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This Book, “A More Excellent Way,”

Has Changed My Life Forever
by Donna L. Watkins

This book includes instruction in renewing your mind and the steps it takes to get out of the mindset that you currently have to rid yourself of these diseases. There is also a listing of “Spiritual Blocks to Healing” which will give you possible road blocks that may impede your path to victory. This is a powerful book and I can tell you personally that my life has been changed dramatically with the teachings. The Bible says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge” and it is so true in the area of health and healing. I have a new view of life and a determined and laid out plan to follow to be free of “all of these diseases” as Deuteronomy 28 promises.

I’ve considered herbs and supplements to be a major blessing in my life which has enabled me to live without taking loads of medications for the health problems I have been challenged with, but deep inside there just seemed to be a better way. It didn’t seem right to have to take handfuls of pills daily just to “live.” We make our income from selling herbs and supplements, but we have always believed that God provides the income if we just share what we have learned to help others.

Pastor Henry Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way, has turned on the light inside of me that needed the Scriptural discernment and wisdom to flip the switch. The seed he sows into your heart with his message in this book is solid and powerful.

I began reading this book in April of 2000 and in May I visited the Minstry Center for a few hours. Those few hours changed my life around. The next day I woke up without Fibromyalgia which I had battled for fourteen (14) years. It is now January 2003 as I update this, and I’m still free of this disease and have eliminated other health problems as well including a heart problem. I have a new life and can do so much more than I could before. I’m not totally healed of all diseases, so I’m working on me too. It seems from the time I was born I had health problems, so my “disease list” was a mile long. Now, it’s only a half mile 🙂 and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am in awe of what God can do with His Word when we see it clearly. Pastor Wright’s book will show you the way. I now only take vitamins and minerals along with some enzymes to rebuild my body.

When you have serious health problems, you begin to resign from various aspects of life that you are no longer able to participate in. When you regain the health to do these tasks/activities again, it is in awe and wonder that you begin to rediscover life again apart from illness and pain. It definitely takes time, but it’s such a short period of what could be left of your life while here on earth.

It is much better to “live and not die to declare the glory and the works of our God.”

I pray that you will have wisdom and discernment to know whether this information is for you or somebody you know. Our paths have crossed for a reason, and whether it be for such a time as this or not, I appreciate you allowing me to share with you.

When I had Environmental Illness (MCS) and the Lord led us into herbs after the doctors gave up…..I knew He had a plan for our health. It was obvious I didn’t understand it or have enough faith to appropriate it. It has certainly been wonderful Sharing Sunshine with people and God has used my health problems for good as Romans 8 promises. However, there’s always been nagging questions about Scriptures that promise healing.

I have found the answer to my nagging “whys” in a very clear presentation of why the Church does not have the health the Bible promises. The medical world says that 80% of all disease is stress-related. The main question I’ve had to ask myself in reading the principles that this book explains is this: Is fear and anxiety a sin? We can think of the multitude of Scriptures that command us to “fear not” (more than there are Scriptures that tell us not to commit adultery), and we know the Scripture, “Be anxious for nothing…,” but have we thought about whether or not we are sinning when we choose fear or accept anxiety as a way of life…..and have we considered what the Bible says about our health relating to these things?

What about bitterness? Will it really eat up our bones? Do we realize that the immune system depends on the marrow of the bones to work properly? Does bitterness towards ourselves count? If we hate ourself, does the body pick up on this message and begin to attack itself also (autoimmune diseases)?

Does sin really lead to health problems? Are we to confess our sins so that we can be free of sickness and disease?

We have a list of good responses as to why we “have a right” to carry our fear around. Whether it’s fear of bridges, flying, bugs, robbery, or fear of tomorrow and the consequences of yesterday. Security systems in homes and cars, cell phones and pagers …. what ever happened to Psalm 91. Do we not believe the Bible any more….did we ever? Do we pick and choose what is comfortable and then justify our excuses for the rest?

We buy some things for “emergencies.” What about God for emergencies? We say these times are much worse and there’s more horrible things happening. Is that true? There have always been horrible things happening in the world in any generation …. it’s just that the media is now at our fingertips and it seems to target only the bad news and the kind that promotes more fear…..but then the media is funded by advertising which sells many items bought from a fear motive….. even the fear of not being accepted unless we wear or smell like the models shown.

What about the man on the road to Jericho? Robbers came and stripped him and beat him and left him for dead. It wasn’t a safe place in Bible times. Oh, but there were more good people! Were there? People passed by him and didn’t even stop!! Does that sound like today when we pass somebody broke down on the road? We pass by …. afraid to stop and help. God sent somebody to the man left for dead – “the Good Samaritan.” God promises to take care of us, but we think we can do a better job.

Look around, people with security systems are having homes and cars robbed — people with cell phones still get beaten and robbed. Should we spend more time in prayer and relationship with our God to KNOW what His promises and desires are toward us so we can BELIEVE them …. and maybe less time working to pay for all of these things that don’t really provide what they promise nor fulfill the hopes we had behind the purchase of them.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with cell phones or pagers – they provide good business benefits. What I’m questioning is this: “In what is our Faith?

We are a nation in debt because we have bought the lie that we “need” so many things to be happy. How many happy moments do we have looking at our bills and checkbooks? How hard it is to turn away from those in need and those who are starving in the world because we don’t have the money to give.

Ephesians 4:28 says, “Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good that he may have to give to him that needeth.” Do we steal from ourselves by buying all the things that do not bring the comfort we sought? Do we miss the real good feelings we were designed to have that comes from helping somebody in need? Which is more satisfying? Another piece of clothing to squeeze into the closet or a lifetime of eternal rewards for providing food and education to a poor child through an agency like Compassion International.

Do we believe what the Bible says? We can go back to the original Hebrew and Greek and determine the interpretation accurately, but we can’t get around the fact that we are not living according to its instructions.

In the area of health, this is clearly indicated in the book entitled, “A More Excellent Way,” by Pastor Henry Wright. Since my life since birth has been a series of health problems, I can honestly say that this book has had the greatest impact on my life than any I have read. That is because it is a Scripturally sound pathway to good health. It has nothing to do with herbs or supplements or diet. I believe a healthy diet is essential to maintain health, but as many have found, it is not “the” pathway to health, nor are supplements. They make the road a little brighter than drugs since they don’t have the side-effects, but they are not the ANSWER.

Our income is based on the sale of supplements. Why would I write to you about something that may give you a state of health that you wouldn’t have to swallow all of those herbs and supplements? For the reason I mentioned above…..because we care about people. This business evolved because we wanted to minister to people and help them as we have been helped. I have taken handfuls of herbs five (5) times a day for many, many years. This book shows me a pathway to go beyond needing the herbs to get through each day and I want you to have the opportunity to find it also.

The Bible teaches that our provision comes from God…..we have chosen to believe that many times. When Randal left the corporate world in 1987 and went full-time with “this herbal thing” we took a 75% cut in income. This was the first of many times we would have to make the choice between money and what we felt our heart was leading us to do.

We are NOT leaving herbs and supplements behind. There is no reason to think that we will no longer be here to help you. We still believe that God made herbs for healing, but I think we can take one step further to make ourselves healthy in all aspects: spirit, soul, and body.

If anything that I said seems to witness to your spirit, you’ll want to read “the book.” Not all disease is spiritually rooted, so I’m not implying this is a “one size fits all” message, but it doesn’t cost much to find out if this book will change your life as it has mine!

Thanks for taking the time to “hear” my story.

May God’s Blessings of Health be Revealed to YOU!


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