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A Touch of Nature - 1/15/03

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January 15, 2003 Issue
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BIRDS burn a lot of energy trying to keep warm through the long, cold nights. So they need high-calorie foods to replenish that energy. What can you serve that's rich in calories and a favorite food of every species from bluebirds to woodpeckers? Suet!

SUET is essential in winter for many birds that don't migrate, including chickadees, nuthatches and titmice. In spring and summer, Suet attracts lots of other species, particularly when they need a quick meal to feed their hungry youngsters. If you keep your suet feeder full all year long, you'll see birds that don't frequent bird seed feeders!

Be a bird caretaker :-)



These characters can mimic many birds, frogs and even human voices. Their
song is clear and powerful. Related to thrushes and wrens, they enjoy the
scrub or forest understory, mostly foraging on the ground on ground-living
anthropods and fruits and berries when in season. They will defend their
territories even against other family members and generally live alone or in
pairs which often remain together in successive seasons. You'll find their
rather bulky and untidy nests in dense vegetation or on the ground. They
lay from 2-5 eggs that incubate for 12-13 days and are raised in about the
same amount of time.


This is one critter that has been in the news for the wrong reasons this
past year. They're in hibernation now. We are building in the woods and
it's in bear country, so we've been studying a lot about them to reaffirm
the fact that they are not a threat unless we train them to be. Learn more about black bears

GARDENING FOR WILDLIFE- Restoring the Balance

Isn't it nice not having to mow the lawn in the winter? Wouldn't you like
to have that enjoyment all year round? Read on....


For over a century now, traditional American landscaping has focused on
maintaining a perfectly manicured green lawn. Yet, turf grass provides
little wildlife value and requires an abundance of water, fertilizers, and
pesticides. Additionally, lawn mowers are fossil fuel-dependent and pollute
the air. Get some tips on converting that time and resource-consuming
space into habitat

"GREEN" INFO- Making It a Way of Life!

We're trying to build as green as possible on the house we've got under
construction. It's a challenge but has been a great learning experience. I
mentioned a site previously that explained how we know what is green and
what's not. This is a site for businesses that may be interested in the
same topic.


More and more businesses are finding ways to build green. An
"environmentally smart" building meets the building's present and future
needs without compromising the health of our environment. Through gaining
knowledge from interviews with expert architects and environmentalists, this
information is vital to anyone (not just architects!) who is interested in
protecting our environment. Learn about the importance of Green
: it saves money, reduces the use of our natural resources, reuses
land (Brownfields), and provides a healthy work environment.


(RBRC) can help you recycle your portable rechargeable batteries. These
batteries are commonly found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless
phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital cameras, and remote control
toys. RBRC recycles the following portable rechargeable battery chemistries:
Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion),
and Small Sealed Lead (Pb)

Find the nearest recycling center in USA and Canada


"There's naught as nice as the' smell o' good clean earth,
except the' smell o' fresh growin' things
when the' rain falls on 'em."

Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


This one is from my Auntie Carolyn. Send me yours!

A mouse came in the garage last night and got in his usual trap for the
night, with his food, so I went out and covered the trap with three towels,
and placed him on a piece of foam to keep him warm until morning. When I
went to let him out, he had the towels pieces in a soft ball for himself.

The mouse trap is to keep the mice from going in the walls and dropped
ceiling and getting too comfortable. They go in there for food and then I
release them under the shed or on the rock pile. Before I let them go, I
tickle their feet and tell them how adorable and sweet they are before I put
them out. And it their tail is sticking out of the cage, I stroke it. They
don't even care! They run in the crevices, and then stay out till dark and
then come back in and we do it all over again. If I don't do it that way, I
get completely overrun with them. They have babies in the walls.

Before I did it this way, they would go into my birds' cages and steal their
seeds and hide then under the couch cushions. Mice and birds do make good
friends. When the mice went into Birdie's cage for his sunflower seeds,
Birdie would look down at them with his head cocked and say, "Pretty Bird!"
They were getting so comfortable they were coming out during the day and
sitting in front of the refrigerator door :-) and running past the tv while
it was on. Nothing scared them, they thought they were my pets.

When I would put Birdie's cage outside in the summer, the chipmunks would go
in and steal his seeds, but being the friendly guy that he is, he would say
"Pretty Bird" to them too. The squirrels would hang off his cage trying to
get in, but they were too big, and he called them "Pretty Bird." Hey!
Everything is a pretty bird to him. He has seven mirrors in his cage being
a bit narcissistic.

A female had her 7 babies in the trap one night about 6 years ago and I got
an aguarium and kept them till they were big enough and then set them all
free. I put in some felt squares and the Mother used it to make a big
snow ball and kept all the babies in there, just her eye would be looking
out of the "snowball" and then one day the babies were running all over the
place and jumping to the top of aguarium, so I knew they were ready for
their freedom! That was quite an experience



Nalini Nadkarni spends her life out on a limb: As an ecosystem
biologist, she studies the relationships among organisms that dwell
in the forest canopy. Nadkarni divides her time between the tropical
rainforests of Costa Rica and the temperate rainforests of Washington
State, where she is a professor at Evergreen State College.

Actually, she divides her time among a lot of other things as well:
designing a "Treetop Barbie"; translating statistics on the
rainforest canopy into musical notes to reveal hidden patterns in the
data; inviting urban youth, prisoners, and Inuits into the unfamiliar
environment of the forest canopy; launching a botanically correct
line of camouflage clothing; speaking in places of worship about the
spiritual importance of trees.

And you thought your life was busy.
Read more about the life of Nalini Nadkarni:


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