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Sunshine Family Newsletter
December 4
, 2008

A Note From Randal

Wow!  We sure had some great education, last month.  Compliments of Nature’s Sunshine.  The content of all the webinars were great. 

Steven Horne has a webinar coming up in January (it is detailed below).  Steven is an easy to understand teacher and very knowledgeable.  He can take very complicated subjects and put them in terms all of us can understand.  I have attended many of his lectures and courses over the years.  He has been a great help to me in my natural health endeavors.  For these reasons,  I highly recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity.

Thanks to all of you who have joined our Sunshine Family.  We appreciate your choosing us as your sponsors and for all of of your "hard" work Sharing Sunshine.  Actually, we have found that it doesn’t feel like work.  That is what is so amazing you can do what you want and get paid to do it at the same time. 

Below (in the Family News section) we have an update on Robin Sockness.  If you want Donna and I to discuss some business building ideas and give you some similar suggestions let us know.

Blessings to you and your business,


ABC+D Classes Begin In January

Steven Horne’s excellent materials are being presented in webinar format. If you’ve been to, you know Steven provides a lot of good information on the NSP product line. This class is billed as "The Fastest Way to Learn How to Help People to Improve Their Health with Herbs and Nutritional Supplements" by Nature’s Sunshine.

You have an hour of training with each session and 30 minutes to ask questions. This 14-session course is just $8.95 per session, billed to your credit card after you attend each session. The first three session are the foundation of the course:

• Work on the Root of the Problem
• Detoxifying for Better Health
• Balancing the Biological Terrain

Then he teaches on each system of the body. Even if you can’t attend all 14 sessions, you can choose which ones to register for and do as much as you can. The classes are held on Tuesdays with three different time slots to fit everybody’s schedule. One course begins on January 13 and another on the 27th.

Get all the details and register here

Business Building Call

The next business call will be held on December 17th.

Save 6:00 p.m. (Pacific) on the third Wednesday of each month (except August) and join our free Business Building Teleconference call to develop your sales, sponsoring, communication and Leadership skills.

Time: 6:00 p.m. (Pacific)
Number: 1-800-432-6381, PIN 7876408#. (submit question)

Are Available

Product Focus Call

Each month the NSP Training Department offers free intense training on a few NSP products.

When: Wednesday, December 10th (2nd Wednesday each month)
Time: 6:00 p.m (Pacific)
Number:  1-800-432-6383, PIN 8626#

Blood Sugar Imbalances
Products: SugarReg, Carbo Grabbers, Psyllium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D3
Guest Speaker: Curtis Walcker

Curtis graduated from Idaho State University in 2005, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science, and an Associate of Science degree in Biology.

Curtis is currently working on his thesis to receive a Master of Science degree in Nutrition. Before coming to Nature’s Sunshine Products, he was employed by another dietary supplement company for six years as a Manager.

At NSP, Curtis evaluates the safety and efficacy of ingredients, answers technical questions through telephone and e-mail, and keeps abreast of trends in health and nutrition. When not working, Curtis enjoys weightlifting, mountain biking, and mixed martial arts. He resides in Springville, Utah, with his wife Amanda and son Alex.

Top Achievers Club (TAC) Trip
September 20–27, 2009

Alaska Explorer Cruise
This has been billed the best TAC trip ever by many in NSP. It was certainly on our Top 3. We’re looking forward to it again.

Board Holland America’s luxurious Westerdam vessel to enjoy seven days and nights exploring the unbelievably scenic coastline and ports of one of our nation’s hidden treasures. Alaska beckons you. Will you answer the call?

MS WesterdamCruise with Nature’s Sunshine from Puget Sound in Seattle, heading north to Glacier Bay National Park. Experience the awe and majesty of humpback and grey whales and tidewater glaciers, plus other arctic wildlife. Next stop, the capital city, Juneau, with optional tours to the Mendenhall Glacier, helicopter sightseeing and whale-spotting. On Day 4, visit Sitka, a charming frontier port full of Russian culture and influence. Ketchikan is the gateway to the Misty Fjords National Monument and offers fabulous kayaking opportunities to those so inclined. Experience Native American culture up-close in this unique Alaskan town. Victoria, Canada features the beautiful, 55-acre Butchart Gardens and options for scenic drives on our final cruise stop. Then we’ll return to Seattle and transport home.

Get all the details on the

NSP Holiday Products

Have you the additional items NSP is offering for sale for the holidays? Ornament, billfold, lavender eye pillow, door mat, and more. Visit their site to view them:

Training on Location:  NSP "Young at Any Age" Seminars

Current topics:

  • Take Charge of Your Health & Reclaim Your Vitality
  • True Health Begins in the Cell
  • The Silver Solution
  • Breakthrough! The Nutritional Prescription for Maximum Weight-Loss Success
  • Business Building Module (Optional, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.)

Time:  9 a.m.–3 p.m. (lunch is on your own)

Cost:  $35 per person – Early Registration $25 per person

Call NSP Customer Service (with your account number) at 1-800-223-8225 for registration or to learn more  about the "Young at Any Age" Seminars. Dates and locations are subject to change so keep looking for others that may be scheduled in your area.  Also consider who you know that lives in these areas, so you can refer them to a seminar to build your group.

Here’s the link for more information and current locations:

NSP Magazines

NSP’s Manager Extra magazine is mailed to managers, but that doesn’t mean distributors can’t take advantage of the great information contained in it. It’s archived online each month. If you haven’t read November’s issue, here’s some of the topics:

• Weight Loss Challenge Finalists and the programs they used

• Details on the new Super ORAC product and the improved Ultimate GreenZone capsules

• Tips on building business – it’s the best time in history to be building a direct selling business with the economy as it is and the power of the internet as a resource

Here’s the to download the PDF of any of the magazines archived on the NSP website:

NSP’s Education Week

We sure enjoyed our week of learning with the webinars. They were excellent and we had many of our group email us to tell us they felt the same way. If you missed them, and the $100 product voucher they paid for you to attend, you sure did miss some great materials on keeping yourself and your family health. These comments are being forwarded to NSP in hopes that they will make this an annual event! Here’s some thoughts from our Sunshine Family:

Robin Sockness:
I attended all of the sessions. I think it’s amazing that NSP offers all of this to us for free and product discounts to boot! It’s amazing. We work for the best – Sunshine!

Donna Reeves:
These webinars are great – unbelievable that they are free and actually we’re being paid to participate. I am so impressed! And so informative – I am loving this!

Teresa Cheatham:
We think they [webinars] are great! I feel like we’ve both learned many things to help us sell the products better. I really appreciated the format of the programs. It was easy to sign up, and easy to get connected online. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn more about the ingredients in the products and how to use them. That is a big help in selling them to people! It is very nice of NSP to give us a rebate, and to put products mentioned on sale!

Dianne Frase:
I believe the webinar is going to encourage more people to take charge of their health. With life being so busy and finances being an issue as well as time the webinars are the very best idea I’ve seen.

Tom Almarode:
I truly believe this is the best, most efficient, low cost method of educating distributors on important and timely topics. I’m sorry I was only able to listen in on two seminars. These were very well presented. They were concise and to the point. Lots of good information! Not too long, not too technical and you could select your time slot! I would encourage NSP to expand this format. Lots of potential – lots of benefits! Thanks!

Jeanette Richards:
It was so wonderful to be able to attend a meeting again even if it was on the computer. It has been such a long time since I could be part of a meeting. Please encourage NSP to do more of this.

Family News

Last month we reported Robin Sockness’ 235% increase in her QV with a few changes to her presentation of the way she speaks to potential customers (see archives for details) and a few alterations to the way she presents her business online. In case you think it was just a great month, she’s done even a bit more this month, so we’re sending cheers to Robin for sticking with her scripts and goals for success.

She just returned from a trip to Michigan to visit her parents and family. She’s hoping to be able to move there. She’s had her house on the market in Fayetteville, GA. If you know anybody wanting to move south of Atlanta, maybe her house would be a good fit. Her parents are aging and she wants to be there for them.

Christina Bethke is going to a part-time position from the temporary full-time she accepted at her "day job." She’s excited to be able to invest more time in her business which she has missed. She’s also been challenged with her three cats. After bringing in a new one, they’ve all had fleas and tapeworms, so send up a prayer for her peace of mind, and if you’ve got any ideas for her, reply to this email and I’ll get the info to her.

When Nathan and John Howlett (brothers) were teenagers, their parents planted pecan trees in TN … not the ideal place for pecan trees, so the boys hauled a lot of water out to those trees in buckets and they were given lots of attention. However, they never produced pecans … until this year. During the Thanksgiving holidays, the entire family was harvesting and cracking pecans. The trees seem to want to make up for all those years of non-production.

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