Each Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrate (TCM) product is a carefully prepared whole-herb powdered extract of our current formulas. In the extraction process, the entire herb formula is percolated at a temperature low enough to minimize evaporation and the breakdown of active constituents, but high enough to allow the synergistic interaction to occur. This is different than Western philosophy, which concentrates individual herbs and later combines them. In TCM, the entire formula of Chinese herbs is extracted together as a whole. the resulting products are highly potent. This TCM concentrate is 4-9 times as potent as the original comparable Chinese formula.
Blood Stimulator TCM Conc.
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Blood Stimulator TCM Conc.

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(30 capsules), Stock No. 1005-9 QV - 37.4

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Clearing the blood of impurities is a safe way to prevent tissue degeneration. By strengthening body-wide cleansing mechanisms already in place, you allow your purified blood to deliver more nutrients and carry away more cellular toxins. The result? You feel better and body tissues heal more quickly. Chinese Blood Build is called "Bu Xue" in Chinese, meaning “to nurture the blood.”

• Enhances bodily function by improving blood quality and circulation.
• Helps strengthen the immune system.
• Encourages overall feeling of well-being.
• Soothes the nerves and muscles.
• Helps maintain healthy skin complexion.


How It Works
In addition to the kidneys, the liver is a major facilitator of blood purity. But an effective blood cleanser must deal with all of the cleansing organs, including the colon and skin. Not only does BP-C help the body get rid of irritating toxins, it works to prevent more toxic buildup. This herbal combination is “adaptogenic,” meaning it has a tonic effect on the glandular system. This helps normalize hormone production to relieve the stress that comes from hormone imbalance.


Nature's Sunshine Advantage
Using the expertise of a respected Chinese herbalist, NSP developed this unique formula to be an effective adjunct to the daily diet. Only the finest raw materials are used, and each has a long history of known benefits in the Chinese culture.


Eighteen herbs contribute to the synergistic power of this popular formula. Dong quai and peony have traditionally been used to support the liver, to promote digestion and for mood enhancement. Rehmannia, bupleurum, ganoderma and astragalus function much like myrrh gum to enhance the immune system. Also included are lycium, cornus, curcuma, salvia, ho shou wu, atractylodes, achyranthes, ligustrum, alisma, ligusticum, panax ginseng and cyperus herbs.


Recommended Use
Take 2 capsules with a meal daily.


NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.

  • QV: 37.4

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Blood Stimulator TCM Conc.

Blood Stimulator TCM Conc.

(30 capsules), Stock No. 1005-9

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