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by Randal J. Watkins
Beautiful skin comes from drinking plenty of water and eating the right kinds of foods. Hair and nails reflect the condition of your health also. So, before you look for a magical product to make yourself beautiful, be sure to remember the basics…..lots of water…..lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Coffee and teas contain tannic acids which dry out your skin and promote wrinkles. Licorice Root is used to withdraw from caffeine without the severe side effects.

After you’ve taken care of the basics, you’ll want to put only natural things on your skin. What you place on your skin is absorbed into your body, so use earth/skin-friendly ingredients!

Botanical ingredients, scientific cutting-edge ingredients, and essential oils for fragrance and color.

HSN-W is a great herbal formula designed to feed and nourish the body to promote health for Hair, Skin and Nails. It has dulse (seaweed rich in trace minerals) to feed the thyroid and other herbs to known to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Read more about Hair, Skin and Nails.

What isn’t much thought about is that the skin absorbs whatever you put on it. That’s why they are using transdermal drugs (creams and patches with medications). Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, so it’s very important to consider what you use for lotions, creams, deodorants, makeup, colognes, etc. There are natural alternatives available.

We use essential oils for cologne. You can choose your own favorites and make your own blends. Guys generally like Sandalwood. With allergies being such a common problem for millions of people, perfumes are very offensive to many. There are laws being considered for “scent-free” zones, just as there are smoke-free areas.

We are bombarded by chemicals daily and our bodies are challenged in keeping up with the bombardment. The last thing we need to be doing is administering chemicals into our bodies when we can choose natural alternatives.

Essential oils are used in many ways for skin and hair. You can make your own blends and use them for natural perfume. No chemicals with essential oils. It’s special to me to wear a scent that actually comes from nature.

Find out more about making your beauty items and even household cleaning sprays with essential oils.

I like to make my own skin conditioner and wrinkle eraser. There’s nothing like the natural oils that are in the Massage Oil blend for nourishing the skin — dry elbows and heels, or all over body smoothness. Skin is dry due to lack of essential fatty acids which are designed to keep the skin soft. Applying creams and lotions that are simply made from chemicals sometimes does more harm than good. Nourish the skin with natural oils for a lasting solution to the problem.

There is a body “lotion” that is a favorite of mine. I have recommended it to so many people who have reported back to me so many neat stories of what it has done for their skin. Herbal Trim Skin Treatment is something I have used since 1988 and I wouldn’t switch to anything else.

Inner Beauty

“When it is only through age that one gathers wisdom and experience, why this endless struggle to seem young? … Remember that beauty works from within, it cannot be put on and off like a garment, and it depends far more on the culture of the intellect, the tastes, sentiment, and affections of the soul than the color of the hair, eyes, or complexion … Be kind, noble, generous, well-mannered, be true to yourselves and your friends, and the soft lines of these tender graces and noble virtues will reveal themselves in the face … we cannot be one thing and look another … There are indelible marks in every face showing the real life within.”
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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