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About Us
We have personally used natural foods for our pets since 1978 and learned about using herbs for pet health problems in 1982. What we learn, we have always shared. We've received many great "success stories" over the years. We would like to help you learn more about natural solutions for your pets.

About Pet Diseases
Pets are developing diseases that were unheard of years ago, such as diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney diseases, not to mention the increased medical cost for treating these diseases. We do not want to replace good veterinary care and routine check-ups, but wouldn't it make sense to keep our pets as healthy as possible to prevent these illnesses and diseases, or to lessen the severity of them?

About Pet Nutrition
Nutritious, human-grade ingredient pet foods are key to maintaining health in your pet. We have been using natural pet foods since 1978 and found that it reduced our vet bills tremendously. Much of what had appeared to be health problems were caused by nutrient deficiencies and pet-grade ingredients in the pet foods we were feeding them. When we began to give them the nutrition they needed, the common health problems went away, such as dry skin and hair loss, worms, fleas, allergies, hyperactive behavior, and more. Having herbs and supplements added to a pet food ensures getting the pet's intake of the health benefits without the hassle of administering.

We are what we eat .... that applies to pets too!
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The information provided on our pets site is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases. If your pet has a serious problem, we recommend you consult a competent veterinarian. There are now many holistic veterinarians available. Give careful consideration to the types of modalities you want to accept for your pet. All options shown at the site link are not necessarily endorsed by

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