Stomach Comfort Comparison

An independent lab tested Nature's Sunshine Stomach Comfort against three random samples of popular, over-the-counter antacid products to see how much acid each would neutralize. Here's the story:

Since high levels of stomach acid can lead to many forms of discomfort (heartburn, indigestion, etc.), the product that neutralizes the most acid in a given time period should provide superior relief.

Using pre-established scientific testing methods, we placed a sample equivalent to one tablet of each product into separate beakers containing 70 ml of water plus 30 ml of hydrochloric acid (the same acid found in the stomach) and stirred for 15 minutes. Then we measured the amount of acid remaining in each beaker. Deducting this from the original 30 ml of acid, we calculated how much acid was neutralized in each beaker.

As you can see, Nature's Sunshine Stomach Comfort neutralized more acid than the three competitors, providing 12.5 - 50% more relief per tablet .

comparison graph