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Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs

Doggie Flea/Mosquito Collar

bandit pictureThis list of essential oils can help in the prevention of heartworms since they repel insects:
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil

A flea collar can be made by rubbing a few drops of one of the following essential oils into an ordinary webbed or rope collar or even a doggy bandana. Don’t forget to refresh twice weekly. Keep a spritzer near the door to spray on your dog and you when you go out for a walk or to play. These oils are safe on human and pet skin used in this way. For a safer approach to heartworm, consider the Heartworm Prevention Program.

Calming Mist For Overactive Dogs

30 drops Lavender Essential Oil
20 drops Chamomile Essential Oil
4 oz. of purified water or distilled

Measure essential oils into an empty and clean 4-oz spray mist bottle. Add the water until it is filled. Put on cap and shake well before each use. Spray around the dog and even on its coat since Lavender is a good essential oil to repel mosquitoes and fleas. This is great for use in a car with a nervous dog or at any time your dog is over-energized.

Flea, Tick and Mosquito Repellent

Pure Geranium Essential Oil is very powerful and effective. If used alone as a spray, we suggest you put no more than 4 drops per half cup of water and keep it refrigerated. Shake before spraying a light spritz on the pets fur. No need to make the fur all wet, the bugs are repelled from the scent of it. Do not get in the eyes, nose or mouth. More info about Geranium Essential Oil.

Dog Burns

Cool the burn with a cold water compress and then apply Pure Lavender Essential Oil as soon as possible.  Silver Shield rescue gel can also be used.

Dog Abscess

Clean the wound area and apply Silver Shield rescue gel directly on the abscess. Continue to apply several times a day. When the pus is gone, you can use Golden Salve or Lavender Oil to speed healing. 

Calming Pets

I do a lot of work with pets and wear Lavender Oil to help them feel more relaxed. Works for me and the animals to feel more at ease and it also helps keep the bugs away. A spray can be made with 1 cup water and 10 drops of Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

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