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Sunshine Family Newsletter
September 5, 2009

Hello Sunshine Family,

There are some great opportunities for free education soon to be available.  Don’t Miss Out!  We have outlined them below.

Steven Horne is offering his first two modules free of his ABC + D class.  This is a great set of modules that teach you the basics of how to build your business helping others with herbs and supplements.  Steven has the ability to make complex information very simple.  Donna and I have attended many of his live courses and hardily recommend his materials.

The new MyNSP websites are now online and quite powerful compared to the last sites.  We have one and we recently received notice via the MyNSP website that we had someone interested in building a business.  You can’t beat that.  If you don’t have get one and make sure you mention we recommended it to you.  This is a great way to get a free month of service just by referring someone to sign up for a MyNSP website.  If you do get one let us know so we can see how you have individualized your site.

We appreciate all you do and hope you will let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Randal and Donna

Don’t Miss !!!  – Upcoming Educational Webinar

Our body’s immune system has a lot to do with the probiotics that are supposed to be in our intestinal system. Learn more on keeping your immune system flying high and fully charged. Sign up for the free webinar now:

Date: Wednesday, September 9
Guest Presenter: Steven Horne
Topic: Probiotics – Nourishing the Friendly Flora
Register Now for the 10:00 a.m. Webinar (CST)
(11:00 Mountain, 12:00 Central, 1:00 Eastern)

Recording: A recording of this Webinar will be available from 11:00 a.m. (CST) on Sept. 9th through Friday, Sept. 11. You can use the same link above to access it.

The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing

Register today for Steven Horne’s 14 Webinar series, "The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing." In this course Stephen Horne will teach you how to help people regain their health with herbs and nutritional supplements. Attend the first 2 Webinars for free even if you don’t want to attend the entire course.

The two free webinars are:

September 8 – Work on the Root of the Problem
September 15 -Detoxifying for Better Health

Get more information and watch a video here;

Another Great NSP Education Week

Mark your calendars for the next Education Week held Monday through Friday, November 16-20, 2009. Join NSP for FREE, live webinars (or conference calls) on informational health topics, presented by Nature’s Sunshine manager experts and health professionals. The Education Week in the Spring was so filled with information to share with others and for your own family’s health knowledge. Be sure to mark your calendars now for this week. While other companies charge big bucks for these webinars, NSP provides them free to distributors. Make use of them to show your appreciation and so they continue doing them.

Creating a Sunshine Home

A Sunshine Home is one where family members enjoy good health and use the very best nature has to offer—Nature’s Sunshine products. Most of us have a shelf, cupboard or even pantry stocked with dozens if not hundreds of herbal supplements and vitamins. But what about the rest of the home? Are you using chemical-laden cleaners and unhealthful, store-bought personal care products? Is your family? Don’t you all deserve the best?

Upgrade to Sunshine!

Think about your home…how many products do you use daily that you could buy from yourself through NSP? Laundry soap? Shampoo? Toothpaste? Lotion? Cleaning products? You are programmed to buy these at the grocery store, but you can purchase them from yourself and pay yourself a commission (and QV) while enjoying the finest, most natural products money can buy!

Nature’s Sunshine wants to help you make your home safer and healthier for you and your family. It’s time to upgrade to more natural NSP products wherever possible, and make your home a Sunshine Home!

    1. Donate your unnatural, unhealthful personal care products, 
cleaners, etc.
    2. Reap the health benefits of better, more natural ingredients 
and fewer chemicals.
    3. Earn a commission on the things you and your family buy and 
use every day.

If you’re not using it, it’s hard to remember NSP has it, and it’s hard to sell it. These types of products provide a whole new possibility for increasing monthly QV. Learn more about them and talk about them to your distributors and customers.

The New MyNSP Websites

I am impressed! I went through all the options to get the new MyNSP website set up and Randal did the keywords for the search engine. That new feature is great! A couple days later I got an email with a subject of: Lead Collected

Amazing. Somebody wanting to be a consultant. Randal called her and she chose NSP because she’s from Poland and she can sponsor people there besides build her business in CA where she lives. She was googling and found the site. Be sure to get all your options in the ‘back office’ area taken care of so you can have it optimized for the best use. We’ve had 92 hits so far of traffic. We never had any stats to track that before, so that’s nice to have.

Most of what you want to do is on the "Personal Website" area of the office area after you log in. Run down through each option. If you have any problems, send me an email.

You can use HTML code in the box that’s on the Contact Me page. If you don’t know how to write the code to stick in, send me what you want to say and the links that go with it and I’ll be happy to give it to you to cut and paste in there. You can look at what we have here for ideas: leads/contactme.soa

New features:

The secure feature with the green bar in the browser makes shoppers more comfortable. Much more obvious and more detail than the old sites.

Having access to the search engine on the NSP shopping cart is my favorite improvement. Not only do the search results come out at the top of the page, but you can add the product right into the shopping cart, so that saves the customer clicks and allows them to order quantities without updating the cart.

Your customers now have access to all kinds of information about the business opportunity since they can access a lot of information that the old MyNSP websites did not offer.

The new ‘back office’ tools are better than I initially thought. There are many easy options to be able to stay in touch with your group and to use eCards and emails to them by simply checking off who you want the info to go to. Nice!

New fees:

The monthly rate has increased to $16.95 because NSP hired another company to provide us with the tools we now have available. However, you can pay annually ($169.50), that brings the cost down to $14.13 a month. You might want to switch your automatic payment plan over before February when they begin billing at the new rate.

There is also no activation or set-up fee any longer. That makes it nicer for those who are just beginning their business. One less expense.

All of those details said … we’re still having issues with the new websites. The vendor that NSP has used to do these sites apparently didn’t consider some major issues. We have been in communication with NSP and are rallying as hard as we can to get details so you know how to create any new links you want to make going directly to the product. As soon as I know something I will get the news out to you immediately. Customer Service tells me we’ll be one of the first to know about it. At least they have the old links redirecting to the product pages.

How To Expand Your Business Reach with Simple Tools

From:  The Health Ranger’s Mindful Wealth Email List

Once you’ve decided what kind of business to start, it’s important to start growing that business with little or no money up front. Virtually every business you start will involve creating a web site. What I’ll share with you in this email is the best way to create and launch that website with the least time and effort possible, even while attracting new readers and customers.

If you don’t possess website construction technical skills, the easiest way to get started with a professional-looking website is to register your domain with GoDaddy (, then choose their "Website Tonight" service. It offers you professional design templates that are easy to use for building high-end, nice looking websites without needing any special technical skills.

GoDaddy takes care of the hosting and email accounts, too, so you don’t need to concern yourself with those technical issues. You’ll have your website up and running in no time!

The next thing you’ll need — and this is hugely important — is a way to stay in touch with your readers, customers or members via email. This is the golden rule of every business that involves an online component: Build an email list of your website visitors.

Why would you want to build an email list? Because this is the single best way to get back in touch with your visitors and invite them to read something new, or consider purchasing a new product, or interact with you in some other way. With an email list, you have an audience that you can reach on a regular basis at near-zero cost.

Without an email list, you’re just another website that people may visit and then forget about. But WITH an email list, you have a way to attract subscribers who will stay with you for years!

The Three Golden Rules

There are three rules for building your email subscription list:

Rule #1) Offer an incentive for people to subscribe. Rule #2) Make signing up easy. Rule #3) Engage in regular email communication with your subscribers.

Let me cover these in more detail:

Rule #1) Offer an incentive for people to subscribe.

To really maximize the number of people signing up for your email newsletter, you’ll need to offer them an incentive for doing so. The best way to do this is to offer a complimentary downloadable report (a "special report") on the topic you’re covering on your site. Readers really value special reports, and you can enhance the value by writing up a description page that details what they’ll find in the report.

For example, if you offer a special report on organic gardening, you might do something like this:

Download this special report now: "The Top Ten Time-Saving Secrets Every Organic Gardener Should Know"

Subscribe to my email newsletter now by simply entering your email address in the form on the right. Once you subscribe, I’ll email you a complimentary copy of this valuable special report, which teaches:

* Fifteen time-saving tips to use for managing seeds.
* How to make twice the compost in half the time.
* Which garden tools save both time and effort.
* How to accelerate seed germination using this simple technique…

… etc. You can use a similar pattern for your own special report.

Once your visitors subscribe to your email list, you can then email them a copy of the special report (usually as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

To accomplish this, use email sending software like Email Marketing Director from ArialSoftware (that’s the technology company I founded back in the 1990’s). You can download a trial of the software here:

What’s really great about this software is that you can set it up to automatically email the special report only to the new subscribers. This saves you a tremendous amount of time (because sending emails one by one is a tedious task), allowing you to focus your time and effort on your core business instead of manually sending out emails.

Rule #2) Make signing up easy.

This is the easy part. Arial Software offers a no-cost widget that any webmaster can use to put an email subscription form on their website, with no technical knowledge required.

It’s called Arial MySubscribe, and it doesn’t even cost anything to use. You can sign up for it (and grab the HTML cost to insert into your web pages) right here:

Once you have this MySubscribe tool on your website pages, readers will start signing up for your email newsletter. Now you’re "cookin’ with gas!" as they say in Australia.

Rule #3) Engage in regular email communication with your subscribers.

Once you have your subscriber list in place, it’s important to start using it on a regular basis. You’ll want to send an email no less frequently than once a week, otherwise you risk people forgetting who you are and what they subscribed to.

At NaturalNews, I send an email each weekday, but that’s only because we publish 5 – 10 stories each day and we have enough new content to justify that frequency. If you’re doing this on your own, aim to send just one email each week.

What should you include in your email? News, updates or information about whatever topics you’re focused on for your website. If your business is focused on the entertainment biz, for example, you could send out a compilation of the latest interesting headlines from the world of entertainment (along with clickable web links, of course).

I also include a "Tip of the Day" in my NaturalNews email newsletter. This makes the email far more likely to be opened by readers, because they want to see what today’s health tip is going to be. (It’s a good idea to include a similar element in your own email.)

Remember this: If your email is interesting, people will open it. And they will read it and interact with it in some way. But if your email is boring, people will learn to ignore it. If you want people to open your emails, you must make it worth their time to do so.

In Review: The three rules for building your email subscription list

Here they are again: #1) Offer an incentive, #2) Make it easy for people to subscribe, and #3) Send out regular email information to your subscribers.

Remember, this applies to almost any business, including retail establishments. Even a local restaurant can benefit from a nice- looking website and an email subscription list. They could email out announcements for special Mother’s Day dinners, or new menu items, for example.

Any business can benefit from a website and an email list. It’s about more than just business, too: Non-profits can reap the rewards of a properly-constructed website and email subscription list, too.

Resources mentioned in this email:

GoDaddy hosting company for simple website hosting and design templates:

Arial MySubscribe widget for gathering email subscribers from your website:

Email Marketing Director software for sending to your email list:

Mike Adams The Health Ranger DISCLAIMER: ALL INVESTMENTS INVOLVE SOME RISK. Mike Adams is not a financial advisor. No information offered in this presentation is meant to replace the advice of a competent financial advisor. All participants in this event do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. The information is offered AS-IS, without any guarantee of accuracy. No financial decisions should be made without first consulting competent financial advisors and considering your unique financial needs. In no event shall Mike Adams, nor NaturalNews, nor TruthPublishing be responsible for financial gains or losses incurred by participants of this event. ALL FINANCIAL DECISIONS INVOLVE RISK. The opinions expressed by Mike Adams are NOT considered mainstream opinions. If you do not agree with these terms, do NOT listen to the event, and request an immediate refund of your full purchase price.

Natural Health Education Seminars in 2009!

These seminars are crossing the country and new cities are being added, so be sure to check to see if one is near you or near somebody you know that needs the information in another town.  Be sure to give them your account number so they can sign up as a member at the seminar.

This seminar is the perfect way to continue your natural health training and is ideal for friends and clients who are new to herbs and natural medicine.  It’s not geared to business, so you don’t have to be a distributor to get benefits.

There are three modules covering Nature’s Pharmacy, Candida and the Brain.  It’s a day-long seminar for only $35 which includes great training materials.  Get more info here.  Register with NSP’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-223-8225.

9/12/2009 English Birmingham, AL Cahaba Grand Conference Center
One Health South Parkway
Birmingham, AL  35243
9/12/2009 English Denver, CO Doubletree Hotel
3203 Quebec St.
Denver, CO  80207
9/12/2009 English Middleburg Heights, OH Crowne Plaza  Airport
7230 Engle Road
Middleburg Heights, OH  44130
9/12/2009 English Oak Brook, IL Doubletree Chicago – Oak Brook
1909 Spring Road
Oak Brook, IL  60523
10/3/2009 English Newport News, VA Marriott @ City Center
740 Town Center Drive
Newport News, VA  23606
10/10/2009 English Corpus Christi, TX Embassy Suites
4337 S. Padre Island Drive
Corpus Christi, TX  78411
10/10/2009 English Rocky Mount, NC Holiday Inn – Rocky Mount
200 Enterprise Drive
Rocky Mount, NC  27804
10/10/2009 English Stateboro, GA Holiday Inn Statesboro
455 Commerce Drive
Stateboro, GA  30461
10/10/2009 English Traverse City, MI Holiday Inn
615 East Front St.
Traverse City, MI  49686
10/10/2009 English West Springfield, MA Clarion Hotel
1080 Riverdale Street
West Springfield, MA  01089
10/17/2009 English Hutchinson, KS Grand Prarie Hotel
1400 N. Lorraine
Hutchinson, KS  67501
10/17/2009 English Indianaplois, IN Sheraton Indianapolis
8787 Keystone Crossing
Indianaplois, IN  46240
10/24/2009 English Lafayette, LA Hilton Lafayette
1521 W. Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA  70503
10/24/2009 English Southfield, MI Marriott Detroit Southfield
27033 Northwestern Highway
Southfield, MI  48034
11/7/2009 English Appleton, WI Holiday Inn
150 S. Nicolet Road
Appleton, WI  54914
11/7/2009 English Orlando, FL Orlando Airport Marriott
7499 Augusta National Drive
Orlando, FL  32822
11/7/2009 English Philadelphia, PA Embassy Suites – Airport
9000 Bartram Ave.
Philadelphia, PA  19153
11/14/2009 English Ellicottville, NY Holiday Valley Resort
Tannenbaum Lodge 6081 RT. 219 South
Ellicottville, NY  14731
11/14/2009 English Round Rock, TX Wingate Hotel
1209 North I-35
Round Rock, TX  78664

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