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Sunshine Family News
May 6, 2008 Edition

A Note From Randal

I will be leaving for Oklahoma City tomorrow afternoon.  I go out to visit my family every year to be a handyman with my dad and get some things done mostly in the yard and landscaping.  They really love flowers like we do.

We will be making a change in our home address by January 1, we hope.  We are building a home in Greenville, South Carolina, in a community called Acadia (

As you can imagine, there are lots of steps we are working through to keep the process moving along smoothly.  To that end, Donna will be staying here in Virginia while I am gone and working with the designer and builder to finalize the plans.

In this issue, there are lots of new changes I am sure you will find to your liking.  We are particularly excited about the new change on the MyNSP sites about having the essential oil highlighted.  Thanks to Nature’s Sunshine and in particular Mitch.

Until next time,


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Dr. McAllister is the author of several health-related books, including Healthy Lunchbox: The Working Mom’s Guide to Keeping You and Your Kids Trim and Riding for life: A Horsewoman’s Guide to Lifetime Health and Fitness. Her syndicated column, Your Health by Dr. Rallie McAllister, appears weekly in newspapers throughout the U.S. and abroad and is read by millions each week.

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5/31/2008 English Lakewood (Jamestown), NY YWCA Lake Lodge
185 Terrace Ave
Lakewood (Jamestown), NY  14750
6/28/2008 English Baton Rouge, LA Sheraton Baton Rouge
102 France St
Baton Rouge, LA  70802
7/26/2008 English Springfield, MO Oasis Conf Center
2550 N Glenstone Ave
Springfield, MO  65803

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Here’s the link for more information and locations:

Essential Oils / Aromatherapy Category On MY NSP Websites   

It’s been a request from the field for a long time to have a category for the EO’s that NSP sells. We’ve emailed about it several times and when Deborah Jacobs recently emailed Donna about this, she contacted NSP to see what the progress was.

In the meantime, Christina Bethke had just responded to an email from somebody wondering if she sold essential oils. She sent me a copy of her email response to the woman with the steps necessary to get a customer to the essential oils section. It wasn’t very easy.

But all in all NSP had a category for Aromatherapy up and running only 3 days later. If you have a MY NSP website, log-in and go to the products section to view it.

Peppermint Oil, Mosquitos, [email protected] and More

Thanks to Robin Sockness for this info!

An extract of a common herb is being touted as a cheap alternative to existing pesticides in the war against mosquito-borne disease.

Peppermint oil is recommended by fans of alternative medicine to ease symptoms like indigestion, nausea and even to treat colds and flu, reports New Scientist magazine.

However, research by malaria experts suggest that the herb extract can not only repel adult mosquitoes, but kill their larvae before they even hatch.

Some experts say that peppermint oil could become a low-cost and more environmentally sensitive solution to eradicate the insects that carry potentially dangerous diseases. Read the entire article here:

While other manufacturers may be tempted to sell oil of corn mint or menthol as peppermint oil, Nature’s Sunshine sells only pure, unadulterated peppermint oil. A little goes a long way.

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1 – Dianne Frase – AL
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4 – Jim and Nancy Robertson – AL
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April’s Top Managers (Regional Manager and Above)

1 – Nathan and Kelley Howlett – TN
2 – John and Roxanne Howlett – TN
3 – Ashlie Overman – FL

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