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Sunshine Family Monthly News
October 3, 2006 Edition

The content of this monthly newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

A Note From Donna

We are loving the wonderful weather that’s been around here in Central Virginia for the past few weeks.  The Monarchs floating through have been such a peaceful sight and the birds have been very busy at our feeders.  We’ve added a few so our total now with the suet feeders is 18 feeders.  I think we’re ready for the winter dining crowds.

Thanks to the Allred’s we’ve got a fun wildlife fire pit out back.  It’s been a real treat to build a fire and sit around it talking.  There’s something magical about watching a fire.  It’s been great to be able to use some of our twigs and dead wood in our back yard also.

We’re going to be having some Sunshine Family visiting with us.  Christina Tarman will be arriving tomorrow.  It’s really fun to have business friends so that meals and entertainment and mileage are all tax-deductible.  Somehow makes the whole deal a little bit sweeter, but then it’s been a hobby of mine to avoid paying every penny I can to IRS.  There’s so many better things to use money for.

Randal’s birthday is on the 23rd.  He’ll be 52 and 24 of those years he’s been with Nature’s Sunshine.  There’s such a long list of wonderful memories that we’ve had with NSP and the blessings God has given us through this business are incredible.  Nothing like being able to design your own life the way you want it.  Let me encourage those of you who are still “just getting started” to hang in there and make it happen.  The rewards are so numerous.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!

Monthly Toll-Free Product Focus Call

Each month the NSP Training Department offers intense training on one NSP product.  Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone.  Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health  experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.

Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
Ask questions of product experts.
Take advantage of free training.

When:  Wednesday, October 11
Time:  6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
Topic:  Xylitol & the new Nature’s Sweet Life product line

Guest Speaker:  TBA

At the scheduled time dial our Focus Call number, 1-800-432-6383, and enter PIN 8626#.

New Products

There’s a lot of excitement about NSP’s new line of xylitol products.  Getting into a sugar-free diet can help many health issues and stop those sugar lows from hypoglycemia.  Xylitol is made from natural ingredients and tastes like sugar and does not promote cavities. As a matter of fact, the research shows it helps to prevent cavities, so this line of products could open up a whole new segment of customers.

Benefits of xylitol include no aftertaste; 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates than sugar; a glycemic index of 7; and the ability to prevent cavity-causing bacteria from adhering to teeth. Xylitol is 100% natural.

Here’s the list of what’s available:

Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol Gum (Spearmint & Cinnamon) Freshen breath, clean your teeth and promote dental health!
Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol Mints (Peppermint & Lemon) – Prevent bad breath and promote oral health!
Nature’s Sweet Life Mouthwash – Improve dental health! (available mid-October)
Nature’s Sweet Life Nasal Mist – Wash away irritating pollutants and moisturize nasal passages. (Available mid-October)

Nature’s Sweet Life Bulk Xylitol Sweetener – Enjoy xylitol as a sweetener for all your favorite foods and beverages. (Available in November)

Nature’s Sweet Life Chocolate (Calcium Crunch & Natural Raspberry Flavor) – Finally a sugar-free dark chocolate that tastes good and has beneficial properties.  This product cannot be ordered with other products since it is shipped separately.  Call Order Sales at 1-800-453-1422 for more information.  We keep getting comments from our upline and our own group that this chocolate is absolutely wonderful.

For more information on these products, visit the NSP site:

Knowing the Answers

Q.  Can a Manager break out under a Member Sponsor?

A.  When a Member/Distributor qualifies as a Manager before his/her Sponsor, the Sponsor has six months from the date of the new Manager’s breakout to achieve Manager status. During the six-month grace period, no first-level commissions will be paid to the Sponsor. The 12 % commission is transferred directly to the upline Manager. If the Sponsor fails to become a Manager within the six months, he/she permanently loses the downline Manager, along with any future benefits he/she may have accrued. The new Manager is subsequently relinked as a first level Manager to the upline Manager.

NSP News

Qualifications Have Begun for 2007 Convention Cruise
September 1, 2006 – May 31, 2007

NSP’s already planning the 35th Anniversary Convention, an eight-day Caribbean cruise.  This will be the longest convention we’ve ever had.  They make it pretty easy to earn these anniversary conventions, so be sure you check qualifications to be on target to go.  They began on September 1 and go until May 31, 2007.  The cruise is in October 2007.  NSP will have the entire ship and it’s a ship geared for family fun, so you can bring your entire family.

If you’re not at Manager level yet, that’s your first goal.  You must be a Manager to earn convention.  If you become a new Manager during the qualification period, you will need to average Here’s the two ways to qualify:

METHOD 1 – Group QV Increase

Convention for 2: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period  by at least 600 QV/month, compared to the same period in the prior year.

Convention for 1: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period  by at least 400 QV/month, compared to the same period in the prior year.

METHOD 2 – Total Group QV

Convention for 2: Accumulate a total of 90,000 Group QV during the qualification period.

Convention for 1: Accumulate a total of 60,000 Group QV during the qualification period.

Bonus QV: Many NSP Managers have earned Bonus QV. This Bonus QV will be applied automatically to your actual Group QV during the qualifi cation period (for both methods).

Breakout Bonus QV: You’ll receive 500 Bonus QV for each new Manager you break out during the qualifi cation period (for both methods).

Free August “Goal Insurance”: After the September–May period, NSP will automatically replace your lowest non-pending month’s Group QV with your August 2006 amount (if August is higher).

Sharing Sunshine Tips – What’s Working for You?

Christina has purchased some of the chocolate so that she can visit shops and businesses that may be interested in carrying the chocolate.  She’s shared the chocolate with some family and friends, but has not gotten out to do the businesses yet.  She only has Raspberry Flavor but her reviews are:  She loves it!  Niece (about 4) ate it and liked it.  A friend liked it and boyfriend liked it.  Sister doesn’t like Raspberry anything and her husband doesn’t like dark chocolate, but said it tasted like chocolate.

Growing Your Business

Eye on Sponsoring: Tips from Top Sponsors
by Courtney Hammond
From the NSP website.

Recruiting new people is essential to the growth of your business. And why not keep an eye out for potential NSP family members? You have premium-quality products and knowledge of natural health that can turn people’s lives around. It’s time to share the good news with others. But, some things are easier said than done. Fear of appearing pushy or being rejected or simply not knowing what to say keeps many people from opening their mouths. Nature’s Sunshine talked to a few of its top sponsors to find out what they do to bring others to the business.

“I offer memberships to all of my customers. I simply relate it to something they are already familiar with, like a Sam’s Club membership. If a customer is only buying $25 worth of product, I ask, ‘Are you a Member?’ Usually they don’t know what that means. I explain that if they spend just $15 more, they can be a Member, get product for much less and begin receiving rebates.


“I also hold meetings for all of my Managers every other week. These meetings focus on marketing and following up with new Members and customers. The other weeks I hold meetings where my Managers can bring their Members and customers. These meetings focus on the NSP opportunity.”
—Toni Holland, Area Manager, Yuma, Ariz.

“Most of my business is done through the Internet. I really focus on sponsoring. Every month, I put a portion of my profits into advertising my website. The more traffic you get on your site, the better. When people visit my site, they can join my mailing list. I use the mailing list to send out newsletters. Every time my newsletter goes out, I have people sign up as Members.”
—Egbert Chandler, District Manager, Long Island, N.Y.

“Right now I do most of my business through HomeSpa Parties. I encourage people to sign up immediately because they will save money immediately. I’ve learned that I sell more if I ask them to become a Member rather than simply purchase products. I make an effort to sit down and show them the savings. For example, if they come to me with a few products they want to buy, I show them how much more they will get for the same amount of money when they become a Member.”
—Michelle Parent, District Manager, Oxnard, Calif.

“When a new Member signs up, I give him or her a copy of the NSP from A to Z manual. I want people to have an understanding of how the products work. My philosophy is that the better I educate my customers, the more likely they are to come back and continue in the business. And I follow up. When a new person’s Membership Kit comes in, I give them a call to see how their products are working and let them know I have some important information for them.”
—Dori Cranmore, Star Manager, Wasilla, Alaska

What can you do to sponsor more people? Try sharing some of these tips with your active Members and see how much you can grow together

NSP Conventions & Conferences

Leaders Conference 2007 in Southern California in February

Leaders Conference is Nature’s Sunshine’s premiere business training conference. Here you will continue to be a leader by learning ways to strengthen your business. In 2007, NSP Leaders Conference will take place in beautiful Costa Mesa, Calif. Come to sunny California and be treated to excellent presentations and workshops that will surely help your business grow.

On top of the business-building training, Leaders Conference 2007 will focus on enzymes. Be the first to learn about new and improved NSP enzyme products, and discover how to incorporate these new products into your business.

Plus, use your spare time to enjoy the sites and attractions of Costa Mesa. The Hilton is located just minutes from John Wayne airport and all the major attractions of Orange County and the surrounding area, including beautiful beaches and nearby Disneyland.

Plan now to be with NSP at Leaders Conference:

Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel
Costa Mesa, California
February 8-11, 2007

Watch for more details about cost and registration.

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars for Training

10/28/2006     Fort Worth (Dallas), TX
10/28/2006     Green Bay, WI
10/28/2006     Rocky Mount, NC
11/04/2006     Denver, CO
11/04/2006     Idaho Falls, ID
11/04/2006     Irvine, CA
11/04/2006     Jamestown, NY
11/04/2006     Lafayette, LA
11/11/2006     Marietta, OH
11/18/2006     Charlotte, NC
11/18/2006     Bluffton (Fort Wayne), IN
11/18/2006     San Antonio, TX
11/18/2006     San Jose, CA

News Within The Family

Congratulations to Christina Tarman.  She has earned the rank of Star Manager.

Nathan and Kelley Howlett had their baby boy, Ethan Samuel.  7 pounds 12 ounces.

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