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Sunshine Family News
October 5, 2005 Edition

The content of this newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

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Hi Sunshiners!

We hope every one of you are having a great success with your NSP business.  When school is back in and people have settled down from the "unscheduled" summer time, they get to thinking health again and from what I’ve heard from our success line, yourr QV is showing it.

Nature’s Sunshine’s promotion for free set-up on the MY NSP websites got quite a few folks moving along in their NSP business.  Hope you got a few excited new folks Sharing Sunshine also.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!
Randal and Donna Watkins
Toll-Free:  1-866-580-3226

Boost Your NSP QV This Month

These products have bonus QV on them for the month of October.  Fall is a great time for cleaning and that includes our bodies.  The Chinese tradition of cleansing Spring and Fall is a good one to follow.  Take some time to make yourself familliar with one or all of these products.  You must use the special stock # to get the bonus QV.

13193-2  CleanStart Wildberry (14 day) QV $49.45   Cost $44.95

13194-8  CleanStart Apple/Cinnamon (14 day) QV $ 49.45   Cost $44.95

13195-4  Liquid Cleanse (16 fl. Oz.) Newest Product! QV $14.25   Cost $12.95

13197-7  Dieter’s Cleanse (14 day) QV $28.25   Cost $25.65

13198-3  Liver Cleanse Formula  QV $14.10   Cost $11.45

13199-1  Para-Cleanse (20 packets)  QV $18.65   Cost $16.95

13196-6 Tiao He Cleanse (15 day) QV $22.85   Cost $20.75
Note:  This product is not available until about 10/22 – Check with NSP

Monthly Product Focus Call – Be There!

Each month Nature’s Sunshine offers intense training on one topic. Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone. Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.


 * Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
 * Ask questions of product experts.
 * Take advantage of free training.

Date: Wednesday, Oct 12

Time: 6 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Central, 9:00 PM Eastern

Number: 1-800-756-4697, pin 8626#

Guest Speaker: Jay Vanden Heuvel

Topic: Stress and the Immune System

The fall season is a beautiful time of year. But along with that beauty can come some added worries and stress. This month Jay Vanden Heuvel will be addressing stress and its effects on the immune system. The call will discuss seasonal impacts along with financial and world events and what we can do to feel our best during this wonderful time of year. 

These monthly calls give you something to "focus" on for the month.  Get some fresh ideas about the immune system and share the information with those around you as you take orders for NSP’s immune building products.

NSP News

Your Regional Manager Support Person

NSP has a regional support person assigned to your state. They are there to help you succeed. Find yours on the NSP site AFTER logging in:

Understanding the Lot Number on a Product Label

The first and the last digits indicate the year it was produced and the second and third digits indicate the month. (Example: #9093867, the product was produced in September 1997) The other three digits indicate the batch number for Quality Assurance. Keep track of the dates on your products and rotate your stock carefully to make sure older products are sold before newer ones.

NSP International Opportunity

Nature’s Sunshine announced the first step in changes to the international sponsoring program. We’ve always been able to sponsor in the other countries that NSP is in, but there was no benefit to it unless everybody concerned was a manager.

Now you can get paid at any rank and members from Canada and Mexico count towards your rank qualifications also and group QV for monthly commissions. You will need to sign up to get an international number and that’s all there is to it. Call Customer Service to do this: 1-800-223-8225

The New International Sponsoring Program downline viewing website ( is coming soon. You will be able to view your entire international downline in one place using the same login and password you have in your home country. Look for further updates from us or NSP.

NSP New Product Focus

Everybody’s Fiber

I’ve personally never been able to take a fiber powder, mix it in anything and get it down.  It just didn’t happen!  At convention we got to taste the new products and I couldn’t believe how delicious the Everybody’s Fiber was with the smell and taste of peaches, apricots and plums.  I not only can get it down, I actually look forward to it.  Randal and I decided to do the new Liquid Cleanse for our Fall Cleaning Program and I love finally having a fiber formula to take to ‘scrub’ the old garbage out. 

Everybody’s Fiber combines fiber and herbs for cleansing and soothing the digestive system.  Fiber is critical to colon health and proper digestive function.  Each serving of Everybody’s Fiber provides 3 full grams of dietary fiber!

This blend contains apple pectin, a soluble fiber that has adsorbing and bulking properties; slippery elm bark which forms a gel when mixed with water and helps things slide along smoothly; chamomile flowers; short-chain FOS (a soluble fiber that provides food for friendly microorganisms in the colon); flax meal which provides soluble fiber and supports colon health; and marshmallow root add fiber and is soothing.

The formula also contains asparagus stems, peppermint leaves, fennel seeds, uña de gato inner bark, stevia extract, natural peach, apricot and plum flavors, plus malic acid.

Access NSP’s Newest Products Any Time

Sharing Sunshine Tips – What’s Working For You?

If you are getting our Weekly Specials email on Mondays, you may have noticed we are now using MY NSP links.  We took advantage of the free set-up and got a site to use in the Weekly Specials. 

Since the mailing goes out only to members, we can now send them directly to where they can order the product since our site does not show special pricing.

Some of our distributors and managers downline change our links and resend the email to their own group.  You are most welcome to do this.  It has certainly promoted reorders for our group. 

Growing Your Business

Run Your Business From Home?
Here’s 10 Ways to Be More Productive
by Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"

[NOTE: Some words in this article have been disguised to avoid triggering sp^m filters.]

Ah, w0rking at h0me… Visions of leisurely days, conference calls in comfy sweatpants, increased productivity with fewer interruptions. But the distinctions between work life and home life soon blur. You really should throw some laundry in the wash before you write that proposal. You have an hour before a meeting: Should you balance your books or clean the kitchen? And remember to call that client back right after you empty the cat box.

Welcome to the real world of w0rking at h0me: unforeseen distractions, a lack of structured time, and sometimes a perceived loss of identity. But don’t give up the dream just yet! By putting into place a few simple ideas, you can reap more of the rewards of w0rking at h0me. Based on my experiences and those of my clients, here are 10 simple ways to help you stay on track.

1. Separate Your Space.

Keep a separate, distinct work area in your home. Very important. (This is especially difficult if you’re living and working in a shoebox apartment, like I was when I started my business in New York City!) If you don’t have a separate room, at least define an area, and know that when you’re in it, you’re in "work mode."

2. Structure Your Time.

As your business and personal time mesh, it’s more important than ever to structure your day. For example, if you regularly take a walk or go to the gym, try to do it every day at the same time. Value that personal appointment with yourself — even when you’re very busy. It will actually help you keep your business on track! I like to get up early and work until 1 pm, then I take a few hours off to enjoy lunch and go to the gym or jog on the beach. Then I’m back at my desk at 5:00 until who knows when!

3. Outsource All You Can.

When I began my business, I made the mistake of doing all my own administrative work. Whenever you start thinking, "Well I can just do that myself," STOP. Streamline your business, making everything as automatic as possible. Use outside services to stay focused on your *real work*. Get accounts with an overnight delivery service, messenger service, bookkeeper, etc. Save your energy for your brilliant ideas! (Learn more about hiring a virtual assistant (VA) at (

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage.

In-person meetings are very valuable when appropriate, but schedule them sparingly. Try to do most of your business via phone, fax, and e-mail using the best equipment you can afford. For most h0me-b^sed entrepreneurs, when you’re out of the office, you’re NOT m^king m0ney. So it’s important that you can communicate flawlessly from where you are. PLEASE do us all a favor and get separate lines/services for your phone, fax, and Internet! No one likes getting a busy signal.

Get separate phone numbers for business calls and personal calls, or ask your phone company about getting "distinctive ring". Also, voicemail is better than an answering machine, because if you’re on an important call and don’t want to be disturbed, other callers can still leave you a message.

5. Group Your Errands.

Try to group your meetings and errands together to minimize your out-of-office time. Make a list in the morning of all the outside tasks you need done for the day, and attempt to complete them in one fell swoop. Even better, do what I do and designate just one day a week as your "blitz" day for errands and meetings. Plus, then you only need to get dressed up one day a week! : )

6. Stay Focused.

Make your workspace off-limits to other roommates or family members when you’re working. For you animal lovers, this may go for pets as well. (My cat Francine gets jealous when I’m not giving her complete attention!) Keep all personal paperwork such as bills, magazines, and to-do lists out of sight, so they won’t distract you from your projects.

7. Beware of Yappers.

Many of your friends and family will be immediately delighted when they learn that you’re w0rking at h0me. They picture you lounging on the couch, eating potato chips, and waiting for their calls. When they call you simply to chat, politely remind them that you’re working, and ask them if you can call them back after your day is over. It may take them a while, but they’ll eventually get the idea.

8. Work With Your Moods.

Keep track of your moods and productivity compared with the time of day. For example, if you find you’re more alert in the morning, use this time to make important calls and do your creative work. Take advantage of your natural cycles. If you feel better after an afternoon nap, go for it! (I’m a BIG proponent of the catnap. In fact, I may start a support group.)

9. Suit Yourself.

To bring out your best work, make your environment perfect for YOU. How do you work best? With plenty of breaks, or with no interruptions? In silence, or with some light music in the background? On a cushy couch and coffee table, or at a business desk in an ergonomic chair? (My friends thought I was nuts when I spent $750 on my Herman Miller Aeron chair, but they quickly understood why once they sat in it! And my spine thanks me every day.)

Also, find some places you can do work when you need a change of scenery. How about the library, the park, or your neighborhood coffee shop? When I need to do serious reading, thinking, or editing, I take my work outside to the pool or the beach. The sea air, sunshine, and soothing waves help me think much more clearly.

10. Break for People.

Feeling sluggish, lonely, or moody? Arrange for at least one social break during the week. (I aim for two or three.) Schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just coffee with a client, vendor, or friend. Join a business networking group, or sign-up for social activities such as dance class or recreational sports league. Don’t go into hermit mode — it can be self-destructive!

(c) 1999-2005 Alexandria K. Brown

Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is creator of the award-winning home study course, ‘Boost Business With Your Own E-zine.’ To learn more about this step-by-step program, and to sign up for FR*EE how-to articles and teleclasses, visit (

Welcome Into The Family

Our new business builders since last issue are:

Nancy Rhea – Athens, TX
Tim Evans – Tallahassee, FL
Kyamesha Boyd – Hempstead, NY
Ben Watkins – Oklahoma City, OK
Larry Johnson – Burnsville, MN
Janice Cummings – Buckner, MO

News Within The Family

As you can see above, one of those new business builders is Ben Watkins.  Yes, he’s in the family.  He’s our favorite son [because he’s our only son].  He grew up with NSP all around him and is very knowledgeable since he’s got a large number of class hours logged away.  His last year of home schooling was to set up his own herb shop and run it.  He was only 17 so he had some time in the spotlight when the television crew and newspaper reporters wanted interviews.

Although he’s got a great job at Sprint, he’s thinking of the future and there’s nothing like a network marketing business to build good income over time.  That is as long as you are with a company that is going to be around.  NSP has been around 33 years, so they’re here to stay which means that success line you build won’t crumble like it does with hot new companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.  You won’t find the compensation plan beat by anybody either.  NSP puts 50% of all revenue back into the field [that’s you and me!]

Nathan and Kelley Howlett are still working away at the landscaping task of their new home.  It hasn’t stopped their NSP business from growing.  They broke out three (3) new managers in September.  They soon be Divisional Managers and getting their monthly car plan payment raised to $400.

John and Roxanne Howlett are watching Matthew grow.  He’s five months old now.  They broke out another manager in September also.

Christina is still working on her domain website.  She purchased the domain name ""

Paul Probyn is working with a lot of elderly people in Florida sharing the Untold Truth materials.  He’s been of great help to his mom and dad who have had some health challenges this year, so he’s got a real passion for helping older folks while earning an income at the same time.

Susan Chavis is working with international people since she already had a lot of contacts.  Until NSP makes it easier, she will collect the money through PayPal, order the products to ship to herself, and then send them out to the customer.  Any way you do it, it’s all about adding up that QV to get the higher bonus percentages.

That’s all the news I’ve heard.  Keep me updated so I can share your current news with the whole family. 

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