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Sunshine Family Newsletter
February 8, 2010

Become a Sunshine Friend

Sunshine Friends is NSP’s fun, innovative weight-loss contest. It’s also a support group and a weight-loss society!

Create and enter your group in our 2010 weight-loss contest!

Each group must consist of at least 4 active NSP distributors, though there is no limit to the number of participants per group.

While group members may be added at any time, all group members have the same contest ending date (90 days after the group signs up). Those that join a group late will have a shorter contest run.

The last day for groups to register is May 2, 2010.

Contest Dates: any 90-day period between Jan. 15 and Aug. 1, 2010.

Each group must have one Team Leader who organizes and motivates the group. Team Leaders must create that team online. Each team member then signs into the website to join the team. Team members regularly input their weight loss progress. Leaders receive product credit as a reward for managing the group.

If you’d like to be a Team Leader to earn the product credit, let me know. If anybody is interested in joining this I will forward them to you to add. We are willing to be Team Leaders also if there are enough (4) people wanting to join the group. Get more info.

Proven Way to Develop and Retain Managers and Advance in Rank

Nature’s Sunshine’s U.S. Sales Team has partnered with VitalSmarts to bring to you the most powerful business course we have ever developed… Road to National. Using the principles taught in VitalSmart’s Influencer, the Power to Change Anything, we studied people who have reached the top manager ranks at Nature’s Sunshine. We personally visited 18 of these National and Senior National Managers and conducted over 25 in-depth phone interviews with others in this category to discover the vital behaviors that propelled them to their success. The results were amazing!

Now we invite you to discover these same behaviors and grow your business exponentially. You can do this by participating in the Road to National Business Training—coming to your area!

Road to National Business Training takes place live in cities throughout the U.S. These day-long classes will teach you exactly what it takes to develop and retain managers within your organization. The cost of the class is $150 and includes all of the materials you need—your own influencer plan—plus nine weeks of free coaching and ongoing access to special resources!

If you would like to grow your NSP business and achieve the next rank or two, or three, plan to attend the Road to National Business Training class in your area!

Call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register. Cost: $150 (split payment option available)

Check the schedule to find a location near you. Bookmark this to check monthly if there’s not one scheduled right now.

Upcoming New Products

NSP will announce several new products at this month’s Leaders Conference in Orlando (18th-21st):

CoQ10-50 mg. in a patented lipid blend which is twice as absorbable as the 75 mg. and a better price. Sample packs for Sunshine Heroes children’s product(s) Krill Oil with omega 3’s and Vitamin K2

Later This Spring there will be additional Solstice products. One for Energy with guarana and stevia blend as a sweetener and one for Cardio which will replace RG-Max. It will also include a stevia blend rather than the xylitol and fructose that is in RG-Max.

Later This Year – Fall Season: Healthy Home Cleaning Product Line – Laundry soap, dish soap, automatic dishwasher soap, citrus multi-purpose cleaner, oxygen powder non-chlorine bleach, laundry dryer sheets, and all-purpose biodegradable surface wipes.

NSP Free Webinars

I sure hope you’re taking advantage of the webinars. I can’t imagine NSP doing these for free forever. The training is great for personal use and you can lead others into becoming an NSP Member by telling them to register for a seminar related to their health issues.

Although Randal and I have been using Nature’s Sunshine products since 1982, we still learn a lot. Generally when we watch we are reminded of something for somebody else or there’s a tip for a personal health issue. It’s always worth an hour of our time to glean the wisdom of others.

Upcoming webinars:

  1. Feb. 22 – Circulatory System
  2. Mar. 8 – Urinary System
  3. Apr. 12 – Business Webinar: Effective Home Meetings

Register for these seminars on the website:

Listen by phone:  1-712-432-0453  Use PIN# 8626

Circulatory System ImageUpcoming Webinar:  Brilliant Body – The Circulatory System
Date: Monday February 22
Time: 11:00 am (MST)

Join NSP and Manager Instructor Laurence Smith as we launch our Brilliant Body Training – our new and updated approach to teaching the body systems. for this free Webinar.  In addition, webinar attendees will be eligible to win one of the 12 trips to Cancun Convention 2011 we’re giving away this year! Tune in to find out how you can win.

Education Week Scheduled

NSP has scheduled another wonderful week-long education series for the week of April 19-26. Put it on your calendar and spread the word. Earn product credit and gain new customers with these wonderful health topics that will benefit everybody you know in some way.

Brand-New Health Education Seminars for 2010

This seminar is the perfect way to continue your natural health training and is ideal for friends and clients who are new to herbs and natural medicine. It’s not geared to business, so you don’t have to be a distributor to get benefits.

The price of $35 will remain. An amazingly low fee for an 8-hour seminar that includes your training materials. With the product specials offered only at the seminar, you can easily save that $35 on a personal order.

NSP’s 2010 Natural Health Education Seminar will feature three new topics:

• Brilliant Body – The Glandular System and the Digestive System
• If Only I Had More Energy: The Adrenal and Thyroid Gland Connection
• Parasites: The Uninvited Guests, Are You an Unknowing Host?

The schedule is up for the entire year (changes may occur). Be sure to join in on a seminar that is nearby and take some folks with you. This year’s seminars offer four brand new topics.

Chambersburg, PA – 2/27
Tampa, FL – 2/27
Austin, TX – 3/6
Clermont, FL – 3/6
Oak Lawn, IL – 3/6
Augusta, GA – 3/13
Bluffton, IN – 3/13
Omaha, NE – 3/13
Whippany, NJ 3/13
Corydon, IN – 3/20
Portland, OR – 3/20
Tyler, TX – 3/20
Yuma, AZ – 3/20
Canton, OH – 3/27
Richmond, VA – 3/27

View all locations for the year, get more information, and register at the NSP website.

Our Website Resources For You

The Herbs Place has years of archived natural health newsletters and nearly 2000 web pages of content accessible through the search engine.  You can also find natural solutions by using our online catalog.  Testimonials can’t be shown on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we provide success stories on The Frugal Life site.  Use this to find out what others have used for many health problems.

Pet Resources

Find herbal success stories for pets in the pet area of The Herbs Place website.  Also check out our dedicated pet website, Healthy Pet Corner, which has years of archived pet newsletters.  Use the search engine there.

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