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Sunshine Family News
June 12, 2012

Education Week: Monday, June 18 – Friday, June 22

Don’t forget to make sure your Nature’s Sunshine group knows about this fantastic opportunity to introduce guests to Nature’s Sunshine, get great natural health and product education from expert NSP managers, and purchase some of our best-selling products at terrific discounts!

Essential Fatty Acids: Your Whole-body, Well-Being Solution

Presenter: Laurence Smith, Regional Manager, Boise, Idaho.

Laurence is a current Manager Instructor for NSP. When he isn’t traveling around the country teaching others about healthy lifestyles, he is operating his retail store and doing consultations.

Return between June 18 and June 22 to watch this Webinar. You will also be able to participate by phone.

Health Secrets of Thai-Go®: 90 Days to Extreme Vitality

Presenter: Mindy Wade, Regional Manager, Waldron, Mich.

Mindy, along with her mother Ann, is a Regional Manager and a Certified Natural Health Professional and Biofeedback Specialist. She has her primary health consultation business in Michigan.

Return between June 18 and June 22 to watch this Webinar. You will also be able to participate by phone.

Heart, Brain, Energy, Pancreas: Why You Should Take Co-Q10 Every Day!

Presenter: Jerry Rauch, Regional Manager, Bluffton, Ind.

Jerry is a doctor of naturopathy, master herbalist, personal health consultant and owner and founder of A Harvest of Health Nutrition and Wellness Center. He has over 32 years of experience in natural health.

Return between June 18 and June 22 to watch this Webinar. You will also be able to participate by phone.

Ease Digestive Distress: Your First Step to Optimal Health

Presenter: Robert Clary, Regional Manager, Corpus Christi, Texas

Regional manager Robert Clary has been part of the Nature’s Sunshine family for 22 years and has been a naturopathic physician for the last 20. He also has a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. In addition to owning Robert’s Herbs to Health, he serves as a firefighter/paramedic and hazardous material specialist in Corpus Christi, TX.

Return between June 18 and June 22 to watch this Webinar. You will also be able to participate by phone.

Bifidophilus: Billions of Beneficial Bugs in a Bottle to Boost Your Body!

Presenter: Mary Ward, Divisional Manager, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Mary, a certified herbalist, has been sharing health and healing for 18 years. She and her husband Ron own operate the Village Herbalist, a retail store in Glen Ellyn.

Return between June 18 and June 22 to watch this Webinar. You will also be able to participate by phone.

Safety, Purity, Potency: Why NSP Quality Is Unmatched Worldwide

Presenter: Lynda Hammons, VP Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Lynda is NSP’s Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. She earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and microbiology and holds an MBA with an emphasis on quality management. She has over 24 years of experience in quality assurance and is a certified quality auditor, certified quality engineer, certified quality manager and Six Sigma Green Belt by the American Society for Quality.

Share the Dream – 2012 Sponsoring Program

NSP has offered better health and great financial rewards for nearly 40 years. Share NSP with at least 2 sign-ups in any month this year (with at least 100 QV points), and you’ll earn 5 Sunshine Points per sign-up, good for free NSP products!*

*Maximum of 25 points per month. 1 point = $1.

New Sunshine Rewards Program

Get FREE shipping and FREE product every month! This field-designed loyalty program is available to everyone and replaces our old AutoShip program.

Get the details here.

Two Ways to Win Big with Sunshine Rewards

Everyone’s excited about getting free shipping and free products every month with new Sunshine Rewards! Don’t forget about these two exciting Sunshine Rewards promotions:

• Enrollment Challenge. Help others get healthy with Sunshine Rewards and you get loyal customers-free shipping certificates and a chance to win wonderful prizes-even a brand-new car!!

Promotion details | Sunshine Rewards Program

Start Now to Qualify to Attend Convention 2013

Nature’s Sunshine wants you to come home in April 2013-home to NSP’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and new offices.

Qualify to come home in several brand-new ways-the way YOU do your business!

Qualification Details


Earn up to 750 Bonus QV* points for Convention qualifications when you sponsor new members in June! Take advantage of this opportunity to earn FREE Sunshine Points and hundreds of BONUS QV points towards NSP’s 2013 National Convention

June’s Issue of Manager Extra

Don’t miss the great information in the June issue of Nature’s Sunshine’s Manager Extra magazine. It can be accessed online and downloaded in PDF format. L

Some of the topics are: Men’s Health, Magnesium L-threonate (Mind- Max), National Convention Qualifications, Share the Dream, Sunshine Rewards and more.

You can access more of the NSP magazines at the NSP Library link.

Nature’s Sunshine Blog

Have you visited the Nature’s Sunshine Blog recently? There’s a link to it from the NSP website on the top bar, but it’s easy to miss. We use the articles for our own blog and to send to people who request information about a certain product. Of course, we don’t send a link, since they would then most likely shop from the main NSP website, but you can cut and paste the article into an email as I’ve done here to provide good information on a product or topic. Co-Q10 is a great supplement for energy and the heart.

Co-Q10 Vital for Cellular Energy & Cardiovascular Health As technology advances, we learn more about the human body and how it works. We also gather details about how supplements are utilized in the body. This type of advancement can lead to innovative change and newer, better products, like our Co-Q10 50 mg softgels.

Co-Q10 is a vitamin-like substance present in every cell in the body. It is vital for cellular energy, cardiovascular health and longevity. Co-Q10 helps reduce oxidative stress in all cells throughout the body and especially contributes to the health of the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Usually after age 30, the body’s production of Co-Q10 declines, which creates a need for supplementation in some people. Co-Q10 material is often found in a crystalline state, which is less- absorbable by the body and not as likely to have the optimal cellular energy, cardiovascular health and longevity benefits. Some manufacturers begin their processes with a crystalfree form of Co-Q10. But after processing, the Co-Q10 re-crystallizes inside their softgel capsule. To avoid this, certain manufacturers use solvents in their products. But these solvents may interfere with absorption or cause other issues.

Nature’s Sunshine’s new formula uses a patented lipid blend to keep Co- Q10 from crystallizing and yields maximum bioavailability. Therefore, giving you the most cellular energy, cardiovascular health and longevity for your money. Take 1 softgel with a meal daily for circulatory support.

Ours is up to eight times more absorbable than the crystal version! A double-blind human clinical trial showed that Nature’s Sunshine’s Co- Q10 50 mg was at least eight times more readily absorbed than competing products. Our 50 mg crystalfree liquid is equivalent to 400 mg of co-Q10 powder. Are you getting your money’s worth?

Upcoming Webinars

We are blessed to have NSP always keeping us educated on health topics and products, both new and old. The webinar format is great so everybody can learn at their own scheduled time. We hope you’re taking advantage of these free webinars. Many companies charge their distributors for this type of training.

The current webinar isn’t listed at the time of this mailing. Check here for details on the next webinar.

Time – 11 AM MST –

Be sure to visit the webinar archive for all kinds of topics you may be interested in. Remember you can share these with customers, family and friends. They do NOT need to be logged-in as a member to view the material. Check out the webinar topics now.

2 Free Recorded Webinars

Healthy Men, Happy Men: Specific Strategies to Improve Men’s Health
Join us, along with last year’s Manager of the year, Jay Vanden Heuvel, to discuss strategies and practices to help men support optimal health and feel great!

May was National Arthritis Awareness Month.
Do you or someone you know suffer from stiff and painful joints? Join us, along with several expert NSP Managers, to discuss strategies and practices to support optimal joint health and feel great!

Watch these recorded webinars today

NSP’s Body Systems School 2012

Join NSP for a school in your area this year. This year’s seminars offer a brand-new meeting geared especially to members, customers and new managers.

• Learn the fundamentals of natural health. Discuss basic health needs, discover keys to being healthier. • Study all 10 body systems in depth. Learn biology, basic functions and common problems of each system.
• Discover health supplements that support each body system. Find out how to get yourself and your customers on the path to better health.
• Review the benefits of a Nature’s Sunshine business. We’ll cover sharing tools, quality, loyalty rewards program, proven business strategies and more.

Find a school near you!

Registration information:

Cost: $35 per person
Seminar time: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Call 1-800-223-8225 to register.

Materials you get to take home:

• Introduction to Natural Health workbook
• The new NSP from A to Z guide
• NSP’s brand-new Unsurpassed Quality DVD

Call 1-800-223-8225 to register.

6/23/2012 English Taunton, MA Holiday Inn Taunton
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8801 NW 112th Street
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10/27/2012 English Altoona, PA
10/27/2012 English Marietta, OH
10/27/2012 English Pontiac, MI
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11/17/2012 English Philadelphia, PA

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Each distributor has their own learning style and today’s training is geared with that in mind. Nature’s Sunshine has a lot of content and education online in various formats of reading, viewing videos or listening to audios, along with local seminars each year. Plan to attend the scheduled webinars which are still free. Most companies charge for these, so don’t ignore these great educational benefits.

Make the investment to spend hours on the website and find out what all is available to you there. There are links to the blog and Sunshine Community and forums. There are webinar, magazine and article archives.

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Nature’s Treasure Chest – Ailment Guide

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Herb Allure

Online Herb and Dietary Supplement Information

PDR Health
PDR Health is an online source of health-related information that is written with the consumer in mind. It is broken into four main sections: disease overviews, treatment options, drug information (includes information on prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, herbs and nutritional supplements) and clinical trials.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia and has become the largest reference source on the Internet. Type in the name of an herb, supplement, health condition, etc., and you will be guided to entries with extensive information. One word of caution: Anyone with computer access to Wikipedia can edit the entries. As a result, the entries are quite up to date, but there can also be significant misinformation.

Dietary Supplement Information Bureau and Natural Products Foundation
This website contains information about the supplement industry as well as herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. It also has a link to an online version of the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau’s publication, Field Guide to Herbal Dietary Supplements.

Mayo Clinic
The renowned Mayo Clinic weighs in on health and healthy lifestyles. This site covers health and nutrition at every stage in life.

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