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Customer Product Success Stories for Calcium Plus

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Bladder Infection – “My daughter had recurrent Urinary Tract Infections. She’d been on mega doses of antibiotics for 7 years, had several surgeries, and still had constant infections. We began giving herUVA URSI,  PROACTAZYME and CALCIUM PLUS and for 5 months she had no infections. She stopped taking the products and in 2 months had a major infection. The doctor at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham wanted her back on the herbs.” S.H.

Broken Bones – “My neighbor had broken bones from the thumb to the wrist. The doctor said a cast would need to be on for 12 wks. He tried PLS II and CALCIUM PLUS. After 4-5 weeks he returned to the Dr. who took an x-ray and was amazed to find the hand healed!” G. Trammell

Fibroid Tumors – “I had a history of female problems: Questionable pap tests, heavy menstrual flow, uterus lined with fibroid tumors, I’d had numerous D&C’s, and I was on progesterone to control the bleeding, but it wasn’t doing it. I was bleeding 26 days a month for 6 years. I finally began to hemorrhage so much that my husband took me to the Doctor who said I needed an emergency hysterectomy. Bloodwork showed that my blood count was too low for surgery without transfusions, and after receiving several shots I was told to come back in 3 days for the surgery. We’d heard of herbs and had a friend who used them, so we went to her. I began taking NF-X (NF-X is no longer available, but you can substitute FEMALE COMFORT ), Red Raspberry, CALCIUM PLUS, and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL. Within 2 weeks the bleeding had stopped. In two months there were no tumors, the pap test was clear, and that was 11 years ago. I feel better than I ever have in my life and I’m thankful for herbs.” D. Scott

Heel Spur – “I took 400 mg. of CALCIUM per day along with 2 capsules of BURDOCK and 2 capsule of HYDRANGEA three times a day. It seems to be all gone!” KW

Hospital Recovery – “We began seeing a much more rapid improvement in his recovery when we started giving my Dad the COLLOIDAL MINERALS and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL. He was so deficient in his minerals and vitamins so this really helped!! Also, he couldn’t sleep, and taking sleeping pills wouldn’t help, so I convinced Mom to give him CALCIUM PLUS and that night he slept the best in weeks.” J.S.

Torn Knee Cartilage – “I had an injury to my knee and was in extreme pain. The Orthopedist diagnosed it as “torn knee cartilage.” His suggestion was to go home and take NSAID’s (Tylenol, etc.) for two weeks and if there was no change, to have arthroscopic surgery. I felt that was an awfully dramatic approach and decided to use the two weeks and do something “alternative.” I used TEI FU LOTION and kept it on my knee 3-5 times a day and kept my knee wrapped during the day with a slight pressure bandage. I kept it elevated as much as possible and tried to do as little walking as possible. I also began taking Nature’s Sunshine CALCIUM PLUS, 4 per night at bedtime. I noticed almost instantly that I was sleeping much better. I am three weeks out now and am walking normally and can climb steps with barely a twinge in my knee. I am pain free and really glad I didn’t succumb to knee surgery.” K.S. Atlanta, GA

Calcium Plus Vitamin D (200 tablets) – Stock #1675-0

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