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Sunshine Family Monthly News
July 5, 2006 Edition

The content of this monthly newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

Hi Sunshiners!

Hope you had a nice holiday!  It was nice having a mid-week day off.

I’d like to have a list of our distributors that have My NSP websites.  Would you please email me back (just hit reply!) and let me know your website link so I can make a note of it in the address book.  If we have somebody looking for a local distributor, it would be nice to consider our own distributors to refer to first.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!

Donna L. Watkins

NSP News

Important FTC Update
Comment Period Extended to July 17, 2006 (fax letters are not accepted)

The FTC recently released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) R511993, which, if adopted in its current form, could significantly impact the direct-selling industry. One such impact is that the NPR would require a seven-day waiting period when enrolling a new distributor in a direct-selling company.

While the FTC needs to protect the public when necessary, this proposed rule is misguided and results in government overregulation. We request that you stand for your rights as an independent business person and send your comments to the FTC as soon as possible. Your comments must be mailed to the FTC before July 17, 2006 (you cannot fax them).

You can submit your letter online:

Science at Nature’s Sunshine

Dr. William Keller, NSP Vice President of Health Sciences and Educational Services, has recently been working with Dr. Fred Valeriote of the Ford Cancer Clinic on the benefits of Nature’s Sunshine Paw Paw Cell-Reg and the powerful antioxidant drink Thai-Go.

Dr. Valeriote conducted an experiment with live cultures of human colon cancer cells (HCT 116) and a combination of Paw Paw Cell-Reg and Thai-Go. The results were dramatic, and Dr. Valeriote noted a synergistic effect between the two products that enhanced the results, making them more effective when used together. Dr. Valeriote has decided to continue his research on these products, and Nature’s Sunshine is leading the way to ensure that you will always have access to the best, most powerful supplements that nature provides.

Here’s a site with lots of research and interviews with Dr. Keller on Paw Paw.  John Howlett designed and maintains it and has done a great job of content.  He and Ashlie Overman flew out to interview Dr. Keller and they did a great job on the videos.  See for yourself.

Knowing the Answers

What are the guidelines for returning product?

All returns must be authorized through Customer Service and assigned an authorization number. Defective/damaged product may be returned for credit or replacement. Order #s and lot #s for each product must be provided. Returns must be done within 90 days of receipt of the order. Returns from your retail customers must be made within six months of the receipt of your order. Order #s and lot #s for each product must be provided. Returns without an RG (Returned Goods) number will not qualify for a refund. For more information call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225.

Growing Your Business

We Challenge You!
by Courtney Hammond

Take Nature’s Sunshine’s Habit-of-Health 90-Day Challenge and take charge of your health! The challenge makes it easy to stick to a health plan and see results. Simply commit to using the Habit-of-Health product package for at least 90 days. This core package contains six of NSP’s best and most popular supplements. Together, these products help make up for what’s lacking in the typical American diet and give an extra nutritional boost to build your body systems and keep you healthy.

90-Day Challenge products are shipped to you with NSP’s AutoShip program, which makes it easy to create a habit of good health. The products are delivered automatically each month. You just have to use them!

Meet the challenge and receive your rewards. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of feeling healthier, you will also see rewards in the form of discounts and rebates.

Participant Benefits

When you complete the 90-Day Challenge, you will receive:

1. A discount on the core Habit-of-Health Product Package.

2. A 10 percent rebate on your personal purchases each month.

3. A monthly discount of 5 percent on your Habit-of-Health order (credited to your third consecutive order of 90-Day Challenge products).

4. A 5 percent discount on Habit-of-Health orders for every month you continue to receive any AutoShip order after the 90-Day Challenge.

Sponsoring Benefits

When you sponsor others who take and complete the 90-Day Challenge, you will receive:

1. A 30 percent commission on the purchases of group Members that join NSP with the 90-Day Challenge (on Habit-of-Health orders less than 299 QV) for all three months they are on the challenge!

2. Up to 40 percent commission on Habit-of-Health orders if you have 10 or more new people join NSP using the 90-Day Challenge in a given month.

3. Special recognition and awards.

SPECIAL NOTE: To receive special sponsoring benefits, you must be enrolled in or have completed the Challenge yourself!

The Habit-of-Health Product Package  The Habit-of-Health product package features NSP’s latest energy-boosting, antioxidant and immune-system-benefiting drink, Thai-Go, along with other essential products for overall nutrition.

Food Enzymes—The case for enzymes  Enzymes are specialized proteins that instigate important chemical reactions in the body. The body produces digestive enzymes that break down food into usable forms. As we age, our bodies produce fewer of these necessary enzymes, and, depending on our dietary choices, we may get little or no help from the foods we eat.

Nature’s Sunshine has isolated the enzymes that are most needed by the digestive system to digest carbohydrates, proteins and fats and put them together in Food Enzymes. Food Enzymes also contains hydrochloric acid and bile salts, which work synergistically with the enzymes. Supplementing with Food Enzymes promotes optimal digestion and may help minimize occasional digestive discomfort.

• Also available: Proactazyme Plus, a vegetable-sourced, comprehensive enzyme formula.

Nature’s Three – As a society, we eat too many highly processed foods and not enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains, the best sources of dietary fiber. Fiber pushes waste through the intestines and helps keep the colon clean and functioning properly.

Nature’s Sunshine has combined three natural sources of fiber – psyllium, oat fiber and apple fiber – into Nature’s Three. This supplement provides fiber roughly equivalent to that found in one fresh apple with each serving. Adding Nature’s Three to your diet and avoiding highly refined foods can help promote and maintain cardiovascular health and wellness and may help with weight management.

Super Supplemental Multivitamins and Minerals – Your diet may be lacking  An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association recently reported that the average American diet was resulting in “suboptimal levels of vitamins” and recommended that every adult take a multivitamin daily.

Super Supplemental contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals—as well as antioxidants and other nutrients such as choline, inositol and PABA. It comes in a super-nutritious base of alfalfa herb, asparagus powder, barley grass juice, broccoli powder, cabbage powder, hesperidin, lemon bioflavonoids, rutin, rose hips, wheat germ and kelp.

Super Omega 3 EPA – Replace the trans-fats with the good fats  Good fats perform a variety of functions in the body. They transport certain vitamins, help create specific chemicals that the body needs, help regulate cholesterol metabolism, and are essential for healthy skin and for energy.

The body cannot function without essential fatty acids (EFAs), and we must obtain them through the diet. NSP Super Omega 3 EPA, which combines DHA and EPA, allows you to supplement your diet with these essential fatty acids. Super Omega 3 EPA contains approximately 1,000 mg fish oil with the ideal ratio of 33:16 EPA to DHA. It also contains lemon to significantly reduce the aftertaste from fish oil and to reduce gas.

Bifidophilus Flora Force – the vital role of beneficial bugs  Probiotic supplements help replace and replenish friendly microflora that are present in our digestive and intestinal systems. Taking a probiotic supplement, such as Bifidophilus, can benefit anyone. NSP Bifidophilus Flora Force combines four important strains of friendly microflora (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, L. casei and L. rhamnosus) with FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), which support the growth of beneficial organisms. Over 200 clinical and animal studies support the use of short-chain FOS for health benefits.

Thai-Go – Taking antioxidants and energy to a whole new level!  Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense against free radicals—unstable molecules that are thought to cause chain reactions and lead to cellular damage. Exercise, pollution and many other common daily occurrences create free radicals.

Thai-Go is a powerful antioxidant and immune-stimulating drink designed specifically for its amazingly high antioxidant value. NSP carefully researched ingredients high in antioxidant activity and selected only the best for Thai-Go. In a study conducted by an independent laboratory, Thai-Go clearly outperformed other leading competitors in ORAC capacity (a measure of a product’s antioxidant strength). Another study showed that Thai-Go is three times better in stimulating immune response than its closest competitor. Thai-Go is the logical and tasty choice for fighting oxidation in the body.

“I am so excited about the 90-Day Challenge. I no longer need to think about what I need to take each month. Everything my body needs for good health is included in the package. I especially love Thai-Go. Right away I noticed that I felt better and had more energy.”
—Kathleen Parker, Auburn, N.Y.

“Many of my clients are really happy about the way that the 90-Day Challenge helps their budget. They know exactly what they will spend every month for a comprehensive supplement program."
—Jay Vanden Heuval, Oneida, Wis.

These product packs also qualify for the 90-Day Challenge.
• Two Thai-Go twin packs.
• Thai-Go twin pack and Nature’s Noni® Juice twin pack.

Take the challenge and commit yourself to good health.   Join the challenge online:

Stock No. Habit-of-Health Product Pack
12379-1 Core Product Pack with Food Enzymes
12380-3 Core Product Pack with Proactazyme
12456-4 Core Pack Food Enzymes/Super Supp. no iron
12472-5 Core pack Proactazyme/Super Supp. no iron
12481-9 Core pack 2 Psyllium Hulls, Super Supp. no iron
12381-4 2 Thai-Go Twin Packs
12382-6 Thai-Go 2-Pack + Nature’s Noni 2-Pack

NSP Conventions – Check Your Goals

National Convention in Dallas at the Gaylord Texan Resort
August 23-27, 2006

All Managers have the opportunity to qualify to have all or part of their National Convention expenses paid for by Nature’s Sunshine. Whether you qualify to come or take advantage of low buy-in rates, NSP will make it worth your while.

Learn from Dr. Gary Null, nationally syndicated talk show host, producer of PBS specials, investigative reporter, New York Times best-selling author and award-winning documentary filmmaker.   His message is one of taking charge of your life and your health. Plus, you will be treated to an inspiring story of hope and courage from Captain Gerald Coffee. Captain Coffee spent seven years as a POW in North Vietnam. He will motivate you with his themes of leadership, loyalty, teamwork and the invincibility of the human spirit.

Plus, enjoy the sights and traditions of the Lone Star State. And relaxing at your hotel doesn’t get grander than at the beautiful, brand-new Gaylord Texan.

If you need to check on qualification information or download a hotel brochure, here’s the URL on NSP’s site:

Business Tax Tips

Don’t forget to count all those miles that you can deduct as a business expense.  Keep a calendar book in the car and record the trips to the bank, to deliver products, to the post office to ship a product, to meet a friend with whom you will answer some health questions.  If you eat lunch out, make sure you take time to talk Nature’s Sunshine and deduct your lunch as a business meal.  It all adds up in a year’s time.

Your diligence in good record-keeping can be a big part of your NSP income when it comes to saving on tax dollars.  Make notes of deductibles from previous issues of this newsletter or from websites online and keep them in the front of your calendar book and begin to think IRS-deduction every time you make a purchase or get in the car to drive.  It does make a difference.

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars for Training

Check this list for areas for friends or family members who may want to go. This is an excellent opportunity to learn natural health solutions for some of today’s most pressing health problems.  Get Registered!

7/15/2006  Kansas City, MO
7/22/2006  Capitol Heights, MD
7/29/2006  Corpus Christi, TX      
7/29/2006  Yuma, AZ
8/05/2006  Oak Brook, IL
8/12//2006 Tiffin, OH
8/19/2006  Atlanta, GA

Here’s the link for more information and location:
<a href=""> Untold Truth Seminars </a>

News Within The Family

Congratulations to John and Roxanne Howlett for adding two more new managers to their Sunshine Family.  They had their Divisional Manager trip to Southern Utah last month.  It’s a trip usually done in Utah with NSP staff and it’s an all fun time, no business.  Matthew got to go along.  He’s becoming quite the traveler for only being a year old.  He’s already been to Utah twice.

Robin Sockness will be traveling back to the Chicago area end of the month to enjoy her own birthday and her Dad’s 80th.  Her husband, Steve, really enjoys the lake area behind her parents house and enjoys all of Robin’s family in the area.  No in-law issues there!  🙂

Dianne Frase is still building her QV by adding products at the doctor’s office she works at.  He’s an alternative doc, so she’s been having a great time there loving and helping the patients which is what she’s really good at.  Dianne loves people and from what I hear she’s got a lot of admirers there also.  Her sister, Tammy, would like to get her out of widowhood and back into marriage, but Dianne’s leaving that one  up to the Lord.

I haven’t heard from Nathan and Kelley but I’m sure they are busy preparing for the new little one to arrive.  They were going to take some time off and get away together while family kept their two boys.

Teresa Cheatham emailed me the other day and told me that she thinks Thai-Go took away 2 ganglion cysts on her left wrist and forefinger.  She’d used it for two months and felt like that’s what it must’ve been.

Christina Tarman is no longer working her nanny job full-time.  She’s only doing that on Fridays now and is having more time to build her NSP business.  She attended one of those business meetings where you share brochures and "what you do info" with other business folks.  She had a good t
ime doing it and has designed a brochure of her own.  Being an artist she would do a great job with software that does brochures.

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Our website content is not just for customers. Keep in mind you can find answers there for your own customers. Once you have a customer become a Member, they have an account number tying them into you, so you can send them links to our website with information for them to read themselves.

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Online catalog arranged by health topic

Success stories for particular health problems show what others have used. They cannot be shown on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we provide them on The Frugal Life site.

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