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“A man walked into our shop one day and said, “I heard you have something for ADD. What is it?” I explained to him that we didn’t have anything ‘for’ ADD; that we only have nutritional supplements that simply support the body nutritionally. He told me that his son’s teacher was strongly suggesting that the child be put on Ritalin. He said he thought the child was just aggressive, and was refusing to put his child on drugs. However, there was no “Special Education” at the school so he had to find a solution or take the child out of school. I gave him some literature on nutrition for children, and the next day he came in for a bottle of Sunshine Heroes Whole Food Antioxidant. He still wasn’t convinced that his son needed anything, but he wanted to go the nutritional route. A couple of days later he sent word to me that his son had brought home a note for good behavior! He still had some doubt and didn’t come back in. A couple of weeks later the teacher again suggested Ritalin. At that point he started the Herbasaurs again, the child got better again, and he is convinced that nutrition made the difference.”

“Heather, a ten-year-old young lady, was having a problem with behavior. Almost every day there was a note or phone call from her teacher about the disturbances. Almost every week her parents had to go to the school for consultations. After talking with a friend about nutrition, her mother decided to give Heather a nervine formula, Nature’s Sunshine’s Stress-J. The first day, Heather brought home a note from the teacher for good behavior. Later in the week, the teacher called the parents wanting to know what had made the difference – a medication? counseling? parents getting counseling? She said that Heather was a model student and a pleasure to have in class. On days they forget to take the Stress-J she actually tells her mother, “Mommy, I am feeling mean, I need my herbs.”

“On a Saturday morning, Tom gave a mother some samples of Antioxidant with Grapine for her small daughter to try. The mother was concerned because the school was pressuring her to put her daughter on a drug for hyperactivity. She wanted to avoid it if possible. On Sunday, late in the day, the mother called Tom and said she desperately needed a bottle of the Sunshine Heroes Whole Food Antioxidant. Her daughter was a like a different person.”

Mothers report that the kids like the taste of the . Also that some children are more willing to take the chewables because the drugs upset their stomachs.

Dr. Gary, an M.D. in Family Medicine, who prescribes Grapine, says that they get “very rapid” results with ADD patients. He is impressed because the good behavior is maintained throughout the day. He told of a 6-year-old child with all the symptoms of hyperactivity that improved on the first dose of Grapine. The child would hide when his mother would try to give him Ritalin, but asks for the Sunshine Heroes Whole Food Antioxidant.

Dr. Louis, also in Family Medicine, tells of his experience with his own son. The son had been diagnosed with severe ADD and was being attended by specialists, even a speech therapist. They tried Ritalin but because of the side effects had to stop. The child even developed a facial tic. They tried Dexadrine, an amphetamine, with the same results. Very skeptically they tried Nature’s Sunshine’s Grapine. It worked! They are now giving it to the twin sister who was diagnosed as borderline ADHD. Both children are now doing fantastic.


Dr. Mac, a Chiropractor and practitioner of Holistic Medicine, treats all ADHD patients with Sunshine Heroes Whole Food Antioxidant He tells of one child that was taking a drug for the problem, but had stopped growing and was gaining weight, couldn’t remember or concentrate, couldn’t sleep, had “drug hangovers,” severe temper tantrums, constant motion, bad grades and even bad handwriting. In 36 hours, after the first dosage of Whole Food Antioxidant, the child started making a complete turn-around. Grades and even the handwriting was improving in a matter of weeks.

“My son was extremely active early on. He was a “hand full” – plus! Then I heard characteristics of ADD & ADHD children. I learned a diagnosis was necessary with medication of Ritalin or equivalent. I was NOT interested in this solution. I began researching ADD and its causes as far as were known. I began giving my son food enzymes and the best supplements I could find. This helped, but I knew there was more that was needed. Each of three times I thought seriously of having him tested, God showed me that He was going to heal my son. In an issue of “The Herbs,” I read testimonies of parents using Sunshine Heroes Whole Food Antioxidant. They all testified of great results immediately. I ordered some and began giving them to my son. In three hours after the first tablets he took, he came to me and said, “Mom, I feel better.” I was SO surprised! I asked him how he felt “better” and he said, “I don’t feel hyper.” They have been wonderful and have helped us very much. We also use a good, health food supplement. Both have been exactly what he needed to help the behavior we have seen. We know God is healing our son! My son is ten and we have been using Herbasaurs about four months. It has been so helpful in distinguishing willful disobedience and the actions he exhibits when off the Herbasaurs. His ability to work mentally is enhanced – it takes less effort to do simple mental juggling of facts or figures. It also lessens his frustration when trying to do these same things. This healthy alternative to Ritalin (and others) is the wisest decision we have made.” Kathleen Attaway

If you’d like to get to the spiritual/emotional roots of this disease, I’d recommend a book entitled, “A More Excellent Way” by Henry Wright. This book has changed my life around and made me realize what was at the root of this health problem and many others.


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