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Sunshine Family News
July 4, 2005 Edition


The content of this newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

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Hi Sunshiners!

We are glad to be back home in Virginia after being gone 12 days for Nature’s Sunshine’s TAC trip which was a Holland America Baltic Sea Cruise. We had quite a few ports and all the countries we visited were new for both of us. We stopped in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. The best part is the time we spent with those in our Sunshine Family that were on board also. What I miss most is having oatmeal for breakfast with friends … with no cooking involved!

We keep looking around for the dining room and can’t seem to find it any more 🙂

It’s less than two months until we leave for Salt Lake City for a super exciting convention. We will be flying out son in on the last day to rent a car and travel up through Idaho and into Montana for Yellowstone Park. Then on the way back to Salt Lake City for the flights out, we’ll travel through the Grand Tetons in Wyoming also.

Nature’s Sunshine has sent us around the world with free trips and we do appreciate their generosity to their distributors.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!
Randal and Donna Watkins
Toll-Free: 1-866-580-3226

NSP News

We got lots of information while on the TAC trip. Here’s a few tidbits for you:

• Nature’s Sea Calcium was announced. See Product Focus in next segment for more information.

• Leaders Conference next year will be in Panama City, Florida, at the . A room for 4 will be $89 so you can take your family along or share a room with other Sunshine Family. Take a look at the resort and mark your calendars for February 13-16.

• Research is being done on Sea Buckthorn in Thai-Go with results showing some cancer prevention factors in it.

• They’re working on Thai-Go in capsules and in a paste that will be great for those who travel.

• There’s interest in capsules for Green Zone. It has not yet been decided which one of them they will do.

• Tiao He Cleanse will soon be in a box like the Clean Start and Para-Cleanse instead of the old-style plastic pack.

• A new liquid cleanse will be announced at Convention in September. It’s is a senna-based cleanse.

• Convention will also bring out the new flavors of Clean Start with an improved Apple-Cinnamon flavor and a Wildberry flavor added to replace the Citrus flavor choice.

• If you have a website and want to add the Educate America information/video, NSP is happy to have you do it. You can help them achieve their million people goal of sharing Sunshine with others. They are planning on having this available on the MY NSP sites also.

• International sponsoring for Mexico and Canada will have the details given at National Convention and we’ll be able to earn commissions on people we’ve signed up in those countries without them attaining manager status. Within the following year, they will do the same for Europe and overseas countries.

NSP New Product Focus

Nature’s Sea Calcium

This will be an incredible source of calcium PLUS 70 naturally occurring trace minerals. It is a vegetarian plant-based source of calcium. It helps to balance pH and contains prebiotic fibers shwon to help increase absorption of minerals. With scFOS (short-chain fructo-ogligosaccharides) included, the absorption increases 54%.

It is ecologically responsible and renewable in the harvesting methods. The algae breaks off and washes into a cove where it is collected. The algae is left totally undisturbed so it can continue growing.

There are only three places in the world where this algae grows and the place where Nature’s Sunshine gets the algae is the only one that can be harvested.

It’s available in powder and capsules.

Here’s a link to more information on our site

Nature’s Sunshine’s May Product Focus Tele-Conference

Scheduled for Wednesday, July 13 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 8:00 p.m. Central Time, and 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Topic: Chinese Herbs

Guest Speaker: Steven Horne

You can participate by phone: Call 1-800-756-4697 and enter pin: 8626# – don’t forget the # sign. They begin accepting calls about 10 minutes before the program starts.

Sharing Sunshine Tips – What’s Working for You?

Work is Love Made Visible

You’ll never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing.

Your chances for success will be directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do.

If you have a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out.

Work is reward, not punishment.

If you enjoy what you do, you’ll be successful.

If you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t be successful.

Your success in any occupation depends on your enjoyment.

Loving your work will make all the difference.

Success in its highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind, enjoyment, and happiness.

This comes only when you find the work that you like best.

You don’t pay the price for success.

You enjoy the price for success.

©1999 Written by:

Growing Your Business

Leaping The Hurdles

Anyone who has ever started his own home-based business knows how precarious the future can look, considering all the obstacles and potential pitfalls.

It’s a risk, and there is no way around that. Heck, getting into your car to drive to work everyday is a life-threatening risk some days. It’s all in how you look at it. Ask yourself a variety of questions before spending that first dollar or designing that first business card:

1. Are you willing to stick your neck out and have a few setbacks before success rolls in?

2. If the setbacks out-number the victories for a while, would you say:

    a. I wasn’t meant to work for myself, or

    b. I just haven’t hit my stride yet; I need to try another approach?

3. If you operate in the black for three months straight would you:

    a. assume you are on the road to riches and relax your efforts or standards, or

    b. build on what you’ve done, knowing more of the market share can be yours?

4. If you find that your work is taking up too much time, would you

   a. scrap it, figuring that it’s just too much for you, or

   b. reassess your time management, seek outside help, or eliminate a less profitable piece of your venture?

You can see where this is going. The "big picture" question would be, "Are you a self-starter, or are you comfortable working in an already established business environment for which someone else is ultimately responsible and liable? There is certainly nothing rong with the latter stance; the economy and work force need people in these positions. But you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter if you fell in that category.

Even the most ambitious of us naturally envision obstacles. There is a way to regard these obstacles so that they are simply turned into "challenges," to use a 90’s expression. In doing so, we find it easier to jump in and take them. Here are a few thoughts on that:

1. Is a portion of your venture looming too large for your comfort? Break it down. Let’s say your forte is not paperwork; you’re more of an "idea" person. You might perceive record-keeping as an obstacle. By breaking it down, you can see what needs to happen. Given the assumption that you are not in a financial position to contract this out, you will simply need to form a plan for yourself that corresponds with your work style, then stick to it.

    a. Contact your local SCORE office. They have loads of materials and software recommendations for this purpose. They can clue you in to what types of documents you will need for tax purposes. And plan to invest in some of the software.

    b. Ask the advice of an entrepreneur that you know.

    c. Draw up a schedule for yourself and post it conspicuously so you will always know what paperwork needs to go where and when, (i.e. sending out invoices, paying invoices, writing "thank you" letters, completing inventory order forms, etc…)

2. Are you worried about financing your venture? Plan from the start to NOT draw a paycheck for yourself for quite some time. Likewise, don’t stress out (unless your bills are mounting) if it goes on a year before you see the fruits of your labor. Again, your SCORE office can provide information on financing your venture with minimal interest paid.

3. Are you worried about not being able to find enough customers? The answer here is to do your homework! Do not be a stranger to research. If you know your market, you will be in a much stronger position to succeed. Find out a few things before you jump in.

     a. How many other companies are out there that provide the service or product you do?

     b. Do any of them offer anything unique to the service or product? (Likewise, how can you do something that none of your competitors do?)

     c. What is the future of what your customers will need? Will you be providing a service or product that will be needed for many more years? Can your service or product adapt accordingly to the changing needs of your customers?

     d. What is the profile of the custmers who will patronize you the most and maybe give you large volume business?

4. Are you unsure how to set up your office or workspace? There are loads of books on this very topic. Important note here: Do not start up your venture until you have a workspace identified and set up. Find a place in your home so that:

    a. it is quiet, can be wired for a phone, fax, computer, and printer

    b. it is away or sectioned off from your family’s living spaces, but close enough that you can still be an effective spouse and/or parent

    c. it is clear to others in your home that when you are in this space, you’re "on the clock" and need to focus on your work

    d. you can plan plenty of time away from this workspace, and then try to put it out of your mind so that your family knows that your full attention is with them

    e. you can establish some very important rules with your children before they see you in your new routine. When you are on the phone, you are off limits unless it’s an emergency. If you have a separate phone line, make sure your children know to never pick it up when it rings. (Voice mail or an answering machine would be a wise investment here. But check it often, and get right back to your callers.) Your workspace is off limits when unattended by you.

Before you start, take some time to think through every barrier you may find. Don’t let them discourage you; instead, look at them as opportunities to reach out and network with other like-minded folks. Ask questions, go to the library, depend on your local SCORE office, and regard your setbacks as chances to learn how to improve your methods.

Congratulations to You!

New Manager – Paul Probyn in Florida. Robin Sockness is his sponsor.

New Manager – Virginia Franks in Alabama. Dianne Frase is her sponsor.

Rank Advancement – Robin Sockness advanced to District Manager. She’s aiming for Area to be able to earn the TAC 2006 trip to China.

Rank Advancement – Dianne Frase advanced to Area Manager. She’s been Regional before and then had some major moves in her life … so now she’s working her way back to that Car Program.

John and Roxanne Howlett continue to break out managers. Many are strictly focusing on Thai-Go. This is a hot product for all of us! Don’t get left behind….share the mangosteen juice news.

Nathan and Kelley Howlett returned from TAC trip to find their manager team growing also. Keep up the good work!

News Within The Family

Nathan and Kelley Howlett built a new house outside of Nashville and before it was finished their current home sold. They came to TAC after moving all their furnishings into the garage of the new home. The update during the trip was that it would still not be ready when they returned so they are in a hotel as I write this newsletter. With two little boys, that is quite an experience. After a 12-day trip, Nathan says he’s tired of eating out.

John and Roxanne Howlett are working with a chiropractor in California who works with truckers. He’s selling a lot of Thai-Go and is going to set up franchises of his business which will include the Thai-Go as a key product. Thai-Go is really providing a lot of business opportunities for managers. It’s easy to focus on one product instead of 600.

We sure appreciate some of our Sunshine Family members helping us out when we took off for TAC. Christina Tarman placed our orders and sent confirmations and did a terrific job of keeping our QV increasing while we were gone.

Dianne Frase called in for phone messages and handled that end of the business. A few days after we left her mother had a stroke so it was a challenging time for her. We do appreciate her dedication to what life throws on her plate. She’s ready to get off the carousel for a bit. 🙂

Robin Sockness did our Weekly Specials so it could still go out even while we were gone. That’s a real blessing since those specials arriving in email boxes help people to find their favorite products on sale …. and promotes reorders. If you’re not getting the Weekly Specials out to your group. Consider doing so! You can add anybody in your group to our mailing list. We send to any segment of our downline. Since your members have an account number, they can look at information on our site, but order through NSP, since we do not have a provision for any Members to order through our site.

Thank you so much for being such a GREAT Sunshine Family! Any time we can help anybody out for you to take your Sunshine Trips, please let us know.

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