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Nature's Sunshine CleanStart 14 Day Cleanse

Comments From People Who Have Used Clean Start

“Without colon cleansing, I would not be alive today.”- Yvonne Barker

“I found the fountain of youth through colon cleansing.” Beverly Nicholson, Chicago, IL

“Thanks to the herbs and my body’s ability to cleanse. I’m in much better shape now at 50 than I ever was when was in my 20’s.” Darlene Haberer, Asheville, NC

“CleanStart™ really tastes good, and I felt that it gave me a lot of energy. It detoxifies and cleans, and it’s a powerful, wonderful product.” Clara Jenkins, Rittman, OH

“From the very first day of the CleanStart Cleansing Program I had a lot of bowel movements. I could tell it was really cleaning me out. On the second day I felt a bit tired with nausea. On the third day I began cleansing through mucus drainage. The fourth day my energy kicked in and I noticed that my stress level had greatly improved. Everything seemed brighter and I felt so relaxed and calm. From the fifth day on I woke up in the morning without brain fog. I used to be groggy before and now it’s gone in the mornings and no brain fog during the day. I took nothing else but this program so that I could see what it would do on its own. I like this so much better than any other cleanse that I’ve ever done. I used apple juice for the powder packet part of the program which made it taste okay. This is not an isolated experience since a friend of mine took CleanStart also at the same time and experienced the same pattern of symptoms. We are both elated with the results this cleanse has given us.” Virginia

“I finished the CleanStart program and I feel much better. I think it would benefit anyone to go on it. I have my hubby on the Para-Cleanse. He is a truck driver and has always had bouts with constipation due to the nature of his work and the fact he drinks too much coffee and not enough water. In just 3 or 4 days he can tell a difference and feels good and is eliminating more regularly. I would recommend this program to people who don’t have ready access at all times to a bathroom, as you will need one handy at all times on the CleanStart program.” Marcia

“I have been doing the Clean Start Cleanse Package and really enjoying it. My husband and I have both been amazed at the amount of “results” we have noticed in the toilet. I am sleeping like a baby and I used to have to take herbs at bedtime to sleep. My skin actually feels softer and I definitely have more energy. My husband says I am more feisty because my brain is clearer. We have used many of the Nature’s Sunshine products, but this is the first one my husband has actually talked about at the office.” Maggie

Nature's Sunshine CleanStart 14 Day Cleanse

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