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Early Chinese records indicate that soybeans were honored as one of the “five ancient grains.” Soy is rich in protein and is commonly used in meat replacement.

Nature's Sunshine Phyto-Soy contains a standardized powdered soy extract that provides a high level of isoflavonoids.

• Supports the immune system by inhibiting enzymes involved in cellular damage.
• Helps balance important hormone levels.
• Supports the circulatory system in regulating cholesterol levels.

Soy contains phytoestrogens—plant hormones weaker than human estrogens that may help reduce the risk of certain cancers and help balance hormone levels. Phytoestrogens block harmful estrogens from being absorbed by the body. One group of phytoestrogens— isoflavonoids—is found in great concentration in soybeans and soy products. Isoflavonoids appear to lower estrogen production in younger women.

NSP Phyto-Soy is super-concentrated to contain 48 times more isoflavonoids than comparable amounts of tofu, 25 times more than tempeh, and 10 times more than roasted soybeans. Our product delivers 10 percent isoflavones, so you take fewer capsules. NSP soy is not genetically modified, so you get nothing but pure, natural soy—the way soy was meant to be.

Research indicates that an isoflavonoid called genistein blocks blood vessels from attaching themselves to tumors. All cells (and tumors) need oxygen and nutrients to live. By blocking the blood flow to tumors, genistein helps prevent these nutrients from reaching tumors.

Scientists at the Texas University M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston theorize that soybeans (and soy products) also contain a substance called protease inhibitor, which interferes with cancer cell proliferation at both early and later stages of development.

NSP Phyto-Soy contains a powdered soy extract, standardized to 10 percent isoflavones.

Take 1 capsule with meals three times daily. Three capsules daily provide 36 mg isoflavones (genistein, daidzein and glycitein).

  • QV: 16.6

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(90 capsules), Stock No. 4981-5

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