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 Sunshine Family Newsletter – July 7, 2009

NSP Webinars Starts Tomorrow

Rhonda Dial will be speaking on Nutri-Calm: Man’s "Other" Best Friend
This product continues to be one of NSP’s top sellers, so listen in and learn why and the many benefits this one nutritional supplement can offer. This is a pre-recorded webinar so visit tomorrow and view the webinar at your convenience.

Upcoming Webinars

Business Training Webinar – tentatively scheduled for July 15th – go to for more details.

Moving Up!

Mary Christensen’s leadership booklet is now available as a free download on the NSP website. Moving Up! is written to help you reach the highest income levels in Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. with leadership principles and techniques. This 36-page booklet will help you focus on your goals and dreams.  Download now from our website.

New Temporary Essential Oil:  Sunshine Blend

As part of our ongoing Season of Sunshine, NSP ffers a new essential oil product: Sunshine Blend. This special combination of essential oils reflects NSP’s outlook — sunny and warm! It contains 100% pure, cold-pressed essential oils from Lemon, Orange, Pink Grapefruit and Lime. This bright, clean aroma helps uplift, invigorate, inspire and bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Available only while supplies last. (Stock #3965-7, Sunshine Blend (5 ml), Cost: $7.95)

Global Sponsoring – Reaching beyond Your Borders

Over the past few decades, our economy has become truly global. Your NSP business can be global too! Nature’s Sunshine is making it easier than ever to expand your business around the globe.

Did you know you can now sponsor people in 40 countries? NSP’s global sponsoring program allows you to add people to your successline directly from our new website, and participate in each country’s compensation plan. New members can order products available in their country and sell products to friends, growing their own NSP business.

They have recently launched a new and vastly improved global sponsoring website,, with new features and tools to make sponsoring internationally simpler than ever. This new site features:

• Information on global sponsoring in eight languages
• The ability to sponsor a distributor in any NSP MLM country
• Access to global successline information
• Access to global bonus information
• Policies for global sponsoring
• Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
• Success Stories from all over the world
• A "Contact Us" section
• A library of relevant documents for each NSP MLM country, including compensation plans, pricing, application forms, policies and procedures, etc.
• Interactive tutorials that provide a step-by-step guide through the global sponsoring process, complete with audio and visual effects

Whether you’re looking to advance in rank or just want to start exploring the global sponsoring opportunity, you’ll find all of the tools and information you need. Explore today, and see how your NSP business can grow beyond your borders.  Visit the new website now.

Product Recipes

Nature’s Sunshine has compiled some great recipes using NSP products. Next time you have to "bring a dish" or invite somebody over for a meal, make something with NSP ingredients and when they ask for the recipe, you will gain a new customer. The 20-page booklet can be downloaded from our website.

Natural Health Education Seminars in 2009!

These seminars are crossing the country and new cities are being added, so be sure to check to see if one is near you or near somebody you know that needs the information in another town.  Be sure to give them your account number so they can sign up as a member at the seminar.

This seminar is the perfect way to continue your natural health training and is ideal for friends and clients who are new to herbs and natural medicine.  It’s not geared to business, so you don’t have to be a distributor to get benefits.

There are three modules covering Nature’s Pharmacy, Candida and the Brain.  It’s a day-long seminar for only $35 which includes great training materials.  .  Register with NSP’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-223-8225.

Our Website Resources For You

The Herbs Place has years of archived natural health newsletters and nearly 2000 web pages of content accessible through the search engine.  You can also find natural solutions by using our online catalog.  Testimonials can’t be shown on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we provide success stories on The Frugal Life site.  Use this to find out what others have used for many health problems. 

Pet Resources

Find herbal success stories for pets in the pet area of The Herbs Place website.  Also check out our dedicated pet website, Healthy Pet Corner, which has years of archived pet newsletters.  Use the search engine there.

About This Mailing

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The content of this monthly newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

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