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January 9, 2010

2010 NSP Kickoff

Join Vice President of U.S. English Sales, Craig Dalley, to learn about the great events, new products and other exciting things happening in 2010! !

Free Bottle of Chlorophyll

If you’re on the mailing list for NSP’s monthly newsletter, the issue that arrived this week gives you an opportunity to get a free bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll just by clicking on a link in the newsletter. The bottle will be included in your next order shipment which must be placed by February 15.

If you are still not receiving this newsletter, you can see why it’s important to get subscribed. Choose "Change Communication Settings" at this link after logging into .

Free Two-Week Trial of SunClick

SunClick™ is the latest technology in personalized health assessment and education. SunClick™ helps you to learn at your own pace, in a way that fits your style. You’ll learn the secrets of natural health experts, avoiding illness while enjoying a healthy active lifestyle. SunClick™ is interactive learning at its best. The regular price is $19.99 a month, so it’s a great deal.

Register now and receive a free two-week trial. Sign up for an annual membership and get two free months! See how your business can grow while you reach out to the world with natural health strategies that really work! Learn more and sign up at .

Here’s what one user recently said about SunClick!

"This program helps take so much of the guesswork out when putting together nutritional programs for clients, both in the areas of daily meals and supplementing with Nature’s Sunshine products. The assessments provide concrete answers and are easy to understand and follow. They really have helped my clients to wrap their minds around specific ways to achieve better health, what foods to eat and not eat, where their nutritional deficiencies and strengths lie, and what exercises are best for them at the time. Thank you for all your hard work in aligning this fabulous assessment with our needs as Natural Health Specialists at Nature’s Sunshine. I’ve only been using SunClick for a few months, but I feel it has already helped me to help others find better health." Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager

The Boomerang Air Sanitizer – A Great Deal

Everyone wants to breathe clean air and live healthier. And when you share the benefits of the new Boomerang Air Sanitizer, you’re sharing the key to cleaner living. Plus, you can earn up to $100 EXTRA every time you or one of your sponsored Members purchase a Boomerang!

Earning Bonuses Above Regular Commissions

You become eligible to participate by purchasing a Boomerang Air Sanitizer (Stock No. 7030-5, Direct Cost $495.00, QV 250) and by holding Manager status. NSP will keep track of how many Boomerangs you purchase, AND how many are purchased by Members of your group. You earn Boomerang Bonuses for every unit you or your group Members purchase according to this chart.

1 unit = $0 – You get your normal bonus on this first one you order under your account number. 2-9 units = $50/unit (plus your normal QV bonus) 10-19 units = $75/unit (plus your normal QV bonus) 20+ units = $100/unit (plus your normal QV bonus)

We decided to sell enough of them to make enough bonuses to buy one for our own home. We sold the fourth one when NSP had them on sale for $50 off. So that turned out to be exactly the commission we made by selling four of them.

We love it! As soon as we get any sign that we might be getting the sniffles, we turn it on and let it clean up the air, carpet and surfaces of the home to kill all those bugs. It has some impressive research:

One study measured reductions in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, on surfaces. The study also measured a 75% reduction in fungus/mold, bacteria, viruses and aeroallergens (pollen) in only eight hours of use! Additional studies showed that microbes exposed to Silver+ PCO technology over longer periods of time were almost completely eradicated. Studies conducted by West Texas A&M University confirm that Silver+ PCO technology purifies the air and sanitizes surfaces. Run it 24/7 with only 15 watts of power. Effective on MRSA and, in only 8 hours of use, produced a 75% reduction in fungus/mold, bacteria, viruses and aeroallergens. No maintenance or filter changes. For your home, office, business, or travel.

The system sanitizes 2,000 square feet of open space. You can run it 24 hours a day, since it is a 15 watt unit. Plus, no maintenance is required for three years! The unique boomerang shape allows for better air flow whether on a surface or mounted on a wall.

This is an exciting Nature’s Sunshine product and we’re blessed to be on the cutting edge of technology to sell it. Have you ?

Free NSP Product Focus Webinars

January 13 Topic:  New NSP Weight Loss Products

Join in for the live webinar or for 48 hours afterwards to watch it in the archive.

Register at

Listen by phone:  1-712-432-0453  Use PIN# 8626

Brand-New Health Education Seminars for 2010

This seminar is the perfect way to continue your natural health training and is ideal for friends and clients who are new to herbs and natural medicine. It’s not geared to business, so you don’t have to be a distributor to get benefits.

The price of $35 will remain. An amazingly low fee for an 8-hour seminar that includes your training materials. With the product specials offered only at the seminar, you can easily save that $35 on a personal order.

NSP’s 2010 Natural Health Education Seminar will feature three new topics:

• Brilliant Body – The Glandular System and the Digestive System
• If Only I Had More Energy: The Adrenal and Thyroid Gland Connection
• Parasites: The Uninvited Guests, Are You an Unknowing Host?

Right now NSP’s site shows last year’s topics, but they’ll get the info up there on these new topics.
Locations (subject to change):

Chambersburg, PA – 2/27
Austin, TX – 3/6
Clarmont, FL – 3/6
Oak Lawn, IL – 3/6
Parsippany, NJ – 3/6
Augusta, GA – 3/13
Bluffton, IN – 3/13
Greensburg, GA – 3/13
Omaha, NE – 3/13
Canton, OH – 3/20
Corydon, IN – 3/20
Portland, OR – 3/20
Tyler, TX – 3/20
Richmond, VA – 3/27

Registration:  1-800-223-8225

Glandular Focus for Health

Starting this month, many people will focus on their New Year’s resolutions, and for some, weight management and a healthy lifestyle will be a priority.

You may not personally have an interest in weight management, but you’ll meet a lot of people who do and understanding some of the root problems with it will allow you to be an encouragement to others. Besides, the more we understand about the body, the more we’ll be able to help ourselves and our family to wholeness.

Did you know January is also Thyroid Awareness month? The thyroid is a gland located in the front part of the neck, below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid produces hormones that regulate metabolism and are important in regulating energy, body temperature, basal metabolic rate, the use of other hormones, as well as helping to regulate growth and development. The thyroid gland and the other endocrine organs may play a role in how the body responds to changes in diet and exercise.

Take time to study about these magnificent body’s God gave us on this month’s .

Our Website Resources For You

The Herbs Place has years of archived natural health newsletters and nearly 2000 web pages of content accessible through the search engine.  You can also find natural solutions by using our online catalog.  Testimonials can’t be shown on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we provide success stories on The Frugal Life site.  Use this to find out what others have used for many health problems.

Pet Resources

Find herbal success stories for pets in the pet area of The Herbs Place website.  Also check out our dedicated pet website, Healthy Pet Corner, which has years of archived pet newsletters.  Use the search engine there.

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