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Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) – You’ve Found The Business Opportunity You’re Looking For

If you’re a self-motivated individual, wantng your own business opportunity. Then this is the way to go. It’s an adventure. Network marketing provides a tremendous opportunity to transition from a “regular job” to a business opportunity that can help you reach your financial goals.

Most people react to the “network marketing” term with fear, saying they can’t sell anything. You’re already doing network marketing more than you realize. How about when you find a place that has a special sale on or a new place to eat that was really great … don’t you share with others? If you’re excited about a product you’re using, don’t you want to share it with others? That’s the beauty of network marketing … you don’t have to sell products. You just share your own enthusiasm about what has helped you then let your Nature’s Sunshine business opportunity reward you for sharing.

Business Opportunity Questions You’ll Need to Ask to Choose a Company

Is the company going to be around after you’ve built a group of your own?

The NSP business opportunity can be found around the world having been founded in 1972 by the Hughes family at the kitchen table. You can sponsor internationally or work solely within your own country.

How large is the product line?

Nature’s Sunshine’s product line of more than 600 products provides a wide range of options: single herbs, herbal combinations, vitamins and minerals, supplement specific formulas, Chinese (TCM) formulas, children’s line, pre-packaged programs, 100% authentic essential oils, flower essences, personal care, herbal salves, nutritional beverages, xylitol gums & mints, cleaning concentrate and a quality reverse-osmosis water treatment system.

Can I sell in a retail store?

Yes. Many companies do not allow this. This means you can sponsor retail stores and other businesses like spas, fitness, beauty salons and even massage salons (think essential oils).

What about quality?

Nobody wants to recommend a poor quality product. It may work sometimes, it may not. Since inception NSP has focused on quality, service and integrity. They guarantee their quality and potency. Every bottle meets the high pharmaceutical standards set for it. View video and read more on NSP’s quality.

How long does it take to get the product?

If you place your order before noon warehouse time, it will ship the same day. If not it ships the next business day. There are four (4) warehouses for fast delivery. This means you can get an order the next day if you’re near a warehouse or at the most 2-3 days later by UPS. The Mail Innovations reduced shipping fee option may take up to a week. NSP offers promotions for members on shipping.

Can I drop ship orders to customers?

Yes. NSP processes the credit card and ships for you. You get full personal volume credit for the order.

What’s it going to cost me to become a distributor?

It costs $40.00 annually.  This entitles you to a 25% discount off of the retail price and 2 free shipments per month.

Does the company offer a way to promote my business?

NSP offers MyNSP sites which gives you an instant website to refer people to and also has a lot of “back office” features to stay in touch with your members, send out ecards, join in on the community forum, a to-do list, a goal setting option, a business email address, a blog option, a calendar for appointments, and an address book with robust prospecting tools. There’s also a video library to learn more about the features of the site.

What about the monetary payouts?

Over half of every dollar the company receives is paid back to its members and managers in rebates, commissions and benefits. There is a car program available, award trips and conventions included in the Nature’s Sunshine business opportunity, and the best commission bonus plan we’ve seen over the years. We’ve been with NSP since 1982 and have been approached by many network marketers. You begin earning 10% commission for a volume of 100 QV* a month. That’s even if you’re simply a member buying your own products. There’s no distinction on earnings between Members and Distributors until you sponsor others that want to do a business also, then you will receive overrides.

*QV = Qualifying Volume which is usually the same value as Member Price.

What’s the commission plan look like?

Why Join Nature’s Sunshine At The Herbs Place?

The Founders began with NSP in 1982 using the products personally. As they began to clear up some health issues, the enthusiasm for the products couldn’t be contained. In sharing the excitement with others, the business opportunity simply evolved within the home where it stayed as a provider of some extra money for our budget. We kept that model until it was overwhelming in 1988 and then rented office space, then in a retail store with space for meetings and classes, and in 1998 began development of an online business model.

Being on the car plan since 1991 and deposit that amount each month to a budget account and buy the required new car every 5 years for cash with money left over for insurance, oil changes, tags, etc. We’ve traveled around the world thanks to trips we’ve earned with NSP, such as Seattle, Baltic Sea Cruise, Malaysia, Washington, DC, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Nashville, Loveboat Cruise, Spain, Boston, Alaska Cruise, Singapore and cruise to Thailand, Canada/New England Cruise, New Orleans, Southern California, Dallas, Hawaii, San Francisco and more.

Where Do I Begin?

NSP’s vast product line allows you to choose a “niche” within the product line so you can begin right away without knowing about all of the products. Robin Sockness has built her NSP business by working with pets. Because her dog had heartworms and was told it was too late to try anything, she went the herbal route and it worked, making her want to help other pet owners. She’s worked with literally thousands of dogs now. She focused on “five little bottles of herbs,” as she put it, that made up the Herbal Heartworm Program. In less than a year she was making $1200 a month with a dedicated two-hour time slot six days a week. She wanted to have extra money to give to her local shelter and found that she actually had enough to remodel their home so they could sell and move to a different area. Do some brain-storming to figure out what your niche is.

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