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Sunshine Family Monthly News
December 4, 2006 Edition

A Note From Donna

We’ve been having flocks of bluebirds at our suet feeders and they do love the freeze-dried mealworms on the deck also.  Watching birds is such a rewarding experience, but it seems especially grand in winter when things look so bleak without leaves and colors of flowers.

The bluebirds add a bit of color to our yard and deck along with the colorful woodpeckers which we see a lot of also.  The suet provides high energy fuel for the birds in winter … so we get cheap entertainment for our cold weather days.

I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season already and we want to wish you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. 

There are lots of people looking for cleanses and weight loss products at this time of year and into January and February, so if you want to focus on some specific products, you might consider those health topics.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!

Monthly Toll-Free Product Focus Call

Each month the NSP Training Department offers intense training on one NSP product.  Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone.  Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health  experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.

Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
Ask questions of product experts.
Take advantage of free training.

When:  Wednesday, December 13
Time:  6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
Topic: Heart Disease
Guest Speaker: TBD

Check here for more information closer to the date:

At the scheduled time dial our Focus Call number, 1-800-432-6383, and enter PIN 8626#.

Sunshine Manager Extra Online

You don’t have to be a Manager to read all the tips and information in the Manager Extra magazine.  December’s issue includes product topics on the immune system for winter, weight loss, and sugar free holidays.

There’s also business topics of  "Making the Internet Work for You" and "The Top Ten Ways to Attract People to You."

Access the magazine here:

Knowing the Answers

Q.  There’s a lot of head lice going around this year in our schools.  It’s not something I want to talk about to neighbors and friends.  Does Nature’s Sunshine have a natural solution for this problem?

A.  Yes, and you know people that want to know there’s something safer, effective and easy to use for head lice.  It’s not a problem you hear people talking about, but you can bring up the discussion and find many that are interested.

Although they may sound gross, lice (the plural of louse) are a very common problem, especially for kids ages 3 years to 12 years (girls more often than boys).  Lice are highly contagious and can spread quickly from person to person, especially in group settings (schools, child-care centers, slumber parties, sports activities, camps, and even playgrounds).

You may wonder if Fido or Fluffy may be catching the pests and passing them on to your family. But rest assured that pets can’t catch head lice and pass them on to people or the other way around.
A child’s doctor can recommend a medicated shampoo, cream, or lotion to kill the lice. These may be over-the-counter or prescription medications, depending on what treatments have already been tried. It isn’t uncommon for treatments to be unsuccessful.  It’s important to note that these products are insecticides so they have many cautions. Applying these medications too much or too frequently can increase the risk of causing harm.

Paw Paw has properties that kill lice without the dangers of insecticide.  When you read about the ingredients used in the following recipe you will find the benefits of the three ingredients to be helpful in other ways also, so the purchase of these three products can have other beneficial uses for the customer.

Simple Instructions for Making Paw Paw Shampoo To Kill Head Lice

Open 10 capsules of Paw Paw Cell-Reg and mix into about 2 tablespoons of your shampoo. This will be gritty but will still be effective. Add 7 drops of Thyme Essential Oil and 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil.

Follow these instructions exactly for removal of head lice.*

1. Lather 2 tablespoons of shampoo into dry hair and scalp.
2. Place shower cap/hair net on head to contain shampoo and to protect the eyes.
3. Leave shampoo lather on hair for 60 minutes.
4. Rinse shampoo thoroughly from hair and scalp.
5. Dry and comb hair thoroughly with lice comb and remove nits/lice.

Repeat steps 1–5 in eight days and again in 16 days to insure thorough and complete removal.  These intervals are necessary for any eggs that remain and hatch.  Use regular shampoo in between times. 

* Long or thick hair will require one additional tablespoon of shampoo and will need to remain on head an additional 15 minutes.

You can find this information online:

Q.  It would be nice to have a small container to put the mints and gum in from the large container size that is sold.  Will there be something like this provided?

A.  Nature’s Sunshine is working on a source for a container to come with the mints and gums.  This will give somebody a way to carry them in their purse or pocket.  Although most people that use these items will have an empty tin to use, it will be nice to have one that promotes the product.  They expect to have this by the end of the year.

NSP Events

Qualifications for 2007 Convention Cruise

NSP’s eight-day Caribbean cruise will be the longest convention we’ve ever had.  They make it pretty easy to earn these anniversary conventions, so be sure you check qualifications to be on target to go.  They began on September 1 and go until May 31, 2007.  The cruise is in October 2007.  NSP will have the entire ship and it’s a ship geared for family fun, so you can bring your entire family. 

If you’re not at Manager level yet, that’s your first goal.  You must be a Manager to earn convention.  If you become a new Manager during the qualification period, you can still earn convention by averaging the amount of QV required.

There are two ways to earn convention:

Method 1 – Group QV Increase

Convention for 2: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period  by at least 600 QV/month, compared to the same period in the prior year.

Convention for 1: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period  by at least 400 QV/month, compared to the same period in the prior year.

Method 2 – Total Group QV

Convention for 2: Accumulate a total of 90,000 Group QV during the qualification period.

Convention for 1: Accumulate a total of 60,000 Group QV during the qualification period.

Bonus QV: Many NSP Managers have earned Bonus QV. This Bonus QV will be applied automatically to your actual Group QV during the qualifi cation period (for both methods).

Breakout Bonus QV: You’ll receive 500 Bonus QV for each new Manager you break out during the qualifi cation period (for both methods).

Leaders Conference in Costa Mesa, CA

The information for the conference is now online at the NSP site.  You can view the agenda, workshops and speakers, location and hotel information, prices and registration.  You can also watch a slide show of the 2006 Leaders Conference.

Deadline to register is December 8 at the lowest price.  Check out the details on the NSP site here:

NSP Product Changes

Be sure to check this area of the NSP site for product updates, such as discontinued products and reformulations.  Find them here:

A Top Multilevel Marketer Shares Powerful Insights about the NSP Difference

This was an interview that NSP had with National Manager Zoila Canales several years ago on how Nature’s Sunshine is different than and superior to other direct sales companies.

NSP: Zoila, what first attracted you to Nature’s Sunshine?

Zoila: When I came to Nature’s Sunshine, I had already spent many years with other multilevel companies. I tried NSP products for a problem I was having with my bones. The results were so astounding, I realized I could easily convince others of the value of Nature’s Sunshine—both of the herbs and of the business.

NSP: So your experience with the products came naturally. But what was it about the NSP business that impressed you?

Zoila: First, I want to emphasize the great financial investment other multilevel companies require of their Distributors. You don’t earn a nickel from other companies until you’ve purchased thousands of dollars worth of products. Nature’s Sunshine isn’t that way. The second thing that impressed me was the cost of signing up. I once paid $402 dollars to sign up with another MLM company. Signing up with NSP with a minimum $40 order seemed incredibly affordable. Then SmartStart came along, and people could sign up for free! It’s so easy for me to share Nature’s Sunshine because most of the people I contact are looking for an opportunity they can enter into at a low cost.

NSP: You’ve had experiences with other multilevel companies. Would you care to share any of these with fellow NSP Managers?

Zoila: I worked with some of the most prestigious multilevel companies—big ones—and fought hard to reach the first level above Distributor. I did benefit from my years with these companies: I learned about education and marketing. I learned important principles about motivation. The real problem was that, under most of their compensation plans, it was almost impossible to attain even the lowest levels of advancement, because I had to generate almost $25,000 in two months! I found myself thinking, “It just isn’t worth the trouble.”

NSP: So when you got to know Nature’s Sunshine, what difference between NSP and the others did you notice?

Zoila: There are many differences. One that was fundamental for me was the educational system the company offers. It really impressed me how a person could sign up, and in three or four months learn so much about herbs through educational schools, workshops, meetings, printed materials, books, pamphlets, etc. You have to understand where I was coming from—these things really moved me! Chiefly because, in the companies I had associated with, a Distributor had to buy everything, even down to the price list. You had to purchase the forms to sign up other people.

With NSP, I found myself saying, “This can’t be true.” Every day a wealth of information was coming to me, all of it free. So I really try to get new people to see how easy it is to learn with Nature’s Sunshine.

NSP: You once shared a story about the first time you were preparing to attend an NSP Regional Meeting. You were getting your money together to pay your admission. Would you share that with our readers?

Zoila: Yes! In all of the multilevel companies I’m familiar with, there is a parallel motivational system. This means there is a group of leaders who direct the motivational system as a companion system to the actual company. This is very lucrative—in some cases more lucrative than the business they have with the company itself. Thus, when you have a large meeting, the leaders charge an admission fee, and they can make thousands of dollars doing this.

Nature’s Sunshine doesn’t do this, and it’s a good thing because it can cause great conflict among the Members of a given company.

NSP: How much did you pay to attend such meetings?

Zoila: I’ve paid as much as $35–40 to attend a single event—just to walk in the door! Everything else—materials, meals, etc.—came out of my pocket too.

NSP: The fact that Members don’t have to pay much to sign up or attend NSP meetings is a nice benefit, but surely it’s not enough to make NSP the best in the business. There must have been more to your conversion to Nature’s Sunshine.

Zoila: The NSP compensation plan jumped out at me. Naturally, most people have goals when they begin a multilevel marketing program. They might say, “My goal is to become a Manager.” That first jump can be a difficult task in other companies because a member might have to generate $15,000 in sales in order to qualify. With Nature’s Sunshine, it’s only $1,000! What really makes this work is that a Manager can help others reach that point easily, so a strong, stable downline develops quickly—full of Managers! And that’s the way I look at my NSP business. I think: Sign people up to make them Managers.

NSP: As you have become more acquainted with the NSP financial opportunity, are there other things you have come to value?

Zoila: There are so many wonderful benefits with NSP. You have to understand that I come from situations where you get nothing for free, where you had to scratch to get anything at all. To receive a car allowance, to receive a vacation…I’m appalled to think that any Manager in this company could take these things for granted or look down on them. These things are wonderful and are easily obtained in comparison with other multilevel companies.

NSP: Can you illustrate the difference?

Zoila: Certainly. In one of the more famous companies I worked with, I reached the first level after Distributor, and I won a three-day vacation. Please understand that I had to generate $100,000 in six months to win; that’s an astronomical amount compared with the requirements a Distributor must meet in order to qualify for NSP National Convention. The vacation was very nice, I happily admit. But here at Nature’s Sunshine, by generating a mere $14,000 in sales, I received a five-day event, as well as $400 cash. I don’t think this is a problem of petty dollar amounts. It has to do with a company’s greater purpose. Nature’s Sunshine is the best multilevel marketing company because they care about their people.

NSP: Is it true that this simple qualification process has helped you get Members in your group excited about going to Convention?

Zoila: Yes! And it has been very easy to do. I find it very effective to make simple comparisons. I show my people pictures and videos of a trip with a previous company: it cost me $2,000 dollars to attend a three-day convention. Although it was an educational convention, I could not qualify to go free. No matter what, I always had to pay for the event. I also explain to my people how the motivational system was parallel to the company’s system, and the people who presented the event (our peers) were making a lot of money even though they didn’t represent a Home Office of any kind.

Then, I tell them about NSP’s National Convention, an extraordinary event that they can attend for free! I explain that all they have to do is break out a certain number of Managers. They easily see the truth of this for themselves and quickly believe they can accomplish it. This last year, I shared photos of all the things I enjoyed during my first Convention in Philadelphia—a truly extraordinary experience for me. I shared my feelings, my emotions about it with to my group, and they recognized the sincerity of my words, saw the pictures, felt the excitement, and I believe that’s why so many of them strove to qualify for the Anaheim Convention.

NSP: How many of your group did you bring to Convention 2000 in Anaheim?

Zoila: Fourteen people came with me, although 20 qualified.

NSP: Incredible. With the Managers you’ve broken out and the growth you’ve experienced, has your lifestyle changed since joining NSP?

Zoila: In one simple way—Nature’s Sunshine is all I do. But this makes it crucial for me to convey to people the great focus a multilevel business requires. Of course I tell people who start the business that they should keep their employment, because it gives them security, while they build their NSP business in their free time. But I work hard to show them how NSP has the potential to become their security if they do it consistently—at least 10 hours a week. And they’ll reach their goals. I know they will, because I’ll show them how!

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars for Training

Nothing yet scheduled for 2007.

Here’s the link for more information and locations:

Congratulations to Jeanette and Jack Richards – Reinstated Manager Rank!

Jeanette had been a Manager with NSP for many years while we lived in Alabama.  Although she and Jack didn’t live nearby we would see them at our Sunshine Gatherings at the shop or home.  Jeanette always has a smile and a hug for anybody.  Being an R.N. put a new meaning to the word nurse in my mind.  She could make people feel healthy by just talking with them.  That and Nature’s Sunshine together makes a great combo.  She and Jack moved to Georgia so she’s in a whole new area of people to influence.  I know she adds sunshine to many lives whether it’s in the form of product or joy.

Welcome to Our Soon To Be New Managers

Ruth Snow-Ditzel in Bloomfield, NJ

Robin Sockness has also sponsored Ben and Paula Koch in the Dallas, TX area.

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