Christian Articles to Encourage and Edify

Faith vs. Fear

God’s Direction
The Armor of God
Missing Sleep
Trust in Him
The Creator’s Manual
Instant Obedience
Freedom from Fear
Emotions and Disease
Faithless Unbelief
Tormenting Unbelief
What Owns Your Heart?
The Path of Most Resistance
Command Me
Our Life is Our Thoughts
The Story of Kitty Girl & Jairus
Why Christians Lose Their Peace
Answered Prayer
The Perfect Father
Hope Has Healing Power
Living for Today
Are We Troubled or Trusting?
Anxious About Nothing
Dare to Believe
Is Fear Sin?
Keeping the Connection
This Is My Doing
Only Today
Faith vs. Control
Never Be Afraid

Disappointment & Trials

Being Tested
Tattered and Torn
All Creation Groans
Grief and Sorrow
Praise Changes Things
God’s Gift
Every Drop for Good
In the Fire
The Grace We’ve Been Given
Series on Suffering
Pain and Suffering
Remember Who God Is
The Painting of Your Life
Stay on the Road
Hope Has Healing Power
The Storms of Life
Dealing With Storms
Despair vs. Hope
Live in Today

In The Dark
Between Two Doors
Suffering Helps Us See Heaven
Faith Waiting
Who He Is
Stormy Troubles

Health & Disease

Who Are You?
All Of Them
Imagine That
Stop Chirping & Feed
The Honey of God’s Word
Stand Up & Fight for Health
Keep Climbing
Roots of Anxiety
Loss, Grief & Christ’s Strength
Any Wicked Way in Me?
A Merry Heart for Medicine
Is Fear Sin?
The Deadly Nature of Grief
Who Are You Performing For
Joy & Health
Take Time
Believe It Can Be Different
Prayer for ADD/ADHD Children
Is It God’s Will To Be Well
Emotions and Disease
Medicine’s History
Missing Sleep
Take No Thought For Diet
Taking Care of the Temple
The Healing Process
Living With Yourself
Imagine That
Imprint of the Creator
Making a Difference
Weary of the Doing
Getting Healthy
Fear, Stress and Health
Lay Down Your Life

Slowing Life Down

Burnout and Boundaries
Rest and Trust
Weary of the Doing
Are We Like Play Dough?
Alone With God
Finding Peace in Life
Walking Like Jesus – Part 1
Walking Like Jesus – Part 2
Choose Your Yoke
Life Is In Being, Not Doing
Anxiety Out of Bounds
Security – Is It In The Stuff?
Living Each Moment
Lighten the Load
There is A Way Out
Take Time
Sister, Sister!
What Your Heart Desires
What We Do
Winter to Spring
Hollywood’s Super Woman
Exchanging Gold
Give Yourself a Break


Totally Forgiven
Forgiveness Doesn’t Work
Finding Peace in Life
Love Covers Even Injustice
What Does Father Mean?
Living for Today
Seeking Peace


Your Dream
When God Puts You On Hold
Believe It Can Be Different
Psalm 91 Protection
Steps to Higher Ground
What Is Your Reflection?
Waiting for Clearance
The Hour Cometh

Being Joyful

Whose Fault Is It?
Joyful Lightning Bugs
Temporary Satisfaction
Fledged Finches & Empty Lives

Thought Life

Unconditional Love
Your Own Civil War
Hiding Out
What Are You Stumbling Over?
Seek First
A Gentle Answer
Getting Peace
Positive or Negative Thinking
What Are You Saying
Do You Think Life Is Tough?
Get Rid of the Hounder
Mind Control
No Hope Left
Don’t Listen To The Committee
Shake It Off
Rosy or Black
Awful Circumstances
Life Is Hard


Visit The Frugal
Breaking Free From Debt
Make Your Money Last Longer
Depressed Over Your Finances
Don’t Take Another Bite
Escaping Temptation


Series on Rejection
Finding Peace
Kingdom of Self-Pity
The Exchange That Cut The Roots
Being You


Waiting On The Lord
Heaven’s Perspective
Light and Momentary Suffering
Suffering Helps Us See Heaven
Suffering Prepares Us to Meet God
Suffering Seems Insurmountable
Shout for Joy

Laughter for Healing

Laugh Yourself Well
Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Laughter Health
Humor Therapy
Prescription to Laugh
Laughter as Medicine
Humor’s Healing Potential


Finding Stillness During The Holidays
A Different Kind of Christmas

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