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Sunshine Family Newsletter – May 6, 2010

The ABC+D Approach is the Fastest Way to Learn How to Regain Health

This program presented by Steven Horne has two free classes. Reviews are great on the amount of learning in the free classes. Steven’s style of teaching has been described as gifted. He has a lot of knowledge and an interesting way of presenting it.

Here’s the information on the class from Steven’s website. It shows all the courses the entire program has, but you get the first two free without any obligation for the rest.

From Steven:

When a person goes to a hardware store and buys a drill, what they are really looking for is a hole. In a similar manner, when people buy herbs and supplements, what they are really looking for is better health. So, anyone who wants to be in the business of selling herbs and supplements needs to understand how to identify which products will really give their customers the results they really want.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of illnesses people can experience and hundreds of nutritional supplements to chose from, so the task of learning how to select the right herbal remedies and nutritional supplements for each person can be a difficult one to master. What complicates matters more, is that it is illegal for herbalists and other natural healers to diagnose diseases and prescribe treatments for them.

These problems can be big obstacles for people who want to become herbalists or natural healers.

Fortunately, there is an easier and much more simple way of recommending herbs and supplements called the ABC+D approach. Instead of diagnosing diseases and recommending remedies based on diseases, the ABC+D Approach recognizes that there are underlying causes of all disease. By removing these underlying causes, we help the body heal itself, completely bypassing the need to diagnose and prescribe.

The ABC+D Approach course will teach you this system of analyzing how a person’s health is out of balance and help you select remedies that will help the body restore itself to health, naturally. Using a model called The Disease Tree, you’ll learn that there are four root causes of disease, six imbalances in biological terrain and eleven body systems which you need to work with to help the body heal. This is far easier to master than trying to learn or develop protocols for hundreds of different diseases (and legally safer, too).

The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing is is part of Tree of Light Publishing’s Certified Herbal Consultant Training Program. This course is the fast-track to learning how to help people regain their health with herbs and nutritional supplements. The course is normally $247, but you can attend the first two, of the 14 lessons in this program absolutely free. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Session 1 – Work on the Root of the Problem

In this session Steven covers why you don’t have to treat diseases to be healthy. Instead, you have to Activate the healing response, Build the body with good nutrition and Cleanse the system. In this session, Steven focuses on basic good nutrition and the seven supplements most American’s need. You’ll be provided with questionnaires you can use to determine which of these seven basic supplements a person really needs.

Session 2- Detoxifying for Better Health

This second session covers cleansing and helps you understand why doing a periodic cleanse is a must in our modern world. It helps you understand the both the benefits of cleansing and how to do it.

After attending these first two free sessions, you can attend the remaining 12 sessions for just $97. There is no obligation to continue the program unless you decide it’s something you want. The first two classes are absolutely free and well still provide you with lots of useful information about how to help others to better health.

This system has already helped hundreds of people to learn to use herbs and natural remedies more effectively to help themselves or others gain the health they desire.

Here are the dates for the entire ABC+D Class (Class Seven), which starts May 18th.

Free! -Tuesday, May 18, 2010 – Working on the Root of the Problem
Free! -Tuesday, Jun 1, 2010 – Detoxifying for Better Health

Tuesday, Jun 22, 2010 – Balancing Biological Terrain
Tuesday, Jun 29, 2010 – The Digestive System
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 – The Hepatic System
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 – The Intestinal System
Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010 – The Respiratory System
Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010 – The Immune & Lymphatic Systems
Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010 – The Circliatory System
Tuesday, Sep 7, 2010 – The Nervous System
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010 – The Glanduiar System
Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010 – The Reproductive System
Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010 – The Urinary System
Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010 – The Structural System

Remember, the first two classes in this webinar are free of charge. All sessions are recorded, so if you miss one, don’t worry—you can download it and listen to it at your leisure.

Read some testimonials of the class

New SmartStart Program

I’ve heard great comments on this new program where you can earn 30% right away on your new member signups (40% if you’re under the Legacy compensation plan). It seems to be much easier to get somebody to order $40 worth of product when they know they’ll get a $15 product credit on their account that they can use on their second order. That also means that you’ll get your new members used to reordering. Don’t forget the member packet also includes a 20% off coupon. I checked with NSP to see if this was still going to be included and the answer was “yes.”

If you don’t quite understand the program, visit the NSP Webinar Archives and watch the video and/or download the information.

Sunshine 500 Program

If you have not taken advantage of the new Sunshine 500 Program, don’t miss out. Get registered. You can email me and I’ll get you entered. Then all you need to become a Manager (and earn 27% bonus) is to get 500 QV in any month with two (2) new sponsored members and you’ll be an NSP Manager.

You remain a Manager as long as you continue with the 500 QV per month (instead of the usual 1000 QV) and sign up two more members each month. With the new Smart Start Program giving incentives for people to become new members, you’ve got a double whammy to stretch and grow in Nature’s Sunshine. Go for it!

Get more info on the program

NSP Logos   

If you’re using a Nature’s Sunshine logo on a website or paper advertisement, please be sure you have the updated version. The NSP website shows the current logo which has been updated recently. I don’t think it’s a problem to use up what you have if you’ve printed something, but be sure to make the switch before printing any more. Here’s the link to the graphics and also the NSP Limited Use Trademark Licence Agreement. You will need to log-in to access this area of the NSP website.

Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products

 The 4th edition of the Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products is now available. This is an essential tool for maximizing the benefits of Nature’s Sunshine Products complete line of high quality herbs and nutritional supplements. The Fourth Edition includes detailed information on all 693 of Nature’s Sunshine Products available in the United States and Canada. Each entry covers the properties, body system’s affected, historical uses, directions for use, and warnings and contraindications for each of these products. But that’s just the beginning.

This book provides a therapeutic index to over 500 health problems, providing information on causes, natural therapies and NSP products people have used to help their body recover from these conditions. Another section provides a list of over 108 body systems, organs and parts with lists of remedies that affect them. The final section provides definitions, indications and contraindications for over 213 therapeutic properties with lists of NSP products that have those properties.

The introduction to the The Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products provides an overview of what natural healing is all about. Using a model called the Disease Tree (shown on the right), it teaches people how to look for root causes of their health problems rather than just treat the effects. Get more info

Product Training

Don’t forget the monthly webinar on product training. It’s the best way to focus on a specific product for a month in your business. You will be amazed at how many people come your way with questions you can answer from the information provided. Tune in, take notes and then look and listen for those you can share the info with. Mark your calendars! Get more info here:

May 10 – Respiratory System
June 14 – Intestinal System

July 12 – Nervous System

Natural Health Education Series 2010 Seminar

Featuring Brilliant Body, Nature’s Sunshine Products brand-new series on the body systems. You will receive in-depth training complete with information on how to apply this knowledge to your business.

Topics Include:

• The Glandular System – Take a closer look at the system that regulates all of the hormones in our bodies.

• The Digestive System – A healthy digestive system ensures that you get all of the available nutrients from the food you eat. Learn how to keep this system running smoothly.

• If Only I Had More Energy: The Adrenal and Thyroid Gland Connection
– Who doesn’t’ feel fatigued and burned out? This module will teach you about the effects of overworked adrenal glands on the thyroid gland and metablolism.

• Parasites: The Uninvited Guests – Parasites are not just a third- world problem. Learn about modern parasites, how to avoid them, how to spot them and how to get rid of them.

$35 seminar fee includes eight-hour seminar plus great training materials.

5/15/2010 English Kansas City, MO Hilton – Kansas City Airport
8801 NW 112th Street
5/15/2010 English Pleasanton, CA Four Points Hotel – Pleasanton
5115 Hopyard Road
5/15/2010 English Rochester, NY Marriott – Airport
1890 West Ridge Road
5/15/2010 English Wilmington, NC UNCW Exec. Development Ctr.
1241 Military Cutoff Road
6/26/2010 English Helena, MT Red Lion Colonial Hotel
2301 Colonial Drive
8/21/2010 English Atlanta, GA
8/21/2010 English Honolulu, HI Ala Moana Hotel
410 Atkinson Drive
9/11/2010 English Birmingham, AL
9/11/2010 English Denver, CO
9/11/2010 English El Segundo, CA
9/11/2010 English Oak Brook, IL
10/2/2010 English Statesboro, GA
10/9/2010 English Hutchinson, KS
10/9/2010 English Indianapolis, IN
10/9/2010 English Newport News, VA
10/9/2010 English Reno, NV
10/9/2010 English Sacramento, CA
10/16/2010 English Asheville, NC
10/16/2010 English Houston, TX
10/16/2010 English Nashville, TN
10/16/2010 English New Bremen, OH
10/16/2010 English Wasilla, AK
10/23/2010 English Jamestown, NY
10/23/2010 English Lafayette, LA
10/23/2010 English Southfield, MI
11/6/2010 English Arllington, TX
11/6/2010 English Kohler, WI
11/6/2010 English Philadelphia, PA
11/6/2010 English San Jose, CA
11/13/2010 English Orlando, FL

More locations

Call 1-800-223-8225 to register.

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