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Sunshine Family Monthly News
April 4, 2006 Edition

The content of this monthly newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

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Hi Sunshiners!

After the last mailing, I accidently deleted the mailing group for this newsletter off of my address book.  I still had individual email addresses of those who have told me they are building a Nature’s Sunshine business, so I added them back in to form a new group.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT this mailing, please hit reply and let me know.  You may have requested to be removed in the past and I apologize for the error, but all you have to do to be taken off is to hit reply.  

I sent out a survey along with last month’s issue.  Some of you didn’t return it.  We would like to know how to serve you best, so if you didn’t answer the few questions on it, please do so now with this reminder.  If you don’t have your survey or never received one, email me and I’ll send it to you.

Our kitty, Squeek, is doing much better.  Thank you for all the concern, prayers and thoughts.  It was very special to us to know there were so many praying with us for her recovery.  She acts normal even though she has FIV.  We will be sure to keep her immune system fed well with herbs and especially with the VS-C virus formula.  We’re using the Concentrate so it only takes a little to be enough for this little 8 lb. princess.  She actually seems to be enjoying it like she knows she needs it.  We are blessed to have anti-viral things in the herbal kingdom.  Read more about VS-C.

We’re going to be celebrating our 29th anniversary on Sunday.  I’m sure it will be mostly outdoors watching Spring burst out where ever we can catch it.  Hope y’all are having a grand time with nice weather.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!
Randal and Donna Watkins
Toll-Free:  1-866-580-3226

NSP News

My NSP Sites Have a URL Change on Product Links

If you are using any product links in emails, a signature, for a newsletters, etc. that you may have kept somewhere to reuse …..BEWARE!  You will need to get new product links from your My NSP site.  They have changed the URL to drop the check code digit at the end.  If you have anybody else in your group that has a My NSP site, please inform them also.

Have You Taken the Online Tour of NSP’s Manufacturing Plant?

Their state-of-the-art plant is quite amazing.  You can take a tour online until you get to a Rising Star convention when you can tour it in person.  Of course, if you are ever in Utah, you can drop in at any time for a tour.  It’s not like some companies that make you think they are hiding something when you have to schedule to tour.  NSP will give you a tour any time without scheduling.  For now … visit the virtual way.

Radio Ads

Right now there are two ads that can be used for advertising and marketing.  One is for Hoodia and another for the Untold Truth Seminars.  You can listen to them online or download them. 

Current Lobbying Issues

Keeping our rights to use and sell natural supplements is something we should all be involved in.  This area of NSP’s site keeps you current on lobbying issues that are affecting the natural health industry.  Visit it often and write your senators and representatives from there and have your friends and family do the same.  Join the Health Freedom Fund.  Find out if there’s anything local going on around you.

Monthly Product Focus Call

Topic: Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Use

Learn about the uses and benefits of several essential oils and how to easily incorporate them into various herbal programs.  Aromatherapy is a great way to enhance health as well as build a strong NSP business and advance in rank.  

Each month Nature’s Sunshine offers intense training on one topic. Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone. Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.

* Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
* Ask questions of product experts.
* Take advantage of free training.

When: Wednesday, April 12th
Time: 6:00 p.m (Pacific Time)
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Hochel, Area Manager

At the scheduled time, dial 1-800-756-4697 and enter pin 8626#.

Featured Product

Get More Potent Greens with pH GreenZone
Alkalize – Energize – Metabolize

If you eat a diet consisting mostly of red meats, dairy products and sugars, then, like most Americans, your pH is probably too acidic.  Too many acids can affect all of the major body systems and lead to a number of health issues, including weight gain and acceleration of free radical damage.

pH GreenZone is a part of your vital nutrition because of its high alkalizing effect.  Greens include asparagus powder, broccoli powder, kale powder and sprouted kamut (an ancient, non-hybrid wheat that is nearly gluten  and allergen free.

Green foods provide great nutrition and energy to the human body. pH GreenZone is also great for dieters seeking high-alkaline, low-carb meal replacement and non-dieters who want maximum nutrition and energy.

The high fiber content and rhodenol root in pH GreenZone also help balance your body systems by enhancing colon health.   

Get full details and ingredient list 

Sharing Sunshine Tips – What’s Working for You?

? Question from Jennie Franks ?

Has anybody had success using the Untold Truth materials locally to build their business?  If so, how have you used them?  Sharing them with customers or presenting them in a group setting?  Any feedback you could give would be helpful. 

Nature’s Tools Adds New Materials on Children and Cleansing

The resources are available for the two new topics discussed in NSP’s Untold Truth seminars.  Here’s the scoop:

Raising Children Naturally

Steven H. Horne, RH (AGG) has spent years studying natural remedies and now shares with you untold truths about children’s health—because if children represent one-third of our population and all of our future, then it is our job as parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends to ensure that they have all the tools they need to thrive.

Learn the basic principles of natural healing, why prevention really is the best medicine, how to treat illnesses at home, and when to see a doctor. Edward Milo Millet, a highly gifted herbalist, taught Steven Horne that herb therapy was as easy as A, B, C ––activate, build, and cleanse. To heal any disease, you need to activate (keep the body energies going), build (get good nutrition into the system), and cleanse (help the body eliminate waste). Booklets, CDs, and brochures available from Nature’s Tools.

Whole Body Cleansing – You Won’t Believe What’s Inside You

Most people spend a lot of time keeping things clean. We bathe and we launder our clothes. But it isn’t just the outside of our bodies that must be kept clean. We need to be clean on the inside as well. Learn the Untold Truth and find out why cleansing instead of medicating can open up and clear your entire body of toxic buildup. Cleansing has never been so easy.

Learn what supplements will ensure that you are getting all of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber you need to fend off toxin assaults. Decide which body systems can benefit most from a cleanse, including the lymphatic system, intestines, liver, kidneys and/or skin. Find ways to eliminate toxins and lessen worry.  Booklets, CDs and brochures available from Nature’s Tools.

Growing Your Business

How to Explode Your MLM Business Online with E-mail
By Michael Klimek

Utilizing the internet to expand your Network Marketing business is critical for success in the new millennium. There are MANY pitfalls which we all need to be aware of…here are just 3 and their solutions:

Pitfall #1:
Putting all Eggs in the Internet basket!

Internet marketing should be PART of a well balanced strategy of building your business. Remember – the vast majority are still NOT online. Those who are online get bombarded with so much info- therefore, the "high touch" aspects must be implemented.

Fact: Medical Research has shown that it takes 29% LONGER to understand the written word than the SPOKEN word!

Solution: Have a balanced approach at "filling your sponsoring pipeline"! Make sure you have a constant supply of fresh MLM specific leads that come with EMAIL addresses as well as phone and address.

Contact your Qualified prospects by PHONE, plug them into conference calls, encourage email leads to go to your website and listen to a presentation on "real audio", get them to listen to prerecorded presentations, do 3-ways etc.

Pitfall #2:
The #1 mistake that people make in attempting to sponsor online is not getting on the phone with a serious prospect asap!

Solution: Transition out of cyberspace asap. Why? To a great extent, email is a "sterile environment". Quite often it is difficult to understand the real "tone" and intent of an email message. Connecting with people on the phone is extremely important to increase your sponsoring AND retention averages. MLM is a people business!

Pitfall #3:
Not having an automated Follow Through System!

Here are some SHOCKING facts from the National Sales Executive Association :

*48 percent of the people quit after one contact with a prospect

* 25 percent stop after the second contact

* 12 percent actually make three contacts

* only 10 percent make more than three contacts

Drum roll please…………………………

* 80 percent of the sales are made after the fifth contact!

Do you REALLY understand what this means?

10% of the people are doing 80% of the sponsoring!  Do you want to be among this 10%?

Solution: You MUST have an automated follow through system for both offline and online prospects.

Online: Using an autoresponder with at least 6 automatic follow through messages is essential! I use an autoresponder that does just this. Here is what happens:

*Prospects request information via email or your website and it is automatically delivered within seconds.

* Information is sent and their address is automatically added to my database saving me hours of endless data entry. I also receive notification in my email in-box telling me that someone just accessed my autoresponder AND it gives me the email address of that person!!

*Follow up letters are automatically sent to each prospect at regular predetermined intervals building trust and rapport.

*Save time, save money, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and make more money!

To get details on your own Follow Up Autoresponder simply visit this website:

Offline: You must set up an automated way of prequalifying your prospects and then an organized approach of following through with them.

A system that speaks, selects and sorts for you 24 hours per day can look like this:

A 2 minute 800 "tickler" number that points to voice presentations & fax-on-demands that are accessible by making a Long Distance call helps to weed out the "tire kickers" from the serious builders.

When set up correctly, this system will sift out those who deserve to be followed through with and transform the typical 5% conversion rate to 50%! You also must have full ongoing training in the art of sponsoring.

NOTE: When done correctly, you will have people CALLING YOU daily about your opportunity!

About the Author:

Michael Klimek is a 15 year Network marketing veteran and former MLM company owner. He is full time in MLM and lives with his wife and daughter in Maui, Hawaii. He has been authoring the Free MLMTRUTH Newsletter since March of 1997…one of the top MLM newsletters in the industry. For your free copy sample email Michael at: [email protected] with Subscribe in the *Subject*

Knowing the Answers

How do I check my QV totals for the month?

NSP offers 3 different ways to check QV on accounts. You may contact our Customer Service Dept at 1 800 223 8225 Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 PM MST, or check totals through our Automated System at 1 800 892 6451 or you may check totals through the website and enter Member Services.

Can NSP prescribe herbs or supplements for specific ailments?

The FDA does not allow NSP to recommend dietary supplements for specific ailments. We cannot advise on what to take, what we have heard that someone else takes or what we would take. That type of advisement falls under the heading of "prescribing or recommending."

NSP Conventions – Check Your Goals

Rising Star Convention in Salt Lake City
April 19-23, 2006
Another Scheduled for November 2006

Star Managers who keep their Star ranking for six consecutive months are rewarded with this convention to be pampered and spoiled with fabulous banquets and deluxe accommodations. Plus they receive $150 toward airfare expenses.  With educational workshops and sessions, along with plenty of time to see the manufacturing plant and offices, Star Managers will get a real up close look and feel of Nature’s Sunshine with exciting information to share when they get back home.

Space is limited to 150 attendees per convention.  The next Rising Star Convention will be in November, so if you are not Star Manager rank now, get busy.  You get Star Manager rank by having one Manager in your NSP group or one QV equivalent manager.  You get a QV equivalent manager for every 2000 QV you have above the 1000 QV required to keep your own Manager rank.  So, if you average 3000 QV a month over a 6-month period, you will advance to Star Manager without having a Manager in your NSP group.

Buy in is available at $750 if space is available.  For more information on Rising Star Convention and other NSP events.

National Convention in Dallas at the Gaylord Texan Resort
August 23-27, 2006

Mid-March we will be half way through the qualification period for National Convention.  If you need to check on qualification information or download a hotel brochure, here’s the link on NSP’s site.

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars for Training – Only $20

Check this list for areas for friends or family members who may want to go. This is an excellent opportunity to learn natural health solutions for some of today’s most pressing health problems.


4/08/2006  Baton Rouge, LA
4/08/2006  Canton, OH
4/08/2006  Honolulu, HI
4/08/2006  Joplin, MO
4/08/2006  Leominster, MA
4/08/2006  Sparks, NV
4/29/2006  Asheville, NC
4/29/2006  Kohler, WI
4/29/2006  Tyler, TX
4/29/2006  Walnut Creek (Concord), CA

Congratulations to You

Welcome back to the Manager role!  These two distributors have been reinstated at Manager level:

Susan Childs of Deatsville, Alabama
James Averette of Birmingham, Alabama

News Within The Family

Robin Sockness and her sweet husband are traveling to the Chicago area to visit her parents this month.  

John and Roxanne Howlett broke out another manager in March and also had one of their Managers break out a Manager.  They been doing some remodeling at home and designing a couple of new websites, one of which will provide great information on Paw Paw.  More on that with a link in the next issue.

Nathan and Kelley Howlett broke out another manager in March also.  Nathan has been waiting for warmer weather so he can begin landscaping their lot.  They moved into a new home towards the end of the year and have lots of ground to fill in with green.  Now that there’s a third child on the way, there will be two more feet to run around that yard.  Maybe they will have a girl so the two boys can play "big brother."

I know Virginia Franks would appreciate your prayers.  Her husband has been very sick and has been getting a lot of tests done related to a heart issue.  He’s missed a lot of work, but Jennie has been a good herbal nurse, so we hope he’ll be a good patient and get a whole lot better.

I haven’t heard from many folks lately, so I guess everybody has Spring Fever.  Let me know what’s going on with you!

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