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“Pooch was showing all the common signs of arthritis that dogs have and it seemed to hurt the family more than her. A friend told me she had used GLUCOSAMINEand ALFALFA for the problem in her dog and he was again running around and zipping up and down the stairs like a puppy. We wanted to do all we could to help her, so we ordered some. We noticed improvement in a couple of weeks and now months later she’s doing just like our friend’s dog. Natural alternatives work!” Mrs. Aines

“I have a 6 and a half year old Rottwieler who developed leaking bladder,  probably from the large litter of pups she had, 13. I started giving her UVA URSI and CORNSILK mixed in her dinner twice a day.  She has been on this for three months and we haven’t seen any fluid from her in this time.   I will keep her on this formula for another couple of months as the Cornsilk will work to strengthen her bladder muscles.” B.H.

“We use an essential oil blend at The Animal Institute called “Peace and Calming. ” We mist the animal with this blend and within a few minutes you notice a difference. We work on a lot of upset and nervous type animals and I wouldn’t be without this.” Cindy
Read about cautions for cats. Read more about essential oils.

“Do you remember a few years back when you suggested Perfect Eyes for Bandit because he was getting cataracts? Well, it cleared them right up when I made the eyewash. Now I give him the EW just a couple times a month here and there when I can remember and his eyes are nice and clear…cool huh? I would hate to see him go blind….it sure did work for my precious dog!” Robin S.

“My dog has had a problem with compulsively chewing his back near his tail. I’ve tried several things and they don’t seem to work for long. I saw Soothing Mist on Healthy Pet Corner’s site and decided to give it a try. The herbs in it sounded very soothing and healing. I added some Tea Tree Oil because I like to deter fleas. I’ve used a spray of Lavender and Tea Tree to prevent fleas for years, but he always ran from me when I wanted to spray him. When I get the bottle of Soothing Mist, he comes to me and sits still, so I think he knows it’s helping him. I’ve been using it on my cat that has skin issues also and it’s been doing good.” Robin

“I got Sage, a second dog, through the shelter. She’s a boxer/Akita mix.  She is such a great dog, but for the 6 months I have owned her, she has episodes of throwing up, diarrhea, and she behaved as if she didn’t feel well.  She was also eating gravel and started chewing all the pillows in my house.  After describing her symptoms, somebody recommended minerals to support the nervous system.  I ordered Liquid Chelated Calcium.  Within a few days she was a new dog.  All her symptoms went away and no more chewing. She is happy and energetic!  What a difference.”  Janice in Las Vegas

“Since I have my dog Bandie on a cleanse for heartworms, he stinks a lot more. Last night, he got a bubble bath with Sunshine Concentrate instead of the doggy shampoo since it absorbs odors rather than covering them with perfume and it rinses off a lot easier. I added Tea Tree Oil to the water, of course, to repel any critters. I like using something without chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream. I thought about making a spray mister of Sunshine Concentrate, water and Tea Tree Oil to de-odor him daily and keep critters off. I love that Sunshine Concentrate for sure. It saves me so much money not buying chemicals to clean with and I love it for dishes. It’s really a wonderful product.” Rob       Read about cautions for cats.

“My cat was having small bowel movements and they were tan or clay colored. It concerned me because she seemed to look like she was gaining weight and I wondered if she had a lot of “backup” in the intestinal system. I read the information about what stools tell you to determine what the problem was and began using LIV-J since it indicated a bile and liver problem. She is also a very nervous cat, so I thought I had better feed her nervous system with the Stress-J to tackle the problem from both angles and to get her feeling a little less stressed which definitely affects the health of an animal. LIV-J and STR-J were designed to be used together, so I thought it was a good program. I began adding it to her food when it came and it was like she knew she needed it. She gobbled it up and only a few days later I noticed her bowel movements changing. She’s doing so much better and we really enjoy a more relaxed kitty also.” Donna L.

My miniature poodle was obviously not feeling well. She was shaking, cold, not getting out of bed, not eating, and throwing up. Since she has a history of constipation, I gave her 2 doses of a children’s laxative which contains Senna. This seemed to help a little. Then, when things were not progressing as much as I thought they should, I gave her a Bowel Detox capsule in a small bite of food. The next morning, she raced outside to potty! Happy to report she’s back to feeling like herself again. Most people would have forked out at least a hundred dollars on a vet bill. I’m glad I know of natural remedies to try first from Nature’s Sunshine. Can’t wait to try the wormballs using Nature’s Sunshine Herbal Pumpkin with my dogs and goats! – Ginger

“I awoke to find our cat leaving bloody drops of urine every where. I began JP-X hourly through that day until she was going freely without blood. The next day she slept a lot. I gave her 1-2x/day for a week. No antibiotics! How wonderful!” D.W.

What works for people works for animals too!

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