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The Herbal Medicine Chest Testimonials

An Exciting Tradition Reborn!

“We decided to purchase an Herbal Medicine Chest to begin trying simple remedies for our family. I have been petrified every time I have to take a child to the doctor or clinic and this has caused a desire in me to learn more about what I can do at home. I used to think that old-fashioned meant outdated, but I realize that these were traditions passed down for thousands of years, and it is truly a loss that our families gave up the simple for the complex. We are now seeing the results of that decision in many areas of life with medicine being one of them. I’ve been so excited with each piece of knowledge I add to my mind and with each success I have after using the Herbal Medicine Chest. I’m not going to be foolish about the health care of my children, but I now wonder if that’s what I was being when I would run to the doctor for simple problems that can easily be treated at home. It’s exciting to learn about the body and to be able to be the true kind of mom that I’ve wanted to be and I am able to pass this knowledge down to my children also.” Macy T.

It Really Works!

“I was intrigued by the content of the information on the Herbal Medicine Chest when I read it, but very skeptical. I didn’t think that it would work for our family. My husband thought we should give it a try and at least have it available since we were going to be moving to the country and would no longer be “next door” to the medical community. Boy! Was I surprised! We have had many opportunities to use it with five children and I have found that it really works! I guess I thought plants were just for the dirt, but I’ve learned that they are for our benefit. Living in the country has been good for us for many reasons. It’s been nice to take life a bit slower and simpler and the Herbal Medicine Chest has certainly been a wonderful part of it.” Kim P.

The Perfect Wedding Gift!

“We received an herbal medicine chest for our wedding gift. I really can’t imagine getting anything better. Since Steve doesn’t have health insurance yet, I tend to go to it more often to keep him healthy and such. We refer to it at least weekly if we get a rash from yard work, to a sore throat to a slight headache. It has been a good learning tool for me, in spite of the fact I have used herbs for so many years, I tend to forget and the quick reference really keeps me up to speed. I have discovered that you can pretty much treat any symptom or bug that comes along by referencing the Herbal Medicine Chest info. Steve is even more sold on the idea of alternative medicine now that he sees that just a box full of herbs can pretty much handle anything. I think it would make a great holiday gift, wedding gift and definitely a baby gift.” Mrs. R. S.

Note: To make the perfect wedding gift for somebody you know, get a plastic flip-top box from a local store that is about the size of a shoebox. Choose one in their favorite color. Order the products for the box and print the info onthe products and the 130 uses to include with the gift. Print the Herbal Medicine Chest Story to give them some background information.

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