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Our current health care system is faltering in many ways. Most patients aren’t getting the true support they need, and most doctors and nurses are frustrated with the way patients retaliate. Insurance is a dirty word on both sides as it doesn’t provide what the insured wants, and doctors are required to spend so much time and expense to process claims. Drugs are being approved much too quickly, only to find out after many deaths or damages that they should not have been approved at all.

It wasn’t long ago that homes had an Herbal Medicine Chest. A place where simple remedies were kept for the treatment of many common ailments within the home.

We have put together some information that may help you to begin the learning process and to know what to put in your Herbal Medicine Chest.

Most folks are comfortable beginning with the Pocket-Size First Aid comprised of three (3) essential oils that aid in fifty (50) common health problems. These oils can be carried on trips or in the car or even in a purse to always be prepared for many common health problems. Be sure to print the information so you can place it with your “kit.”

The larger Herbal Medicine Chest contains up to seventeen (17) items. You can actually pick and choose what you’d like to place in your own Herbal Medicine Chest and gradually add to it. With all of the products, it addresses 130 common health problems. Remember to print the information on how to use your products of choice.

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