Diffuser, Nebulizing Essential Oil
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  • Diffuser, Nebulizing Essential Oil
  • Diffuser, Nebulizing Essential Oil

Professional Series Nebulizing Diffuser

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• Produces a micro-fine vapor of essential oil molecules without the aid of heat or water.
• Essential oil bottles attach directly to the diffuser, making use a breeze!

How It Works
Introducing a truly revolutionary tool in aromatherapy. This powerful, compact, all-in-one essential oil nebulizing diffuser is the professional choice.

Change oil in seconds with the innovative 'quick-change' system. Simply insert a new bottle of oil at any time without the worries of mixing, spilling or messes.

Easy-to-use timing controls provide exceptional flexibility and convenience.

State-of-the-art cold diffusion technology preserves the natural essence of essential oils by transforming them into a micro-fine vapor without the use of heat or water. These micro particles permeate the air, filling it with luxurious fragrance.

• Built-in timers and power control
• Revolutionary technology nebulizes micro-fine essential oil vapor
• Quick-change atomizers make changing oil a breeze
•; Powerful, effective and easy to use

Contents Include
• Nebulizing Diffuser
• A/C Adapter
• Instruction Manual

Recommended Use
Easy to use. Full instruction manual provided.

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So Simple & Easy

This unit is terrific. I couldn't tell how it really worked looking at it online and reading the info, but it said it was simple, so I did it. The other one this place carries was much cheaper but I could tell by looking at it that it was more complicated and would be hard to clean. This you twist off the bottle, take out the atomizer and let it soak in alcohol for an hour and that's it! And they give you two bottles so you don't even have to wait for that one to be clean. I used Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils since I wanted to clear up congested lungs. You can set it to turn on and off automatically, or just set the timer and let it run. I only wanted to do 5 min. at a time, so I just set it on 5 and then turned it off when it stopped. You can also set how much of a flow you want to come out. I chose lowest and you could feel, smell & know the oils were going into the cells because this unit takes them down to a size that can be absorbed into the lung cells. The way it comes out of that upward turned spout was perfect to sit it on my chest and place it an inch from my mouth and breathe deep for 5 min. Aromatherapy units don't have that power nor do they usually work without heating. This doesn't heat. I'm just thrilled. It's a cute little unit.

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    Professional Series Nebulizing Diffuser

    Professional Series Nebulizing Diffuser

    Stock No. 3963-5

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