November 14, 2002 Edition

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On-the-job exposure to organic solvents may increase a person's risk of
developing multiple sclerosis (MS), an inflammatory condition of the central
nervous system, new study findings from Norway suggest.

No one knows what causes MS, which occurs when the body's immune system
mistakenly attacks the protective myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers in
the brain and spine. Symptoms of MS include muscle weakness and stiffness,
balance and coordination problems, numbness and vision disturbances.

Previous studies have suggested that a history of exposure to organic
solvents may increase one's MS risk. To further investigate the association,
lead author Dr. Trond Riise and colleagues from the University of Bergen
studied nearly 12,000 people identified as working as painters in a 1970
census. The researchers followed the group until the end of 1986.

Painters are known to be routinely exposed to various organic solvents such
as toluene, white spirit and xylene, the authors note in their report in the
November issue of the journal Epidemiology.

For comparison sake, Riise's team also followed 36,899 construction workers
and 9,314 food processing workers for the same period, who were not believed
to have been exposed to organic solvents.

At the end of the study period, a review of disability pensions revealed
that 9 painters, 12 construction workers and 6 food workers were diagnosed
with MS, the researchers report.

"The risk of receiving a disability pension because of MS among painters was
twice as high as among the combined group of workers in construction and
food processing," the authors write.

Since occupational exposure to organic solvents is the major difference
between the two groups, Riise and colleagues conclude that their "findings
are therefore consistent with the hypothesis that exposure to organic
solvents might increase the risk of developing MS."

The investigators call for more research on the association between the
chemicals and MS risk.

SOURCE: Epidemiology 2002;13:718-720.



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Q. What about my dry skin, is there anything other than lotions that can

A. Dry skin is merely reflecting the health of your body from within. When
we use lotions they are good to use topically but they normally don't get to
the root cause.

Usually, it is a lack of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's for short). EFA's are
a special kind of dietary oil that is very important in building hormones
for the glandular system. Without the proper kind and amount of EFA's our
glandular systems can begin to lack the proper chemical messengers called
hormones. These messengers cause the different glands to work properly or
not if the proper number and kind of hormones aren't present.

Also, taking EFA's begins to replenish the skin and restore its suppleness
and reduce the dryness. Many clients have experienced great relief and
improvement to their glandular system as well as their skin being less dry
by consuming either of the following products.
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The mission of CNH is to protect every citizen's right to natural health
freedom of choice. This includes the practitioner's right to practice and
the consumer's right to access natural health options. CNH actively opposes
legislation that would restrict or revoke a practitioners right to provide
consultation and make recommendations aimed at educating the consumer about
natural health-related techniques and choices that promote a healthier
lifestyle. CNH actively supports legislation that protects rights of natural
healers and practitioners of holistic health modalities to practice. CNH
also diligently attempts to educate consumers and legislators alike,
regarding the role of natural health modalities in promoting wellness.


Pastor Jim's Bungee Jump

Pastor Jim was called to pastor a large Southern Baptist Church in San
Antonio, Texas. He had been pastoring a middle sized church in Minnesota and
arrived on a Monday in San Antonio. He was greeted warmly and moved into the
parsonage and his first official meeting was on Tuesday evening with his

"Brothers, I am interested in getting to know you and request your help in
doing this by meeting here at the church Saturday morning at 8:00. While in
Minnesota, I learned to enjoy bungee jumping and I felt it would be nice to
fellowship down at that high bridge over the Medina River. I will make a
jump and show you how it's done and perhaps you may like to try it also."

Saturday morning the deacons were all at the church and got into the church
van and headed to the Medina River. Once they arrived, the group went to the
bridge and observed a Mexican American family having a reunion below. At
that Pastor Jim said, "I don't think it will be a real problem, I know the
stretch on the cord and I will tie it off so we won't disturb that family."

Pastor Jim tied off the cord, put on his harness and climbed to the top of
the hand rail, and with that he jumped. As he got close to the bottom a huge
cloud of dust arose with a bunch of gleeful laughter and shouts. Suddenly he
arose and yelled, "HELP!!" The deacons reached out for him but missed. Again
Pastor Jim went down and again a huge cloud of dust, laughter, and screams
arose. As Pastor Jim came back up, all eight deacons reached out and grabbed

When he stood once again firmly on the bridge he asked, "Guys, what is a


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