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October 10, 2011

Silver Shield Webinar

This was a really good one and we learned a lot. One of the questions that was asked which may interest those of you who did not get a chance to watch the webinar is this:

How long does Silver Shield remain active? What is the shelf life?

They have tested Silver Shield Liquid at 8.5 yrs and it still killed
98.9% of MRSA.

The Silver Shield Gel, once opened, will get more oxygen in which may cause it to gradually turn amber. You might notice that if there’s any residue on the lid, it turns this color. It does not mean it has lost its effectiveness.

So, the end answer was that they considered shelf life to be at least 10 years for the liquid and 3-5 years for the gel.

Another tip was using Silver Shield Liquid in water to purify. A topic that was in the minds of many, at the time of the webinar, that had flooding from the recent hurricane. Dr. Pedersen said you could use 4 drops in a cup of water and to let it sit for 1.4 minutes to purify it.

40th Anniversary Convention in Hawaii

Last Month to Qualify
Qualification continues for our big 40th Anniversary in Waikiki, Hawaii, March 5-9, 2012. Qualifications end in October so don’t miss the celebration!

Remember, you can earn BONUS POINTS in October by sponsoring new members.

New NSP Home Office – August 2012

NSP Management is pleased to announce a beautiful new home for our corporate headquarters, at Thanksgiving Park in Lehi, Utah, along with a substantial renovation of our office and meeting space at our manufacturing plant. Our new corporate headquarters will have 56,000 sq. feet of space with freeway visibility, world-class amenities and LEED certification (environmental design). The Spanish Fork facility will include open space, more light, new walls and redesigned offices and meeting rooms. Order Sales and Customer Service will move to this facility. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we open a new chapter in Nature’s Sunshine history!

Little Heroes Highlight

During Leader’s Success Summit in San Diego, we came close to reaching our goal of $20,000 to help build a health clinic in Nepal. The clinic will provide education and awareness about decreasing the spread of communicable diseases and improving overall health and sanitation. It will also provide much needed maternal and pediatric care for the local people. It is estimated that once completed, the health clinic will serve 20,000 people in its first year and decrease the infant mortality rate by 60 percent. Thanks to all those that donated and made this health clinic possible!

Upcoming Webinars

We are blessed to have NSP always keeping us educated on health topics and products, both new and old. The webinar format is great so everybody can learn at their own scheduled time. We hope you’re taking advantage of these free webinars. Many companies charge their distributors for this type of training.

Here’s the upcoming schedule:

October 11 – Endocrine Health – Every Woman’s Challenge
October 19 – Developing Your “Vehicle” to Increase Traffic to Your Retail Store
October 20 – Keeping Your Consulations Safe A Conversation with Nature’s Sunshine’s Attorney
November 14-21 – Education Week
December 13 – Digestion

Be sure to visit the webinar archive for all kinds of topics you may be interested in. Remember you can share these with customers, family and friends. They do NOT need to be logged-in as a member to view the material. Check out the webinar topics now.

View Past Party Building Webinars
Nature’s Sunshine has sponsored two webinars on building your business using parties. Go to the webinar archive page to find out more.

Natural Health Education Series 2011 Seminar

Featuring Brilliant Body, Nature’s Sunshine Products brand-new series on the body systems. You will receive in-depth training complete with information on how to apply this knowledge to your business.

Respiratory System – Take a closer look at the system responsible for delivering oxygen to the body.

The Liver / Hepatic System – The hepatic system is a crucial part of metabolism, detoxiication and digestion.

Loving Your Lungs – Conquering Asthma and Allergies Naturally – Join us to learn more about your lungs, allergies and asthma.

Brilliant Business – A Step-by-Step Plan for Sharing & Growing – You’ll learn the ins and outs of the NSP party plan, how to maximize the marketing plan and get useful tools to help you reach new levels in your business.

10/15/2011 English Lafayette, LA Hilton Lafayette
1521 West Pinhook Road
10/15/2011 English Oak Brook, IL Chicago Marriott Oak Brook
1401 W. 22nd Street
10/15/2011 English The Woodlands, TX Woodlands Marriott Hotel
1601 Lake Robbins Drive
10/22/2011 English Ann Arbor, MI Courtyard Ann Arbor
3205 Boardwalk
10/22/2011 English Idaho Falls, ID Hilton Garden Inn
700 Lindsay
10/22/2011 English St. Henry’s, OH Romer’s Catering
321 South Eastern Ave.
10/29/2011 English El Segundo, CA Embassy Suites LAX
1440 E. Imperial Ave.
11/5/2011 English Ellicottville, NY HoliMont Ski Resort
6921 Route 242
11/5/2011 English Fort Worth, TX Marriott DFW Airport South
4151 Centreport Blvd.
11/5/2011 English Orlando, FL Orlando Airport Marriott
7499 Augusta National Drive
11/12/2011 English Antigo, WI Peace Lutheran Church
300 Lincoln Street
11/12/2011 English Charlotte, NC Embassy Suites
4800 South Tryon Street
11/12/2011 English San Jose, CA Double Tree
2050 Gateway Place
11/12/2011 English Statesboro, GA Holiday Inn Hotel
455 Commerce Drive
11/19/2011 English Franklin, TN Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
700 Cool Springs Blvd.
11/19/2011 English Philadelphia, PA Hilton Philadelphia Airport
4509 Island Ave.
12/3/2011 English Greensburg, PA Four Points Sheraton Greensburg
100 Sheraton Drive, Rt. 30 East

$35 seminar fee includes seven-hour seminar plus great training materials.

Call 1-800-223-8225 to register.

Our Website Is For You … Not Just Shoppers

The Herbs Place has been adding content to the website since it began in 1998 and we’ve never stopped. There’s a lot of information there for you, so make use of it with the search engine. There are over 8,000 pages and literally a million links to information. For ideas on health problems, use the online catalog. Testimonials are favorites since they tell you what worked for somebody else. We can’t show them on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we have posted years of success stories on our site. You can share these testimonials with customers by cutting and pasting it into an email.

Pet Resources

Some people in our group love working most with animals instead of people. We have herbal success stories for pets in the pet area of The Herbs Place website. Also check out our dedicated pet website, Healthy Pet Corner, and use the search engine.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Website Business-Building Resources

Each distributor has their own learning style and today’s training is geared with that in mind. Nature’s Sunshine has a lot of content and education online in various formats of reading, viewing videos or listening to audios, along with local seminars each year. Plan to attend the scheduled webinars which are still free. Most companies charge for these, so don’t ignore these great educational benefits.

Make the investment to spend hours on the website and find out what all is available to you there. There are links to the blog and Sunshine Community and forums. There are webinar, magazine and article archives.

My NSP Websites

If you have or want a MyNSP Website, you have access to a lot of information on building your business with an online focus. If you haven’t signed up for your website yet, please use our account number as your referral when you do: 109373

Other Business-Building Resources

Natural Health School – Free Herbalist Training Course

Nature’s Field – Free Subscription

NSP Business Builders Forum

Getting Health Questions Answered

NSP Forum – No longer Active – Search for posted responses

NSP Advisor – Specific questions about health

Product and Health Information by Steven Horne

Modern Herbal Education

Herbal Education Articles

Books, CDs, DVDs, Etc. – Building Your Own Library

Nature’s Treasure Chest – Ailment Guide

Sound Concepts – Nature’s Tools

Herb Allure

Online Herb and Dietary Supplement Information

PDR Health
PDR Health is an online source of health-related information that is written with the consumer in mind. It is broken into four main sections: disease overviews, treatment options, drug information (includes information on prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, herbs and nutritional supplements) and clinical trials.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia and has become the largest reference source on the Internet. Type in the name of an herb, supplement, health condition, etc., and you will be guided to entries with extensive information. One word of caution: Anyone with computer access to Wikipedia can edit the entries. As a result, the entries are quite up to date, but there can also be significant misinformation.

Dietary Supplement Information Bureau and Natural Products Foundation
This website contains information about the supplement industry as well as herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. It also has a link to an online version of the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau’s publication, Field Guide to Herbal Dietary Supplements.

Mayo Clinic
The renowned Mayo Clinic weighs in on health and healthy lifestyles. This site covers health and nutrition at every stage in life.

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