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Natural Formulas for Bones and Joints

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There’s also hope with natural solutions for pets that have arthritis. Herbs and supplements work for animals too. Many pets are able to climb and jump again after hardly being able to walk. We just want you to know it’s an option.

Success Story: Dog With Arthritis
“My aging dog began to have problems with climbing stairs. It was so sad to see her struggle so much. My mom used a product for arthritis that was natural and contained glucosamine. I knew that you could use that with pets also but the product at the vet’s office was so expensive. I decided to order Everflex and give it a try. It wasn’t long before she was running around again and zipping up and down the stairs. It’s like she wanted to do it just for the joy of it. Thank you for such a fine product.” T.M. in AZ

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