Herb and supplement sales is a good industry choice for building an income.  With the rising costs of health care and medicines, these statistics are continually rising.  So, let us address some of your possible questions:

Benefits of Choosing Nature's Sunshine

Network marketing provides a tremendous opportunity for self-employment. The first consideration is the company going to be around after you've built a group of your own distributors.

Nature's Sunshine (NSP) began in 1972 and is now located in over 30 countries. You can sponsor internationally or work solely within your own country.

The Nature's Sunshine product line includes over 600 of the best available selection of herbs, herbal combinations, vitamins, minerals, children's supplements and "4 Kids Too" products, Chinese TCM herbal combinations, effective weight loss products, fitness products, essential oils, skin & hair products, water treatment system, lifetime stainless steel cookware, and more! With Nature's Sunshine it is like one-stop shopping for all your natural health needs. You've got a large target market venue to work with.

Make sure you have quality products to sell. With the popularity of herbs and supplements, a lot of companies have sprung up in a popular marketplace, but they don't have a Health Sciences Department or the equipment to do proper testing. Even many of the older companies still rely on outside testing and don't really know what's in the raw materials they use for their products. NSP has made the investment in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure purity and potency. Their quality control ensures pharmaceutical standards even though it is not required within the supplement industry.

NSP has always had a "People-to-People" philosophy. It's not a lot of rah-rah and forced products to purchase. You control how quickly you want to grow.

The company was founded for the same reason that we enjoy Nature's Sunshine products. The founder had a health problem and tried an herb for it and it worked, so he began sharing with others. That's what NSP is all about - caring and sharing!

No inventory needed. You can place orders for your new members and then they can order for themselves since anybody can order direct from the warehouse at 40% off retail. This simplifies your daily business model. This includes retail orders with your retail markup profit included in your commission check.

NSP processes the credit card and ships for you. No packing or trips to UPS or the Post Office. NSP ships from four (4) warehouses by UPS so orders are received quickly. If you get your order in before noon [warehouse time] it will ship the same day.

If you'd like to do an online business and don't have the time or skill to build a site and maintain it, they offer My NSP websites. They'll keep it up to date and it will process your orders. All you need to do is send people to it.

Yes, you can sell the products in a retail store. This means you can sponsor retail stores and other businesses.

Nature's Sunshine Customer Service - With "same day" shipping, reasonable shipping fees, and specials offered, they provide product and value not only to your customers and members, but also to you when you have questions.

Earning potential is hard to beat when you compare NSP to other marketing plans. You begin earning 10% commission at $100 a month and at only $1000 a month volume you earn Manager status and get 27%. If you sell at retail, you get the 40% markup. On top of these figures you also earn overrides on the Managers you've sponsored (and on those they sponsor). Besides the great commissions, there are trips and the NSP Car Plan.

Why Join Nature's Sunshine At The Herbs Place?

We are committed to helping you reach whatever level you desire within the NSP marketing plan. We can't do the work for you, but we've done NSP in many ways. In home, in office, in retail store and now strictly online. Where there's a desire, there's a way. We began with NSP in 1982 and they've been buying our cars since 1991. We've traveled around the world thanks to trips we've earned with NSP, such as Seattle, Malaysia, Washington, DC, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Nashville, Loveboat Cruise, Spain, Boston, Alaska Cruise, Singapore, Thailand, Canada/New England Cruise, New Orleans, Southern California, Baltic Sea Cruise, Dallas, Hawaii, San Francisco and more.

The internet makes many people very independent, but we're here by email and phone to work with you as you have the need. We're not the pushy types that are continually calling you, but we consider our business-builders very important and are available to you Monday through Friday and are willing to respond even on Saturday if you let us know during the week. The best way to reach us is the contact form on the website or by the toll-free number. We provide additional support and training options. We are here to help. Nature's Sunshine has been a full-time business for both of us (Randal and Donna Watkins) since 1988. We are both officers of the corporation.

NSP's vast product line allows you to choose a "niche" within the product line so you can begin right away without knowing about all of the products. Robin Sockness has built her NSP business by working with pets. She focused on "five little bottles of herbs," as she puts it, that made up the Herbal Heartworm Program. In less than a year she was making $1200 a month with a dedicated two-hour time slot six days a week. She wanted to have extra money to give to her local shelter and found that she had enough to remodel their home. Read comments from others we have sponsored.

What about the Bonus Plan?

You build QV with your own orders and everybody's that you sign up. You must have a personal QV of $100 monthly to qualify for a bonus check. This keeps the marketing plan from being a "pyramid scheme." That $100 can include orders you place for customers, co-workers or family.

NSP offers two commission plans.

The Classic Membership is for those who are going to create a business by reselling the NSP products. This would be a retail store, a consulting business, massage, website sales, etc. - where your own amount of sales will be your main focus, with sponsoring other distributors as a secondary focus.

If your signup order is over $100.00 QV you will receive an electronic $15.00 product credit posted to your account by Nature's Sunshine. Beginning with your second order, you are paid on the QV figure. 
(QV = Qualifying Volume which is usually the same value as cost)

$100 - $299.99 QV = 10% bonus rebate
$300 - $599.99 QV = 12% bonus rebate
$600 - $999.99 QV = 18% bonus rebate
$1000 - $2999.99 = 27% bonus rebate - At 1,000 QV you become a Manager.
$3000 over = 30% rebate

Example: If you have only $1000 a month in sales you would make $270. If you had $3000 QV in a month, you would earn $900 commission. In addition to this amount of bonus, you would make the retail markup on any products you sold at retail price.

In addition to these bonus rebates, you receive Manager overrides if you are a Manager and have other Managers under you:

12% on your 1st level Managers
4% on 2nd level Managers
2% for 3rd level Managers
.5% - 2% depending on rank for 4th level Managers
.5% - 1% depending on rank for 5th level Managers

The Legacy Membership provides better payouts for those who want to build a network marketing (MLM) group of managers. Focusing on finding business builders/distributors rather than selling a lot of one-on-one product. This plan has higher commissions paid to you on your downline managers and less on your personal sales.

You are paid on the QV figure. 
(QV = Qualifying Volume which is usually the same value as cost)

$100 - $499.99 QV = 10% bonus rebate
$500 - $999.99 QV = 15% bonus rebate
$1000+ = 20% bonus rebate - At 1,000 QV you become a Manager.

Example: If you have only $1000 a month in sales you would make $200. If you had $3000 QV in a month, you would earn $600 commission. In addition to this amount of bonus, you would make the retail markup on any products you sold at retail price.

These personal bonus rebates are less than the Classic Plan on your personal group sales because the Legacy Plan provides higher payouts on your overrides earned from what your Managers do. Those you sponsor into the business with your focus on building a depth of managers in a network marketing group.

10% on 1st level Managers
7% on 2nd level Managers
4-6% for 3rd level Managers (depending on your personal rank)
3-5% for 4th and 5th level Managers (depending on your personal rank)
5% for 6th level Managers (Global Elite rank required)
1% for 7th level Managers (Global Elite rank required)

When you contact us, we can send you links to get more information on both of these plans.

Don't forget to consider the additional rewards of the NSP Car Plan (monthly payments from $250 - $1000) and the wonderful trips and conferences you can earn.

Nature's Sunshine Products Home-Based Business


Let's Get Started

Step #1 is deciding how you want to do your NSP business. What type of business model and focus do you desire to have? NSP has a lot of options within their product line.

Personal Websites can get your business going quickly. You can spend your time promoting your site and products while the site processes the orders.

There are no fees to become a distributor. Place a $40 or more product order (shipping and tax not included) and your membership is free. You will need to place your order by phone just call 434-591-1249. Or, you can go to Our Opportunity Page. We look forward to working with you.

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