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Hi Sunshiners!

I wanted to provide some direction in new ways to build your NSP business. As I find things that work for us, I share them with you. Here’s a few ideas.


I highly recommend you begin a blog to build your NSP business. Robin Sockness says, "Since I got my blog going in 2008, I have consistently had increased sales and I am most pleased about that! At your suggestion, I recently added in Twitter and so I imagine this really boosting sales as we get Bandit’s Buddies out there in front of everyone. The blog is so easy to manage. I post my articles a month ahead and add to it as I have time or find things. Twitter merely pulls from my blog as does my Facebook account. The best part … free advertising! Everything I read is that social networking is the way to go and it surely has boosted my business!"

Choose a specific topic if you’ve found a special niche in NSP or just use general natural health posts from which you can redirect people to your NSP website with product links. Here’s a couple examples of two of our managers who do this:

Robin focuses on pets – https:/// Christina focuses on essential oils – https:///

I have a blog that includes health information and other topics that I’m passionate about: https:///

We also maintain The Frugal Life News blog which is a referring site for The Herbs Place:

You can post about NSP’s big sales when they have them, new products, and upcoming webinars. People like to learn at home on their own time schedule and NSP is working to stay up to date on the new online technologies.


Once you have a blog, you can tie it into Twitter or Facebook so all your posts on the blog automatically feed into Twitter and/or Facebook. These sites have zillions of viewers each day.

As an example, I made a post about a heartworm success story and somebody that was following my Twitter feed, reposted it on his site. He has over 14,000 followers viewing his posts, so these sites can increase visibility GREATLY.

You can follow ‘The Herbs Place’ updates on Twitter if you’re a member there at this link: https:///

We’re working on Facebook for business. This is still new for us and we’re learning.

If you have questions as you set up your blog, or expect that you’ll have some, we’ll be happy to help IF you’re using We don’t know anything about the other blog sites. Blogger is free and it’s owned by Google so it’s not going to disappear.


This is the last day for you to view the pre-recorded webinar on Nutri-Calm. This product is much needed in our society and it’s a great seller. There were people at our shop that used it for panic attacks to get off the heavy-duty, many side effects, drugs they were using. NOT that you should ever recommend somebody stop taking any drugs, but they can choose to wean themselves off of drugs after taking Nutri-Calm for several weeks. It REALLY is a great product!

Here’s more information on my blog with a link to view it now: https:/// crazy.html


Mark your calendars for August 5. The video will be presented at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Join NSP and Dr. Jeff Bennert, Ph.D for a special presentation on the Boomerang – NSP’s new air purification system that utilizes patent- pending Air Oasis technology. Register for this webinar now so you’ll get email reminders:

NSP will have great introductory offers, plus, they’ll be giving away ONE FREE BOOMERANG to a Webinar participant. You won’t want to miss this!

Note: A recording of this webinar will be available to watch on August 6th.

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