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Customer Comments on Tei Fu Oil and Lotion
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Sinus Headache – “I was having a terrible sunus headache and rubbed Tei Fu Oil on my temples on both sides of my head, and the headache completely went away within about 15 minutes.” – J.P.

Finger Cut to the Bone – “While we were on vacation last fall and I ended up cutting my finger to the bone. Unfortunately when I packed I didn’t include the cayenne pepper so had to do other things to get the bleeding stopped. After the bleeding was stopped I put TEI FU OILon the cut and kept that on with a band-aid overnight. The next morning I took the band-aid off and was very surprised to find the cut had sealed closed and stayed that way. There was no pain to speak of unless I bumped it but even then it stayed closed. I continued to put the oil on 3-4 times a day for about 4 days and had no problems at all. This was the first time I had used Tei Fu that way and was very impressed. I have continued using Tei-Fu on other cuts as it takes the pain away and speeds healing. Just last night my cat jumped on my shoulder, accidentally clawing me on the cheek and neck. After cleaning the blood away, on went the Tei Fu (and I do use it straight). This morning no redness or soreness and well on its way to healing.” Debbie

Tendonitis/Torn Ligament – “After rubbing the TEI FU OIL on my knee, it relieved pains caused from tendonitis and a torn ligament.” – Jennifer

Muscle Pulled – “My son pulled a muscle in his knee playing basketball in school. And every night I have to rub on the TEI FU OIL. He says it really makes it feel a lot better and that he can really tell a difference. Anyone with a teenager can have a hard time finding them to agree on anything, but Kyle really likes the product! I think my family is hooked on Nature’s Sunshine!” L. Calhoun

“Pulled” Shoulder – “My husband pulled “something” in his left shoulder while putting heavy luggage in and out of the car and was in a great deal of pain the following day. I opened my “herbal medicine chest” and gave him two Bone/Skin Poultice, a CHAMOMILE to relax him from the pain, and rubbed the shoulder with TEI FU LOTION twice that day. The following day he was pain-free and back to normal. No doubt, medically this would have been a trip to the Ortho doc for a shot in the shoulder and pain killers or steroids. Hurrah for natural alternatives and the desire the body has to heal itself.” R.S.

Root Canal Pain – “My boss was scheduled for root canal at the dentist but was having pain waiting for the day to arrive. I gave her some of my TEI FU OIL and she rubbed it on the gum surrounding the tooth and in a minute the pain was gone. She continued to use it with success. It’s always nice to help somebody feel better….especially when it’s your boss :-)” Robin

Smashed Thumb – “I closed the motor home door on my thumb and it was hurting so bad on the way home. I carry a small bottle of the TEI FU OIL with me all the time, so I put a few drops on my thumb and rubbed it in for a minute and it quit hurting and hasn’t hurt since and isn’t even sore. There’s only a very small blue spot under my nail.” Virginia D.

Sprained Toe – “I got up running from the couch and caught my little toe under a chair leg and sprained it and the outside portion of my foot really bad. I didn’t have the usual things I’d take, so I took TEI FU LOTION and covered the side of my foot and toes with it. It immediately helped the horrible pain. I put it on hourly until bedtime a few hours later and even woke up during the night and applied more. The next two days I stayed off it as much as I could. Half my foot was purple and red, but it never swelled and I could walk on it. This was an exciting discovery about Tei Fu Lotion!” Donna W.

Toothache – “I had a tooth that had been hurting all day. I rubbed a little bit of the Tei-Fu Essential Oil on my cheek, on the outside of where my tooth was aching and within minutes the pain was gone.” Evjis

Torn Knee Cartilage – “I had an injury to my knee and was in extreme pain. The Orthopedist diagnosed it as “torn knee cartilage.” His suggestion was to go home and take NSAID’s (Tylenol, etc.) for two weeks and if there was no change, to have arthroscopic surgery. I felt that was an awfully dramatic approach and decided to use the two weeks and do something “alternative.” I used TEI FU LOTION and kept it on my knee 3-5 times a day and kept my knee wrapped during the day with a slight pressure bandage. I kept it elevated as much as possible and tried to do as little walking as possible. I also began taking Nature’s Sunshine CALCIUM PLUS, 4 per night at bedtime. I noticed almost instantly that I was sleeping much better. I am three weeks out now and am walking normally and can climb steps with barely a twinge in my knee. I am pain free and really glad I didn’t succumb to knee surgery.” K.S. Atlanta, GA


Tei Fu Product Information

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