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Sunshine Family Monthly News
March 6, 2006 Edition

The content of this monthly newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

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Hi Sunshiners!

If you’ve been to the site you may have noticed we’ve changed our pricing model to all Direct Cost.  We’ve had a challenge for years with website visitors getting confused about membership and forgetting to click the link to become a member for the shopping cart to show member prices.  We finally made the decision to simplify.  It’s going so much smoother and we rarely have a phone call now.  That’s been nice having the website taking the orders and not our hands.

Some of you already know our kitty, Squeek, was diagnosed with FIV last Tuesday.  We’ve been working away to build her immune system back and hope to keep her much longer than the vet’s prognosis of not lasting through the week.  We would appreciate any prayers for her you’d like to offer 🙂  Here’s a picture of the sweet girl

Here’s a close-up glamour shot of her

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!
Randal and Donna Watkins
Toll-Free:  1-866-580-3226

PLEASE Take Our Important Survey

Later today you will receive a survey that is very important to us.  We want to provide the best possible support to our Sunshine Family members and need your help to know what YOU consider important.  PLEASE take this survey.  It will make it easier for us to know how to support and reward you, instead of trying to guess.

Everybody has different needs and we would like to individualize our approach rather than simply do whatever comes to mind.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.  It is not a long survey.  Only 7 questions.

NSP News

NSP Price Adjustment

Every year NSP makes price adjustments based on cost of raw materials which is influenced by supply and demand and also the shipping.  We had a shipping fee change so that shouldn’t be as much of an issue this year.  They will have a new price list in the Sunshine Horizons and it will be available on the website but most likely after the price change.  Sunshine Horizons are included in order shipments.

The Sunshine Select Program Has Been Updated – Here’s The Details

Six Months of Product Discounts
Receive 5% off your purchases for six months when you achieve Sunshine Select status for the previous six-month block for as long as you maintain manager status. For example, if you meet your Sunshine Select goal for January 1st–June 30th then from July 15–January 15, all of your NSP product orders will be discounted 5% automatically. That’s 5% off the Direct Cost with full QV on everything you order. Place your order online and get 6% off with full QV!

NOTE: Discount is valid on all regularly priced items and will not apply to products already discounted.

$1 Million in annual Sunshine Sunshine Select bonuses.
After each six-month qualifying period, NSP will award a half million dollars to all Sunshine Select qualifiers who hold at least Star Manager Rank during the final month of qualification.

    * Receive 1 share for being Select.
    * Receive 2 shares when you’re Select for two consecutive terms.
    * Receive 3 shares when you’re Select for three consecutive terms.

This is a benefit in the NSP compensation plan, and this bonus is in addition to all other commissions and overrides you currently earn. If you remain at Sunshine Select status, you will continue to receive this bonus every six months!  Shares are awarded to qualifying accounts on a bi-annual basis.

You MUST register to participate in this program.

NSP Conventions – Check Your Goals

Rising Star Convention in Salt Lake City
April 19-23, 2006
Another Scheduled for November 2006

Star Managers who keep their Star ranking for six consecutive months are rewarded with this convention to be pampered and spoiled with fabulous banquets and deluxe accommodations. Plus they receive $150 toward airfare expenses.  With educational workshops and sessions, along with plenty of time to see the manufacturing plant and offices, Star Managers will get a real up close look and feel of Nature’s Sunshine with exciting information to share when they get back home.

Space is limited to 150 attendees per convention.  The next Rising Star Convention will be in November, so if you are not Star Manager rank now, get busy.  You get Star Manager rank by having one Manager in your NSP group or one QV equivalent manager.  You get a QV equivalent manager for every 2000 QV you have above the 1000 QV required to keep your own Manager rank.  So, if you average 3000 QV a month over a 6-month period, you will advance to Star Manager without having a Manager in your NSP group.

National Convention in Dallas at the Gaylord Texan Resort
August 23-27, 2006

Knowing the Answers

How do I sign up a new Member?

NSP provides 4 ways to sign up new Members:

   1. Online application: go to the Member Services section of the website, log in with your account # and PIN and choose the ‘Sign up New Members Online’ option.

   2. Instant Application: Call Order Sales at 1 800 453 1422 and complete the application and order over the phone.

   3. Fax: Fax application and order to 1-800-453-7157

   4. Mail: Mail application and order to

          Nature’s Sunshine Products
          PO Box 19005
          Provo, Utah 84605-9005

NSP New Product Focus

There are two new exciting products that were announced at Leaders Conference last month.  With inflammatory diseases on the increase, these products will be a great help to many people.  Learn more about them on the NSP site and share them with people you know that will benefit from them.


Nature’s Phenyltol with NEM is formulated to support articular health. This reformulation features DL-phenylalanine and natural eggshell membrane (NEM). DL-phenylalanine contains D-phenylalanine and L-phenylalanine. D-phenylalanine is thought to modulate the activity of an enzyme that degrades endorphins. L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that is metabolized into l-tyrosine, which in turn is converted to the important mood-supporting neurotransmitters norepinephrine, epinephrine and l-dopamine.

NEM is the soft membrane that separates the eggshell from the fluid egg inside the shell. This membrane contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Glucosamine is a building block for cartilage and helps replenish synovial fluid to lubricate the joint and to absorb shock. Chondroitin may also provide building blocks to the cartilage and help replenish hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid supports body tissue, while collagen is important to the cartilage, tendons and skin. Nature’s Phenyltol with NEM also contains white willow bark, Morinda citrifolia and wood betony.   Product Code: 1180-3      Price: 29.95

IF RELIEF (90 capsules)

IF Relief contains a combination of herbal extracts that may support the body’s natural process for muscle pain and inflammation relief following exercise and massage. IF Relief contains compounds that may help the body achieve homeostasis. This formula has a very high ORAC value.

IF Relief contains turmeric root extract along with mangosteen pericarp extract—a source of potent antioxidants called xanthones. The xanthone gammamangostin appears to partially modulate the production of prostaglandins. IF Relief also contains Andrographis paniculata to help modulate certain undesirable responses; boswellia gum extract, which appears to modulate an enzyme that catalyzes leukotriene formation; and white willow bark extract, which contains salicin and appears to modulate the production of prostaglandins.  Product Code: 1175-4        Price: 19.95

Be sure to check this area of the NSP site for updates on discontinued products and reformulations.

Sharing Sunshine Tips – What’s Working for You?

Business Niche

For those who are looking for a niche in the NSP product line and broad arena of health problems, inflammatory conditions would be a good segment to do some education on and gain knowledge on how the NSP products fit in.  You would be a major blessing to many people you know and come into contact with as you go about your daily business.

Specializing within a segment of the NSP product line is one way of doing the NSP business that has worked well for many others.

Need Articles on NSP Products and Health Solutions?  How About Business Topics?

NSP’s library has a lot of articles to choose from.  Find great information on NSP products, body systems, and business building tips that you can share with your downline.  They are available with a drop-down menu so you can choose a topic or a product you want more information on.  This is a great way to respond to questions presented from your downline or customers.  It increases their knowledge base and gives them something to forward on to somebody else and review again.

Growing Your Business

Your Success Begins with Goals
by Courtney Hammond

Take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. What did you achieve? In which areas do you want to improve? Now, look to the year that lies ahead. Making resolutions…setting goals…whatever you call it, it’s time to plan. Goals are the first step to realizing your dreams.

Tonja Wells, an Area Manager in North Richland Hills, Texas has successfully mastered goal setting. Tonja feels the key to setting goals is to decide what you want to achieve and then determine that you are willing to do what it takes to get there. “You’ve got to choose to motivate yourself,” she says. “It is one thing to say you want to do something. It is another to invest the time and effort it takes to get there.” Once you have defined your goal, Tonja suggests making a step-by-step plan to attain it. For example, Tonja had been working on the goal of qualifying for the TAC 2005 Gems of the Baltic cruise. In order to qualify, she needed to find new customers. She decided to make new speaking engagements to build her customer base. Every week, she devoted time to making calls to schedule speaking engagements. She made a concrete plan to achieve her goal, complete with the steps she needed to take along the way.

The Basics of Setting Goals
Like most people, you have probably set goals many times before. Some you have obtained; you may have fallen short on others. What makes the difference? The likelihood of achieving  your goals increases when you effectively set goals that will help you focus and give you motivation and a plan. Here are a few basics:

• State your goal positively. “Maintain Manager Status” is a better goal than “Don’t Drop Manager Status.” The sentiment might be the same, however positive goals are more motivating than goals that reflect a fear of failure.

• Write your goal down. Goals are more concrete when they are written down. Place your written goal in a place where you will see it often.

• Make your goal as precise as possible. Include dates, times, amounts or any other information that will make your goal measurable and will allow you to know when you have achieved it.

• Set appropriate goals. Don’t make your goals so grandiose that they become unachievable. On the other hand, don’t set them so low that there is little satisfaction in achieving them. Make them a challenge that, with effort, can be reached.

• Base your goals on performance rather than outcome. You don’t always have control over outcomes. You do have control over your performance. For example, a goal to be one of the Top 5 NSP Recruiters is an outcome-based goal. You have no control over how many people other Managers recruit. A more effective goal might be to talk to 20 new people every week about Nature’s Sunshine.

• Set priorities. When you have more than one goal, prioritize your list and focus your efforts accordingly.

• Set progressive goals. Start by thinking of the end goal. Then decide what needs to be accomplished along the way in order for you to meet your end goal. These become your smaller goals, or stepping stones. Accomplishing each of your smaller goals brings you one step closer to your main goal.

• Reward yourself. Attaining a goal is a worthy accomplishment. Celebrate! When you write down your goal, write down how you will celebrate. This adds an extra incentive to work toward your goals.

• After attaining your goals, set more. Don’t stop now. Setting goals regularly will help you to keep moving and improving.

Setting and attaining goals is satisfying in and of itself. Nature’s Sunshine makes it even more rewarding. Just about any business-building goal you set comes with rewards from Nature’s Sunshine. For example:

Business Tax Tips

Starting a  Business and  Keeping Records

If you are beginning a home business you are going to be excited about the tax benefits of your new venture.  To answer questions on what you need to keep, here’s a link to the IRS site for Publication 583.  It’s broken down into topics so you it’s easy to use. 

If you’d rather download this publication to your desktop, here’s a link to the publications download page.  Simply scroll down to Publication 583 and click the link.  It will give you an option to download a PDF file.

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars for Training

Check this list for areas for friends or family members who may want to go. This is an excellent opportunity to learn natural health solutions for some of today’s most pressing health problems.

3/11/2006  Corydon, IN
3/11/2006  Davenport,  IA
3/11/2006  Myrtle Beach, SC
3/11/2006  Parsippany, NJ
3/11/2006  Tempe (Phoenix), AZ
3/18/2006  Oklahoma City, OK
3/18/2006  Orlando, FL
3/18/2006  Wasilla, AK
3/25/2006  East Earl (Ephrata), PA
3/25/2006  Sacramento, CA
3/25/2006  Sandy (Salt Lake City), UT
Welcome Into The Business Family

Chris and Royale Charles in Iowa are home schoolers and they will be doing an online business since Chris has already built websites and is into all that techy stuff with his full-time job.  They’ve been busy developing the site last month and learning more about the Nature’s Sunshine product line.

News Within The Family

Nathan and Kelley Howlett are going to be having a third child.  She is due in September so they won’t be able to make convention this year.  They also broke out a new manager in February, so double congratulations to them!

Ben Watkins is in El Paso, TX, for a month with Sprint.  They sent him there to train at a new call center that is opening.  That’s a long time to live in a hotel room but at least he will get to spread some brochures around Texas.

Christina has a new job in the afternoons as a nanny to two home schooled children.  She’s helping the boy with algebra and the girl with art, both subjects right in line with interests and skills.  She’ll still be working one evening a week at Old Navy to keep a foot in that door in case she needs it later.  We are blessed to have her mornings free so she can process our orders for us.

John and Roxanne Howlett gave us a detailed report on Leaders Conference.  They went and took along Matthew who is will be 10 months old this month.  We received a Valentine’s picture of him and he’s such a sweetie!  What a smile!

Evelyn Davila has finished the translation for our Spanish area of the site.  She will be doing the consultations for our Spanish-speaking visitors.  If you get any emails from people in Spanish, rather than ignore them or email them in English which they probably won’t understand, please consider sending them to Evelyn.  She’s a newbie and it would be a blessing to help her get going in NSP.  Dianne and Christina have already done this since they’ve been contacted on their My NSP site in Spanish.  Here’s Evelyn’s email address so you can forward any referrals to her:

Edward Young’s birthday is February 29th so he doesn’t get to age very quickly.  It seems his kids will soon be older than he is!  But!  We know better.  He’s older than he claims to be …. but nobody is telling how old.  🙂

Our Website Resources For You

Our website content is not just for customers. Keep in mind you can find answers there for your own customers. Once you have a customer become a Member, they have an account number tying them into you, so you can send them links to our website with information for them to read themselves.

People Resources

The Herbs Place has years of archived natural health newsletters and over 1200 web pages with content accessed by the search engine.  Need to get some information on a product?  Visit now.

Online catalog arranged by health topic

Success stories for particular health problems show what others have used. They cannot be shown on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we provide them on The Frugal Life site.

Pet Resources

Healthy Pet Corner has years of archived pet newsletters

Pet success stories using nature’s remedies

Online Training and Support

Whether you’re just beginning your NSP business or been doing it a long time, we all need to keep learning.

Online Classes

Distributor Support

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