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Detox Basics

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(30 day program), Stock No. 3986-5 QV - 54.55

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• Supports gut health and microbiome balance*
• Supports liver health and detoxification*
• Provides daily support for the natural elimination processes of the liver, kidneys and bowel*
• Provides powerful antioxidants to help fight free radicals*
• Supports the liver, circulatory, glandular and immune systems*
• Offers a shelf-stable product that requires no refrigeration*
• Is safe for daily use*


How It Works
Detox BasicsTM provides your body with the nutrients it needs to help neutralize, prepare and convert toxins for transport and elimination on a daily basis.*

Vitamin A, Berberine from Indian Barberry root, N-Acetyl Cysteine (glutathione precursor), Vitamin C, Milk Thistle seed extract, Dandelion root, Bacillus coagulans (shelf-stable probiotic), Inositol, Choline bitartrate, Turmeric rhizome and prebiotic fiber (food for probiotics).

Recommended Use
Take the contents of one packet (2 tablets, 4 capsules) before a meal, once daily.

  • QV: 54.55

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Detox Basics

Detox Basics

(30 day program), Stock No. 3986-5

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