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Sunshine Family Monthly News
January 5, 2007 Edition

A Note From Randal and Donna

We had a peaceful holiday filled with many little joys and opportunities to volunteer which is always rewarding.

It is said that volunteerism is at an all-tiem high.  That’s good news.  It certainly makes one feel good to share something of themselves.  We are all so talented.

Our weather here in Central Virginia has been really warm.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 77 degrees.  That’s just simply weird!  Global warming is becoming more of a reality around us all the time.

With the bareness of winter, the color of the birds is still a great joy and much entertainment for us.  Their antics make us giggle and the squirrels sometime have our tummies hurting from laughter.  They are expert entertainers.

We hope for each of you to have a very prosperous year in all areas of life, including Nature’s Sunshine.  It is so awesome to be able to Share Sunshine and make a difference in people’s lives and make money doing it.  It’s certainly different than all those people who are working jobs they do not like.  Dreams do come true … but we have to put our hand to the plow to make them happen.  May you have many dreams and inspirations for your life in 2007, and may many of them begin to take shape as you invest yourself into them.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!

Where To Begin?

A new year and a clean calendar.  Where to begin with your business building efforts comes to mind for many, especially if they are new to NSP.  This issue of our business newsletter has a lot of resource ideas for you to be able to get moving at any pace you want.  There’s more than enough for the entire year, but then the last thing we want to do as business builders is to not have something to do “tomorrow” to build our business.

Monthly Toll-Free Product Focus Call

Each month the NSP Training Department offers intense training on one NSP product.  Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone.  Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health  experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.

Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
Ask questions of product experts.
Take advantage of free training.

When:  Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Time:  6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
Topic:  Weight Loss
Guest Speaker:  Shirley Piccarreto, Rochester, NY
Product Focus:  7-Keto, Cellu-Smooth, Garcinia Combination, Nature’s Hoodia Formula, Nature’s Cortisol Formula, Xylitol line

Shirley Piccarreto’s experience and qualifications:
Naturopathic Doctor
B.S. Health & Wellness Counseling
Certified Herbalist and Instructor
Area Manager
11 Years NSP
Owner, Body Balance Systems – Professional Nutritional Consulting
Bally’s Total Fitness
12 Years
Corporate Fitness Director for NY State and Toronto
Former aerobic instructor, personal trainer & Miss Monroe County 1986 (body building) – Lightweight division, 1st place.

Information is online here:

At the scheduled time dial our Focus Call number, 1-800-432-6383, and enter PIN 8626#.

NSP Product Recipe

Good-For-You Chocolate Cake

Although I gave up chocolate 8 years ago, some people do not have the addiction that I had, so it’s a nice treat.  This recipe is from NSP, but I’ve added some comments in parentheses also.

1 can (15 oz.) whole beets, drained (save juice for recipe)
1 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
½ cup beet juice
¾ cup Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol
¼ teaspoon salt
1 ¾ cup flour (whole wheat pastry flour suggested)
1 ½ teaspoons baking soda
3 (1 oz.) squares of unsweetened chocolate, melted (you could substitute 3 oz. of carob chips)

Sift together salt, flour and baking soda. Set aside. Place beets in blender and puree. Add xylitol, oil and beet juice to blender. Blend and add eggs and vanilla. Blend well. Pour beet mixture in mixing bowl and add dry ingredients. Mix on medium speed for one minute. Stir in melted chocolate. Pour batter in two greased and floured 9-inch cake pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 25–30 minutes. Remove from pans and let cool. Top with Chocolate Ganache. For best results, eat this cake the following day. Serves 10.

Informative Health and Business Information Online
From Nature’s Sunshine Manager Extra, December 2006

The Internet is the first place many people turn for information ranging from local movie listings to breaking news. It can be a valuable resource tool for your business. You can find the latest news on the health industry or find monographs on medicinal herbs. Other sites can give you ideas for building your business. Next time you surf the web, check out some of the following informative sites.

Herb and Dietary Supplement Resources

PDR Health

PDR Health is an online source of health-related information that is written with the consumer in mind. It is broken into four main sections: disease overviews, treatment options, drug information (includes information on prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, herbs and nutritional supplements) and clinical trials.


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia and has become the largest reference source on the Internet. Type in the name of an herb, supplement, health condition, etc., and you will be guided to entries with extensive information. One word of caution: Anyone with computer access to Wikipedia can edit the entries. As a result, the entries are quite up to date, but there can also be significant misinformation.

Dietary Supplement Information Bureau

This website contains information about the supplement industry as well as herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. It also has a link to an online version of the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau’s publication, Field Guide to Herbal Dietary Supplements.

Health and Nutrition Resources

Discovery Health

The site contains sections on Diet and Nutrition and Healthy Living and pays special attention to alternative health.

Mayo Clinic

The renowned Mayo Clinic weighs in on health and healthy lifestyles. This site covers health and nutrition at every stage in life.

Business Building Resources

NSP Forum

The NSP forum is not affiliated with Nature’s Sunshine. It is, however, a place where NSP Managers and Members discuss products and business.  The archives have a lot of information on specific health problems.

NSP Business Builders

This Yahoo group focuses on building a Nature’s Sunshine business. Distributors share their tips and experience with building a business. It has ideas for those who own stores, have a home-based business, run an Internet business, are consultants, and more. It is not affiliated with Nature’s Sunshine.

Qualifications for 2007 Convention Cruise

NSP’s eight-day Caribbean cruise will be the longest convention we’ve ever had.  They make it pretty easy to earn these anniversary conventions, so be sure you check qualifications to be on target to go.  They began on September 1 and go until May 31, 2007.  The cruise is in October 2007.  NSP will have the entire ship and it’s a ship geared for family fun, so you can bring your entire family.

If you’re not at Manager level yet, that’s your first goal.  You must be a Manager to earn convention.  If you become a new Manager during the qualification period, you can still earn convention by averaging the amount of QV required.

There are two ways to earn convention:

Method 1 – Group QV Increase

Convention for 2: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period  by at least 600 QV/month, compared to the same period in the prior year.

Convention for 1: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period  by at least 400 QV/month, compared to the same period in the prior year.

Method 2 – Total Group QV

Convention for 2: Accumulate a total of 90,000 Group QV during the qualification period.

Convention for 1: Accumulate a total of 60,000 Group QV during the qualification period.

Bonus QV: Many NSP Managers have earned Bonus QV. This Bonus QV will be applied automatically to your actual Group QV during the qualifi cation period (for both methods).

Breakout Bonus QV: You’ll receive 500 Bonus QV for each new Manager you break out during the qualifi cation period (for both methods).

NSP Home Spa Support

This Yahoo-based group is a place for those interested in Aromatherapy HomeSpa party plans and building their Nature’s Sunshine business using this wonderful opportunity.

NSP Advisor

This Yahoo-based group features many wonderful NSP managers along with Steven Horne answering questions. Post your questions regarding various health concerns and receive feedback based on Nature’s Sunshine products.

NSP Product Changes

Be sure to check this area of the NSP site for product updates, such as discontinued products and reformulations.  Find them here:

Reference and Educational Materials Vendors

Nature’s Treasure Chest

This A_Z index card file of 290 ailments has been a foundational resource for us for many years when we were dealing with individual health problems in a shop and retail store environment.  We placed them in a photo album to allow customers to flip through for their own health issue and to get ideas on what products to use.  It is authored by Joan Vandergriff N.D. who is an NSP Senior National Manager.

Nature’s Treasure Chest Guide to NSP Products

This is an A-Z index card file of 340 NSP products with detailed explanations of traditional uses for the products and and herbal recommendations on what uses they have.  It is authored by Joan Vandergriff N.D. and Darin Wedel with the latest research from the National Library of Medicine (Pubmed database).  It includes references to controlled double-blind clinical trials.

Herb Allure

HART Master Reference – NSP Product Reference provides detailed product handouts with scientific research for all NSP products. Available as a book and in CD form.

Tree of Light Publishing

Herbal Hour videos, correspondance courses, seminars, books, Sunshine Sharing newsletters and more.

NSP On Tape

Providing tapes and cd’s of Convention lectures and product focus calls for over 20 years.

Sound Concepts

The Untold Truth CD’s, Booklets and flyers as well as other educational materials including newspapers and Thai-go product information.

Aromatherapy Reference Tools

Larissa Jones has done many of the aromatherapy and essential oil seminars, convention workshops and materials for NSP.  Her books, tapes and Aromatherapy correspondance course are excellent resources for those building their NSP business around the Home Spa or essential oil products.

The Untold Truth Package

The Untold Truth seminar is a great kick-off to build business as you educate with information and then take orders for solutions …. but there isn’t one nearby everybody every  month.

You can get the information from the Untold Truth Sampler Kit produced and sold by Sound Concepts.  Here’s the scoop about it:

This is the perfect sampler kit for the person looking for a little bit of everything. Included is 1 book, 1 brochure, and 1 CD of each of these health topics:

ABC’s of Children’s Health, Whole Body Cleanse, Running on Empty, Colon in Crisis, Estrogen Overload, The Diabetes Epidemic, Reversing Heart Disease, America Stressed Out, Thai-go, and Transform Your Health/Shape.  Cost is $39.00

Here’s the website that sells it:

Not much of an investment to increase your knowledge one subject at a time and have the resources needed to share the information with others.  CD’s for those who prefer to listen and booklets for those who like to read.

You can build your business just by listening to what health problems people are talking about and then asking them if they would like to read (or listen to) some information on a natural health solution.

Business Tip:   Whether it’s the Untold Truth materials or any others you share, ALWAYS give them only a few days to borrow the material stating that you have somebody else you also want to share it with.  That keeps you looking for others who need it and it means you will get it back before it gets lost in somebody’s pile of books and magazines.  After the agreed amount of time (about 4-5 days) check back with them to see if they have any questions and to find out when you can pick-up the book.

Untold Truth Seminar Testimonials

I’m really excited to move into the Untold Truth series and teach this way because these are the interest areas of the general public right now. The sky’s the limit on where you can take this information because you can do this module by module or the whole thing in a series. The information is fantastic. It’s better than we even expected and we had high expectations to begin with. – Ginny Stafford

I had eight people attend this one. Now I can go home with this booklet they’ve given us. It’s a marketing tool, it’s convenient, it’s handy, it’s small, and I’m going to share with everyone. The information is easy to read. If they’re not readers, they can listen to it. It’s another delivery system to get our information out to people. – Kimberly Born

Never ceases to amaze me how NSP really stays on the cutting edge of things and how there’s always new information. I even brought a medical doctor with me and there were things here that he had never heard about. There were things here that were really refreshing. Laurence brings it all into focus. Personal, informative, not overbearing, good pace. Very well-balanced. – Richard Richman

I make a point to go to every school that was ever offered. This school today just absolutely topped everything. We are very thankful and appreciative. We will take the material and pass it on. Laurence was fantastic.The brand new people were totally impressed and encouraged and the people who have done consultations for years and years were equally [impressed]. Going home with this material is a total treasure. I think that my business is going to take a big upswing. We’re very thankful for these tools. – Lili Bayt

The Untold Truth seminar is absolutely phenomenal. Our presenter has been wonderful and the material is very fluid, it’s very easy to assimilate. I cannot say enough about it. I would encourage even people who are naturopaths and they think they know a lot to come. Because for me it was more deepening. It’s clarifying my goals for me, how I want to help my clients. Every single topic that was touched on, I deal with every single day. We have a lot of people to help: diabetics, heart cardiovascular situation, hormonal imbalance. The material was very, very excellent and useful. I hope Nature’s Sunshine will repeat this. And if that’s not possible, get the materials. – Farideh Naraghi

I want to thank NSP for bringing the new Untold Truth series to each one of us. I think that the impact it’s going to have on our business is going to be phenomenal. If we take the time to study it, and strategize and really use the tools that are being provided for us. I think Nature’s Sunshine always stays on the edge and continues to bring us tools, and we need to make sure and we use them out here in the field. I firmly believe that. – Hannah Pavick

Welcome to Our Soon To Be New Managers

Amy Zobel – Tipton, Iowa

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