Each Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrate (TCM) product is a carefully prepared whole-herb powdered extract of our current formulas. In the extraction process, the entire herb formula is percolated at a temperature low enough to minimize evaporation and the breakdown of active constituents, but high enough to allow the synergistic interaction to occur. This is different than Western philosophy, which concentrates individual herbs and later combines them. In TCM, the entire formula of Chinese herbs is extracted together as a whole. the resulting products are highly potent. This TCM concentrate is 4-9 times as potent as the original comparable Chinese formula.
Anti-Gas TCM Conc.
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Anti-Gas TCM Conc.

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Chinese Anti-Gas is a formula combining 15 herbs. Its Chinese name 'xiao dao' can be translated to “clear the congestion.” It supports both the digestive and detoxifying functions of the body, including the urinary system.

The primary herbs in Anti-Gas are gastrodia, agastache, crataegus and hoelen. Under Chinese philosophy, this formula is designed to move energy to the head and support the natural elimination of excess moisture and toxins. Anti-Gas contains:

Proprietary blend of the following herbs.

Agastache tops (Agastache rugosa)

Crataegus fruit (Crataegus pinnatifida)

Hoelen sclerotium (Poria cocos)

Magnolia bark (Magnolia liliflora and officinalis)

Oryza fruit (Oryza sativa)

Shen-chu whole plant (Xanthium stramonium)

Citrus peel (Citrus aurantium)

Gastrodia rhizome (Gastrodia elata)

Ginseng root (Panax ginseng)

Typhonium rhizome (Typhonium flagelliforme)

Atractylodes rhizome (Atractylodes lancea)

Cardamon fruit (Amomum villosum)

Platycodon root (Platycodon grandiflorum)

Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale)

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis)

Recommended Use
Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.


NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.

  • QV: 27.85

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Anti-Gas TCM Conc.

Anti-Gas TCM Conc.

(30 capsules), Stock No. 1018-9

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