digestive system breaks down nutrients so they can be distributed throughout the body, the intestinal system generally absorbs waste products out of the body so that they can be excreted with indigestible food fiber.

Respiratory System – Our respiratory system is essential to the growth and movement of the body. By supplying oxygen, this system enables us to produce energy. If the respiratory system’s efficiency begins to diminish, then the energy processes of our body also diminish.

Glandular System – Not only is the glandular system one of the most important systems of the body, but it is also among the most complicated. Scientists have just begun to discover its many mysteries. This is an easy-to-understand overview.

Immune System – Every day your body is under siege, attempting to repel a continuous assault by disease and virulent organisms. This is the real invasion of the body snatchers – microbes that, if unchecked, would rob you of your health, and eventually your life.

Nervous System – Nerves are somewhat like “electrical wires’ that allow almost instant communication to the far reaches of the body. If this system is not working, you will have some “loud” signals that will get your attention.

Circulatory System – Like other vital parts of the amazing human machine, the circulatory system was designed to last 100 years or more, given proper care. Unfortunately, owner negligence contributes heavily to early breakdown.

Digestive System – The digestive process really begins when you simply think about eating, or even when you smell the aroma of something you want. A drop in blood sugar, the time of day, and the nose also may combine to signal the body that it’s time to eat. These signals awaken the sleeping organs that act upon the food you eat in hundreds of different ways! Digestion is only simple at the general level.

Urinary System – The basic function of the kidneys is to constantly monitor the blood and make adjustments to its viscosity (relative thickness], chemistry and pH. If the kidneys stop working, blood pressure becomes disturbed, ammonia and other chemical buildups may lead to mental problems, body tissues may swell (edema), and body functions will slow down.

Structural System – Like a building, the human body relies on its internal structural system for strength. Bones, muscles and connective tissues give our bodies form and mobility. They make it possible for us to know the job of hard work well done and the excitement of childlike play.

Testimonial on The Above Class Series

Dear Herbal Friends,
As a student naturopath with a lot of study to do, a husband, and a teenage son to raise, I would just like to thank you for the invaluable help you have provided with these classes. They are short and sweet and “cut to the chase.” I can’t tell you how much I look forward to each new addition. Thank you so much for a wonderfully useful service! Yours Sincerely, Ann Grady

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

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