Black Cohosh
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Black Cohosh

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Black Cohosh has been valued by many societies for its nutritional support of the female reproductive system. It has been clinically studied for more than 40 years for its ability to reduce menopausal discomfort in women.

Women of all ages experience conditions relating to the glandular and reproductive systems, including menstrual and menopausal cycles and stages. Black cohosh can help.

It has long been valued by many societies for the way it nourishes the female reproductive system. Many women use black cohosh for nutritional support during menopause and find that it helps calm uncomfortable but normal menopausal symptoms.

Black cohosh supports the body’s effort to balance hormone levels. Proper hormone levels promote healthy reproductive function in every stage of a woman’s life.

• Supports the female reproductive system.
• Promotes balanced hormone levels.
• Calms premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.
• Helps ease common symptoms of menopause.

How It Works
Low estrogen levels have been linked to common female reproductive problems. Black cohosh possesses mild estrogenic properties and helps balance female hormone levels by binding to estrogen receptor sites. Balanced hormone levels help ease common menopausal symptoms.

Black cohosh also has antispasmodic properties and helps relax muscle spasms, including those associated with premenstrual and menstrual cycles and stages.

Nature's Sunshine Advantage
Offering the most pure, highest grade of naturally grown black cohosh available.

Each capsule contains 525 mg of black cohosh.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this product.

Recommended Use
Take 1 capsule with a meal twice daily.

  • QV: 18.4

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Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh

(100 capsules) - Stock No. 80-3

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